Nikos Steiakakis

Software Developer, Co-founder
Geosysta Ltd
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Software Developer (web and platform-Specific) with an interest in all things that have to do with software development. My main passion is to turn specs and requirements into actual working software.

Currently developing some modern software applications for Geotechnical Engineering.

Started off on computer programming at the tender age of 7, having implemented an ASCII christmas tree! Moved on to more serious programming with GW-BASIC, QuickBasic and Pascal, until I came accross C in 1993 and less than a year later I found my haven in OOP and C++.

With a bunch of friends we developed a two player, DOS, Shoot-em up game that took us about three years to finish, and by the time we did we all left for college.

After college I entered the Corporate world, where I got a job as a software developer on a large ERP product. After having worked there for a little more than a year, I moved on to my next gig which would last for 12 years. Being the head developer for a brilliant IT security firm, I was responsible for developing some mid to large scale web applications, mostly using .NET at the time.

Being a software development enthusiast, I consider my job only part of my daily activities. In my spare time I try to develop all kinds of apps, for fun or profit, and try to always keep in touch with all the new stuff that's going on.

I consider Software Development more of a lifestyle and not as a trade or just a job. Eventhough in my current job I also act as the Development manager, in ten years from now I still see myself banging on the keyboard writing code...


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Software Developer, Co-founder
Geosysta Ltd

January 2012 – Current

Co-founder and lead software developer of Geosysta Ltd. Part of my job description is to lead the Software Development efforts of the company, mainly focusing on Geotechnical Software in all kinds of forms, from web applications to desktop applications and mobile clients.

Co-designed and developed Geotechpedia, a Geotechnical Engineering point of reference, for all geotechnical inquiries.

Software Developer
Encode S.A.

September 2003 – May 2015

My main responsibility was to Design, Develop and Manage the development process of the Company's software applications, as well as manage the software development team.

Was responsible for 4 major web applications mostly developed in ASP.NET and database backends like SQL Server and MySQL. Various technologies are used throught however.

Also was part of the team that initiated a large scale security project, which included Learning Systems, Big Data analytics and data profiling algorithms.

Also part of my Job description was to Teach Secure Code Development seminars, make presentations on secure software development, write development standards and guidelines and review customers software applications implementations.

Software Developer
LogicDIS (currenty SingularLogic)

2002 – 2003

Started off as junior dev, with responsibilities like fixing minor bugs, and creating new forms and views, ended up creating a new module for Stock market Derivatives.

Mostly worked with C++ implementations of an MFC like library, SQL Queries and Stored procedures as well as some SQL Server DTS Packages with a little bit of scripting.

Game Developer
CyberTech Creations

1993 – 1999

Responsible for the development of a "UI Game Level Designer" application for the company's game engine. This was a Graphical UI Application based on MS-DOS and gave the ability to the game designers to create levels and sprites for the games using our engine.

Also was responsible for the development and integration of our audio management libraries, and the transition of dos-style audio management to windows based DirectX audio.

Part of my responsibilities were the overall functioning of the applications such as Input/Ouput, Memory Management and performance optimization.

CyberTech started out as high school hobby project and ended up releasing commercial game title (in greece) "Runaway"


B.S. Computer Information Systems
American College Greece

1996 – 2000

Deans List almost all semesters, 3.4 GPA

Award, Greek Mathematical Society 1995 Award, Greek Computing Society 1995

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Apps & Software

Your single point of reference for all your Geotechnical Inquiries

Software Developer


Amstrad CPC 464

Vim, Visual Studio, Notepad++


Projects and links

Personal software projects

  • Borehole Logger application in windows forms using C#.Using full graphical UI and Borehole logging document view. Extensive use of GDI+ for graphical representations and charting.

  • Windows application for keeping track of personal Revenues and Expenses. For this app I have implemented an XML based database like system, an application update system and a locking system. Implemented a "sql-like parser" to convert sql like syntax to xpath.
    Available Only in Greek currently

  • PersonalTrainer windows app. Helps personal trainers keep track of their customers and their work. Making use of WinForms and SQLite.

  • GUI for voice recognition application. The GUI calling the Voice Recognition libraries, as well as some audio/video manipulation. Making use of WinForms, COM, Windows Media Encoder SDK

  • Various websites.


Really really like (nay love) developing software. I have no biases or "fanboyisms" to any particular technology or platform. I would work on a windows .NET application with the same enthusiasm as in a Linux C application. For the last few years however, I mostly work in web applications.

I like complete Development IDEs like Visual studio but would just as easily work with text editors and command line tools.