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Phillipe Cantin

Currently Manager, Software Development at Bentley Systems.

I'm a Senior Software Developer with great interest for innovation, problem solving and team building.

I gained a broad set of experiences by programming since 1993 in different fields of engineering application. With a specialty in computer vision & CAD, I’m also the inventor of a US patent-pending algorithm in the field of Facility Management. Between 2005 and 2011, while working in the video game industry (for Ubisoft), I perfected leadership and project management skills in a multidisciplinary environment of programmers and artists. I'm now back in the CAD world working at Bentley Systems.



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Manager, Software Development, Bentley Systems

August 2011 - Current

  • Product Backlog Owner on multiple projects
  • Human-computer interaction R&D/Experiments
  • Web-based advance UI/UX (HTML5, canvas, WebGL)
  • Initiate and pilot different R&D/Experimental projects

Project Chief - Lead Programmer, Ubisoft Entertainment

August 2005 - August 2011

  • Cloud Computing with UEC and Eucalyptus on CentOS
  • Previously: 3 games shipped in a Lead position
  • Management of a team of 10-40 people (Using Agile methods)
  • Programming in C/C++.
  • Worked on platforms: Xbox, PSP, DS, DSI, Wii & Xbox360
  • Making Tools for 3DS MAX users (C++ & MaxScript)

Senior Programmer, DVP-GS

02-2004 to 08-2005

  • Solving Geometry and GIS Problems using C++
  • Worked with DWG, DXF, DGN, SHP, SVG, VML and GML data formats.

Lead Architect, TRIRIGA

04-2001 to 02-2004

  • 1 software shipped in that position.
  • Management of a team of 4 people
  • Inventor of a patent pending algorithm (in the US)
  • Creation of a C++ OO API (ARX, AutoCAD) for controlled-data-access inside a vector drawing.
  • Creation of a JavaScript OO API for 3D rendering using SVG or VML).
  • Pathfinding & pathfinding-mesh generation
  • Design of a non-programmer interface for creating objects an scripts

Programmer-Analyst, Bentley Systems Inc.

03-1999 to 04-2001

  • Working on Special “Rush” Projects
  • Supervising a team of programmers throughout a project.
  • Programming in C/C++ (MFC & COM).

Programmer, Consultants Univers Inc.

09-1998 to 03-1999

  • Developing software in the Autodesk environment.
  • Programming in C/C++ (ARX & COM), VBA, VB & AutoLISP.

Programmer-Analyst, Promine Inc.

05-1997 to 09-1998

  • Creation of a C++ API for ODBC database access via an AutoLISP interface.
  • On-site Installation & Training in USA, Canada, South America and Central America. (in English and Spanish)
  • Programming in C/C++ (ARX) & AutoLISP.
  • Organization of the R&D structure for development/integration/documentation of research. Managing the creation of the R&D report for government deductions.

Programmer, DESSAU Group

09-1994 to 05-1997

  • Normalization of CAD work
  • Programming in C/C++ (ADS & ARX) & AutoLISP.
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DEC computer science, College de Limoilou

1993 - 1996

  • Inventor of the “Cad virtual area locater”.
    Semi-automated algorithm for finding and polylining rooms in a CAD drawing. Patent Pending in the US (US 2007/0237395 A1).

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286 without math co-processor (late bloomer)

Ballantine Books


Projects and links

My current personal projects covers the following:

In Vector Graphic Data
- Data Sorting and Cleanup
- Multidimensional Vector Data Compression
- Encryption algorithm

In Math
- Mathematical Attractors Analysis
- Light weight IDs for multiple association systems

In Art
- Sculpting
- Painting

  • Problem Solving
  • AutoCAD
  • Math
  • BI
  • Vector Data