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  • Tallinn, Harju County Estonia
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I started programming at the age of seven and have been fascinated by the idea of making computers do useful work ever since.

For the past 12 years I've been doing it professionally - at first it was relatively simple web development, but over time the projects have become more complex. I've created and maintained mission critical line of business applications since 2006. My experience combined with intuition makes me excellent at finding security, performance and functionality flaws in implementation and design.


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Software developer
Net Group

March 2000 – Current

My primary responsibilities are designing and implementing complex server-side applications and corresponding databases.

Notable past projects (year, client - system description; additional responsibilities):

  • 2001 - 2002, Estonian National Lottery - online lottery system.
    Integration with legacy back-end system, integrating online banking and mobile payment options.

  • 2004, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications - Register of Economic Activities.
    Integration with X-Road.

  • 2005, Estonian Veterinary and Food Laboratory - laboratory information system.
    Flexible reporting based on MS Reporting Services.

  • 2005, Elion - training information system.
    MS Exchange calendar integration.

  • 2006, Estonian National Communications Board - number portability system.
    Integration with numbering plan system and operators.

  • 2007 - 2009, Fortum Elekter - CRM and electricity billing system + self-service web.
    Integration with Itella e-invoice, direct debit and postal services. Integration with Xpower network information system. Integration with online banking payment systems. Data migration from legacy system (Asterix).

  • 2009, VKG Elektrivõrgud - CRM and electricity billing system + self-service web.
    Integration with remote meter reading systems. Data migration from legacy system (Tarbel).

  • 2010, Fortum Elekter, VKG Elektrivõrgud - Euro adoption and parallel use with EEK for the electricity billing system.
    Integration with a point of sale system.

  • 2011, VKG Soojus - CRM and district heating billing system + self-service web.
    Adding functionality specific to district heating. Data migration from two legacy systems (Tarbel, Neptun).

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Open Source

GitHub, Feb 2011 - May 2014

.NET Decompiler

Added decompilation of lifted operators and improved compound assignment decompilation; various smaller fixes.

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