Nate Trimble

Research Software Engineer
Dow AgroSciences
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I have been very fortunate in my career up to this point. Over the years I've worked with some fantastic people on some of the most interesting projects you can imagine. I love to code. I code for fun, I code for work.

My first love is and always has been the outdoors. Anytime I can get out in nature I feel my internal capacitors re-charging.

Science has been a constant theme in my career thus far. I've worked with experts in a range of fields. It has had an enormous impact on my life and the way I see the world.


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Research Software Engineer
Dow AgroSciences

December 2012 – Current

Designed and implemented Laboratory Instrument Communications Server (LICS) connecting laboratory instruments to networks using Raspberry Pi’s and web protocols. (Linux, Go, JS, Angular, RPM, IPTables, IoT, RS-232)

Designed and implemented hybrid mobile application using Ionic Framework and Cordova. Integrated barcode scanner through the development of custom Cordova plugin in Obj-C. (iOS, JS, Ionic, Angular, Obj-C)

Media preparation web application for the management of laboratory media orders, recipes, and chemical ingredients, etc. (Chrome, JS, Java, Angular, UI Bootstrap)

Led intern project for building a centralized logging server based on ELK (ElasticSearch, LogStash, and Kibana).

Greenhouse researcher observation and plant management web and mobile applications. (iOS, JS, Backbone.js, jQuery UI Mobile)

Seed counter controller software. Wrote application for control of RS-232 based seed counter. (Windows, C#, WPF, RS-232, SQL Server)

Lab Support - Greenhouse and laboratory computer, label printer, mobile handheld and other hardware support as needed.

Software Engineer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

June 2003 – December 2012

Laboratory wide data archival and distribution system - Worked on core development team creating the next generation data sharing and archival platform for EMSL and PNNL. Implemented cross-platform client daemon for Windows and Linux. (Linux, Windows, Mac, Go, CGO, GCC, MinGW, MSI, RPM)

Weather station integration and software development. (Windows, C#, XAML, C++, MSI)

Juvenile salmon imaging, tagging, and notation application suite - Designed and implemented software suite for automating capture of high resolution images, PIT tags (RFID), and necropsy observations from salmon undergoing surgeries. This project interfaced Canon EOS DSLR cameras, PIT tag reader, scale, touchscreen monitor, and webcam. (Windows, C#, C, Canon SDK, SQL Server, SQL Compact)

Wireshark plugin development - Developed proof of concept Wireshark plugin. (Linux, C, GTK+, GLib)

Laboratory equipment interfacing - Data collection, device / motion control, and data analysis using XYZ stages, spectrum analyzers, temperature controller PLC’s. (Misc languages, SDKs, and hardware interfaces.)

Geographic data visualization - Designed and implemented KML server and client application for real time data visualization in Google Earth. (Windows, C#, HTTP, .Net Interop)

Unmanned systems development - Led software team for UAV payload command and control software. Mission situational awareness, real time data display, collection and analysis. Video feeds, position and orientation, fuel, battery levels, sensor and payload data, etc. Remote control of ground robots using gamepad (Xbox 360 and Logitech controllers) input. (Linux, Windows C#, Python, embedded, Windows Forms)

Windows service for generic task scheduling. (Windows, C#, Windows Service)

Image capture daemon on Linux. NTSC video still frame capture using video4linux2. (Linux, C, Kernel Drivers API, mapped memory, MySQL)

Airport security gate software for experimental sensors. Weigh in motion scales, radar detectors, and radiation detectors. Data logging, real time display and analysis, user input, etc. (Windows, C#)

SMIME email application for automated distribution of encrypted email. (Windows, C#, LDAP)

IT Staff
Washington State University Tri-Cities

2002 – 2003

University IT department user support, email, servers, printers, etc. Designed and implemented department website.

Computer Technician
Kelso School District

2001 – 2002

Supported staff, faculty, and students in all facets of IT. Responsible for four schools in the district and over seven hundred users.


Bachelor of Science Computer Science
Regis University

2005 – 2008

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Commodore 64

vi Sublime Text


The Pacific Northwest has been my home for most of my adult life and a portion of my youth.

I traveled across the united states by road 5 times, all before the age of 16.

Hiking is my favorite hobby.

Growing up I was more interested in biology and science in general than computers.