Oshadha Gunawardena

Senior Software Engineer
Allion Technologies
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I have three+ years of industry and hands on experience on Java EE stack and familiar working with RDBMS, NoSQL, GIT, SVN, ANT, CVS, and Linux.

I am a self-motivated and passionate software engineer that always believe in the "can do" attitude, yet I strictly adhere the fact of doing the right way not the easy way. I always like to explore new technologies and use them to solve enterprise-wide software problems overcoming the complexity of legacy implementations and development methods.

I enjoy myself working in small teams that follow more of agile centric software development processes, basically where the developer holds full responsibility towards what he/she has assigned to do in multiple scopes.

we code | we test | we fix

In consideration of my previous experiences I have a fair understanding of how critical the elements of a software (requirements, design and implementation) is going to affects its final outcome. Besides from these crucial facts the most concerned lessons I have learned:

  1. Not shipping → fail
  2. Users not satisfied (if their needs are not met, they won't be happy)

Best interests - DevOps

Working with Linux shell environment is one of my best interests.

  1. Custom kernel installations (modifying, compiling)
  2. Shell scripting for build automation
  3. Linux server environment setup
  4. Cloud service infrastructure management - PaaS


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Senior Software Engineer
Allion Technologies


Projects + responsibilities

The current project which I'm involved is related to education domain and the client is based in New Zealand.

My initial responsibility is to involve in design, development of core modules and integrate third party software applications. Playframework played a big part here being the project’s backbone.

I have been part of almost all the integrations for this project. Few examples would be

  • Xero integration for accounting purposes
    • Complete design of an API to incorporate with Xero's features
    • Added API specific exception classes for better control
    • oAuth 1.0a as the authentication mechanism
  • Zoho integration, a support portal for users
  • MOENZ (Ministry of Education New Zealand) services integration for varies domain specific requirements

Jasperserver is using for all the reporting purposes. I took the initiatives of integrating and setting up the Jasperserver infrastructure with the existing application.

  • Setting up the environment for Jasperserver. A Linux specific environment
  • Design/integrate Jasper REST client to communicate and generate reports through Jaspserserver
  • Automation of report deployment/exportation

Redis is using for messaging and communication purposes. In here also I took the responsibility in designing, integration, deployment and implementation of this entire messaging module.

  • Design a simple API to meets the requirements using Jedis (A java client for Redis)
  • Setting up the environment for Redis server (Linux)
  • Implement a monitoring tool for Redis

I have also manage the overall DevOps operations for the same project

  • Server environment management (Linux, Windows)
  • Deployment automation (Shell scripting, Linux, pararrell-ssh)
  • Build automation (Git, Ant, Shell scripting)
  • Service automation (Jsvc, Procrun, Shell scripting)
  • Application monitoring using New Relic

I was also responsible for the project's legacy system to be managed

  • Implementation of seamless authentication mechanism between two systems
  • Performance maintenance
  • Issue fixing

Apart from the technical responsibilities I also took part in helping team's sustainability

  • Groom new team members
  • Conducting interviews
  • Resource allocation
  • Client initiation to oversee project's requirements

Software Engineer
Zaizi (zaizi.com)

August 2012 – April 2013

Projects + responsibilities

Primarily working on alfresco share customizations for varies clients based on varies requirements all all these are in conjunction with webscripts, dashlets and Java backend integrations.

Environment is based on industry popular tools such as

  • Amazon EC2 cloud
  • Maven - for building purposes
  • SVN - for source control
  • JIRA - Project managment
  • GNU Linux - Fedora

Apart from Alfresco development I have worked on a module for customized Drupal project. The requirement was to develop a module based extension for an existing web application that shows related content based on certain tags assigned to a particular node

Nodes are basic pages that displays certain information which a user can enter. Tags are again nodes as per the site implementation.

A proven and efficient solution was given using both Apache Solr and Drupal backend integrations.

With Solr's indexing capability and queries the solution was made up robustly to accompanied the exact requirement.

Software Engineer
Affno Asia Pasific (http://www.affno.lk)

2010 – 2011

Projects + responsibilities

Worked as a Software Engineer (in Products), and involved in different areas in multiple projects in different scales.

In below mentioned projects I was responsible for:-

  • Overall functionality development
  • Release deployment and server configuration
  • Applying on site hot fixes
  • User training
  • Server performance optimization

  1. Mobile portal for Bahrain government www.bahrain.bh/mobile, based on their web portal http://www.bahrain.bh/wps/portal. This is entirely WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) site that prvides various services can be access through mobile devices.
  2. Web portal for Bahrain government http://www.bahrain.bh/wps/portal developed using industry recognized technologies to co-up and support the government services of Bahrain. This also incorporates with Bahrain mobile portal. Based on the IBM Portlets (JSR 168).
  3. Workflow management system for CMC (Colombo Municipal Council - Sri Lanka) to facilitate their day-to-day work schedules among the employees. Developed using technologies like JBPM and JBoss.
  4. Content Management System for a law firm situated in Kenya. The idea is to manage their documents related to cases and clients. Since the documents are highly confidential we had to implement number of sophisticated features to the system.
  5. Document Management System for Janashakthi Insurance Corporation. An insurance company that has millions of documents managed manually by more than 100+ employees. Our DMS helped them to organize and manipulates their documents easily within a click of a button, simply transferring their manual process to an automated and manageable process.

Environment specific details

  • Platforms:- Linux (Main), Windows (Secondary)
  • Databases:- Oracle 10g/MySQL
  • Application:- Websphear/Apache Tomcat/JBoos/Apache server

Freelance developer
Civiguard (http://www.civiguard.com)

2009 – 2010

The project was from an online contractor to design/develop a complete web application as a core module of a separate project which was developed for a USA based client.

My task was to create a web application to gather user data such as location, personal and a verified mobile phone number

Various cutting-edge technologies at the time were used to develop this application. Further information can be acquired via http://www.civiguard.com.

Projects + responsibilities

  • Overall database and application design
  • Involvement in requirement capturing phase and client communication
  • Cloud infrastructure management. Configuration of servers -- nginx, Apache Web, Apache Cassandra
  • Integration of [Twilio](https://www.twilio.com/), a cloud based SMS service

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SCEA 5.0 (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect)
Oracle University (education.oracle.com)

2008 – 2009

BCS Diploma
BCS (British Computer Society)

2012 – 2013

SCBCD 5.0 (Sun Certified Business Component Developer)
Oracle University (education.oracle.com)

2008 – 2009

SCWCD 5.0 (Sun Cerified Web Component Developer)
Oracle University (education.oracle.com)

2008 – 2009

SCDJWS 5.0 (Sun Certified Developer for Java Webservices)
Oracle University (education.oracle.com)

2008 – 2009

SCJP 5.0 (Sun Certified Java Programmer)
Oracle University (education.oracle.com)

2008 – 2009

SCMAD 5.0 (Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer)
Oracle University (education.oracle.com)

2008 – 2009

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GitHub, Jul 2015

Simple web application for Civiguard Inc to collect user data

GitHub, Feb 2015 - Jul 2015

Rest API for reporting tool

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Most of the time I like to refer to the newest trends based on Java, Linux and other related technologies, and also I have a keen interest in internet freedom and cyber-security.