Otávio C. Décio

Product Manager at Digital Risk, and Senior Software Engineer at CSI - Computing System Innovations
  • Orlando, Florida United States
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Software Architecture is my passion

Results oriented Software Engineer with 20+ years of experience on all phases of software development from analysis and design to implementation, testing and configuration management. Vast experience with major languages and technologies. Demonstrated ability to acquire technical knowledge and skills rapidly. Innovative problem solver, able to see the business and technical sides of a problem. Exceptional communication skills, both oral and written.


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Product Manager
Digital Risk

July 2012 – Current

Integration of products supporting mortgage analytics fulfillment process (document intake, bookmarking, data extraction, document management, delivery)

Data capture and extraction products and integration

Document management integration

Product development (analytics reports)

Plugin development for productivity (IE, Acrobat)

System performance analysis, optimization and automated monitoring

Fax automated document routing solution

Developed high performance data entry solution to feed data to analytics team

Implemented custom authentication to integrate Dundas reporting into Mendix applications

Senior Software Engineer
CSI - Computing System Innovations

May 2006 – Current

Senior Software Engineer 2006 to present Designed and implemented the Integrated Workflow System that powers all workflow oriented processes developed at CSI for redaction, auto-docketing and e-filing.

Created e-filing solution compatible with the Florida Association of Clerks of Court system Defined and created new technology reused across the enterprise, including:

Binary Object Broker to optimize hierarchical storage of large binary data

Method Broker, a .NET based configurable application container for business logic accessible from VBA, JavaScript, .Net, Java through web services

IntelliDact Workflow System to support back and forward filing redaction Data Access Layer framework

Created EMC's Documentum custom modules for InputAccel to interface with CSI's IntelliDact Redaction grid.

Designed and implemented TrakFlow Accounts Payable workflow

Designed and implemented scanning, validation, auto-docketing and storage workflow for Criminal and Civil Courts using Kofax Capture

Designed and implemented Jury Summons workflow for Alaska Courts

Restructured and improved practices of configuration management.

Structured and maintained a Subversion version control system.

Increased systems performance by defining strategies for optimizing database access.

Introduced task tracking systems and wikis to support development and issues management.

Developed and directed automated software system testing and validation procedures.

Senior Software Analyst
Information Systems of Florida

1998 – 2006

Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology, Merlin.NET System (2005) Created Use Cases with Rational Requisite Pro, including SoDA Reports, for the rewrite of Merlin, an Internet-based infectious disease reporting system used to collect data from the county health departments. Re-engineered and developed Merlin into the .NET 1.1 Framework, with a Single Sign On strategy, and established communication with other systems, such as the Epicom Alert System through a Service Oriented architecture. Developed a Data Access layer, and enabling data access with strongly typed objects. Developed automated testing scripts with Canoo WebTest, Nunit and dbUnit. Created configuration management environment including change control management.

Florida Department of Financial Services (2003 – 2005) Developed the Medical Data Management System -MDMS (https://apps.fldfs.com/mds) for submission and correction for the Worker's Compensation Medical Management Section. Implemented in ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET with SQL Server. Created a highly modular, object-oriented design, based on design patterns such as Data Access Objects and Façade. Highly reusable, this thread-safe code is also part of a back-end batch processing of Claim files, developed by the client Created Data Access layer, enabling development without writing explicit dynamic SQL. Developed effective stress-testing strategies and automated testing with NUnit.

Florida Department of Health (2002 – 2003) Designed and implemented the Epicom system (https://www.epicomfl.com), a Web-based forum system connected to 3rd party telephony system (Dialogic Communicator NxT) to generate alerts disease outbreak (such as Flu, Ricin poisoning, Small Pox threats) across the state of Florida. Implemented a Forum in ASP. Created custom interface layer to .NET Web Services to access the telephony system. Used Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 Server, DCC Communicator NxT, XML, SOAP, Web Services.

Florida Department of Education, Common Course System 2002 - Current Senior architect, designer and developer during ISF’s development of an Internet-based system to manage all information and processes related to Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS) in support of Florida’s postsecondary education. Technology tools included Oracle Application Server, JDeveloper and 9i Database, in a Sun Solaris environment.

Department of Health, Bureau of Child Protection Services 2001 - Current Senior developer during the development of Internet-based system that is used by the state’s 23 Child Protection Teams to record and track suspected reports of child abuse and neglect. Currently providing system maintenance and support services. Technology tools included SQL Server 2000 and Active Server Pages.

Florida Department of Education, 2002 GED Test 2002 - Current Architect designer during the development of a client server system required to process statewide 2002 GED tests. Technology tools included SQL Server 2000 and Visual Basic.

Department of Community Affairs, Building Codes Information System 2000 Served as the lead architect for creating an Integrated Web Application offering services for the Florida Building Code users. Modules include Education, Product Approval, On-line Building Code, Codes and Standards as well as linkage to other departments. Functions worth mention are on-line credit-card payment, access to external databases. Tools used included Visual Basic, SQL Server, Oracle iPay, InterDev, Windows NT, JavaScript, IIS, and ASP.

Department of Health, Child Protection Program 2000 Lead analyst for a data conversion effort with the objective of integrating 21 stand-alone databases into one SQL Server database. Development tools include Visual Basic, SQL Server 2000/DTS.

Department of Education, Bureau of Teacher Certification 1998 – 1999 Worked as the lead architect for a re-engineering project that resulted in a comprehensive replacement of all database, systems, and telephony systems. Development tools utilized: Visual Basic, SQL Server, DB2, InterDev, Pronexus VB Voice, FileNet, and Windows NT.

Department of Labor, Division of Workers’ Compensation 1998 – Present Designer, architect, and technical lead for multi-tier systems integration project. Created the technical infrastructure to support the architecture on top of which developers implemented the system functionality. Supported a development team of nine (9) in their efforts, finding design solutions, training and coaching as needed, and ensuring the development followed the baseline architecture and overall design. Integrated Systems is currently in production, with around 200 power users and 800 occasional users. Technology tools included Powerbuilder and DB2.

Duval County School Board & Encyclopaedia Britannica 1995 – 1997 Designed and supervised the development of the Data Flow Controller, a middleware to connect educational systems through the Internet. Developed using Windows NT, Visual C++/MFC, and SQL Server in a multithreaded environment. Determined tools, languages and the environment for that development, provided technical coaching and mentoring to a team of 8 developers through lectures and hands-on assistance.

Senior Software Engineer
American Management Systems

1996 – 1997

Worked in the Telecommunications Business unit at AMS in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Decio was involved in the development of computer applications for large, complex business systems. He specialized in telecommunications software analysis, design and construction, through the use of object-oriented techniques and evolutionary approach.

AMS - BellSouth Long Distance 1997 Served as senior developer for the Traffic and Error Correction System (TECS). This team is responsible for the development of an on-line and batch system for handling erred usage from the Rating System and for Mechanized Rate Verification. Designed and developed a framework of generic infrastructure objects used in the construction of the programs, maximizing reuse and minimizing maintenance. All batch programs were developed in C++ accessing Oracle through dynamic SQL, Pro*C and HP C++.

AMS - BellSouth Long Distance 1996 Served as senior developer for the UP-GUI. His responsibilities included implementing the file transfer infrastructure using Sterling’s Connect Direct API and Unix scripts.

Senior Engineer
CPqD - Telebras - Brazil

1984 – 1995

Working for the Brazilian Telecommunications Company, designed and led a development team on the implementation of a MS-Windows graphical workstation for Tropico-RA Digital Switch operation. Also designed and implemented serial communication board real-time firmware for BSC/3 protocol, used in the CETEX large capacity Telex Switch. He also participated in the development of a telex machine based user interface for the CD-S Digital mid-size Telex Switch.


B.S. Electric Engineering
UNICAMP - Brazil

1980 – 1984

MS Software Engineering
Florida State University

2003 – 2006


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