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Software Development Manager
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Simply, I love to program. I have literally wrote a book on the subject of programming in ASP.NET MVC. But regardless of the technology, when I am not developing software for my job, I am contributing to open source projects, writing on my blog, or giving talks about my current interest in the world of software development. If you cannot tell yet, I am very passionate about software development, specifically making good-user-friendly software to solve real problems. If that is the type of person you are looking for, I will be a great fit in your company.

Qualification Highlights

  • Over 12 years experience developing software
  • Over 10 years experience developing applications for the web
  • Microsoft MVP for ASP/IIS
  • Blog at with over 25,000 page views monthly
  • Tweet at @nberardi

Open Source Contributions

  • URL Rewriter And Reverse Proxy –
  • ELMAH –
  • Fluent Cassandra –
  • Git Repositories –


  • 2009-6-22 – ISBN 978-0470410950 – Lead Author – Published by Wrox – ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Website Programming: Problem – Design - Solution

Speaking Engagements

  • 2008-9-17 – Philly.NET Meeting – ASP.NET MVC & Web 2.0 & Social Networking – presented on how ASP.NET MVC can be used in conjunction with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • 2009-4-18 – Philly Code Camp 2009.1 – Getting Started with Visual Studio – presented on Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio.
  • 2009-10-17 – Philly Code Camp 2009.2 – Getting Started with Visual Studio – presented on Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio.
  • 2009-10-17 – Philly Code Camp 2009.2 – Visual Studio 2010 Extensibility – presented on the options for extending Visual Studio 2010 for custom domain specific languages or DSL.
  • 2010-04-11 – Philly Code Camp 2010.1 – Visual Studio 2010 Extensibility – presented on the options for extending Visual Studio 2010 to make visually appealing tools for developers.
  • 2010-10-09 – Philly Code Camp 2010.2 – ASP.NET MVC 3 and Razor – presented on the what was new in the ASP.NET MVC 3 release that contained the Razor syntax view engine.
  • 2011-04-09 – Philly Code Camp 2011.1 – ASP.NET MVC 3 and Razor – presented on and hosted a Q&A based around the new Razor syntax.
  • 2012-04-11 & 2012-04-12 – IST Start-up Week 2012 – You, Inc - developing your personal brand
  • 2012-07-18 – Philly.NET Meeting – .NET 4.5
  • 2012-11-17 – Philly Code Camp 2012.2 – Azure Websites

Interesting Tidbits

  • I fund a scholarship for $2500 a year to be awarded to a Junior or Senior, majoring in IST at Penn State, who has contributed in a meaningful way to an Open Source project.
  • Every Code Camp I put out a Lemonade Stand for Alex's Lemonade to help raise money to fight childhood cancer.
  • I earned Eagle Scout, Eagle Scout Project Of The Month, and the Order Of the Arrow in the Boy Scouts Of America .


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Software Development Manager

July 2014 – Current

Senior Consultant
RDA Corporation

June 2011 – July 2014

Worked on a vast array of projects that spanned the spectrum of software from iPhone development to web performance consulting to cloud computing.

iPhone Apps

Consultant (through Managed Fusion)

August 2009 – June 2011

I was hired in the beginning to add a control panel to the Email On-Demand service, where customers could login to download reports based on their SMTP activity that happened on the MTA, and allowed the admins to do basic administration.

From there the service offering to the customers grew and so did my responsibilities. Since the beginning I worked in the following roles and aspects of the company:

  • Customer Evangelist
  • Developer

Which touched and has so far included the following parts of the service:

  • Developed a REST based API that supports reporting in JSON, XML, and CSV
  • The REST API also supports controlling every aspect of customers SMTP server, they have the same access to features as they would through the Control Panel
  • Created an Invoice and Payment system based on PayPal's Gateway Service
  • Powerful Admin Interface for managing every aspect of the account and SMTP server life-cycle
  • Allows Admins to Drill Into Account History, Events, and Actions to reduce guessing about what an account has done
  • Developed a Control Panel that gave customers many responsibilities that are both easy to use and powerful so that they could control every aspect of their SMTP server, including reports, suppressions lists, settings, and open and click tracking.

The control panel can be seen here: And to sign up for a free account you can apply here:

Consultant (through Managed Fusion)
Icon Clinical Research

2008 – 2010

The job was to create a web based proposal development portal to facilitate ICON's multi-billion dollar proposal bidding process. The job required replacing current strategies for bidding proposals, which involved excel spreadsheets and emailing, with the new web based portal.

Managed Fusion, LLC

June 2007 – June 2011

( Own and manage my own business to provide services and architecture consulting to the clients of my company.

Director of Technology Services

2007 – 2008

( Hired to kickoff Vovéo’s initiative for a Technology Group to compliment their already strong Marketing Group.

Defined new SEO and SEM opportunities, which brought in over $200,000 in the past year, for Vovéo that complimented their already strong marketing initiatives for their clientele.

Worked closely, in strategic positioning, with the President and Vice President of Vovéo to close new business and project proposals for nVidia,, InfoLogix, The Ergonomics Group, to name a few.

Led the technology effort of Anything For Sale By Owner ( or which is an initiative conceived by Phil Reitnour, to provide a competitor to the already popular classified listing site Craigslist.

Managed the day to day operations and development of a project conceived by myself and the Vice President Sam Damico, of a SaaS modeled customer crowd sourcing initiative called IdeaPipe.

Chief Technology Officer
IdeaPipe, Inc

2008 – 2009

( - not active) Managed the day to day operations and development of the company.

Responsible for 5 developers that are part of delivering the project.

IdeaPipe has grown at a rate of 30% per month since its release in April 2008.

IdeaPipe is designed as a SaaS that is able to be completely branded. (ex. The branding also included a Facebook component. (ex.

IdeaPipe was conceived as a mechanism for businesses to engage in Web 2.0 and gain valuable feedback from their customers of features and improvements that can be made to their project. It was modeled after Dell IdeaStorm, which has helped Dell reorganize their business structure and provide features that customers actually want and need. (

The company was dissolved in June 2009.

Yellow Book USA
Sr. Software Engineer

2006 – 2007

( Completed a 3 month task of completely re-architecting the company’s geography database which resulted in more focused search results being returned to end user and an increase in positive feedback from the websites users.

Responsible for introducing a RESTful based architecture to Yellow Books 4-teir architecture design. This facilitated the move from a Remoting based design. The RESTful design was much easier balanced across their web farm using standard COTS load balancers.

Wrote middleware module in C# and SQL 2000 which provided bridge between the Lucene/Java search engine via the REST protocol.

Responsible for maintaining and enhancing the web interface of

Head of Software Development
LA Weight Loss Franchise Company

2005 – 2006

Lead a team of C# developers to create from scratch a multi-national point of sale application in less than 4 months with successful new point releases each quarter.

In 10 months time, since August 2005, my team has developed a fully enterprise ready application, called SlimPOS, that allows the franchises to track client, employee, and business related metrics in C# 2.0.

The SlimPOS application is currently deployed in over 200 centers worldwide and is expected to grow to 450 centers by the end of the year, and currently handles $650 million worth of sales a year. Over a billion dollars to date.

I developed the SlimPOS application around a minimalist user interface design to create an interface that even the most computer illiterate person could use intuitively with minimal training.

The SlimPOS application made heavy use of .NET Remoting, in C#, to accomplish communication between the client application and server application to keep the data in sync.

The SlimPOS application uses a Windows Service that I designed called ActiveUpdate, that replicates the data to the corporate headquarters using a Web Service that I also designed called SlimPost.

That data is then reported and interacted with at the corporate headquarters using the SlimNet application that was written in ASP.Net and C#.

Successfully rolled out Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) to help facilitate good software development practices in my team as well as provide comprehensive bug tracking for the application developed in house.

Commercial Software Engineer
Lockheed Martin

2002 – 2005

Developed a web-based management application, in C# and ASP.NET, with a peer developer and one part-time DBA, using SQL Server 2000, for individualized management and strategic positioning of employees with interest in becoming organization leaders.

Team was awarded a Special Recognition Award from the VP of Operations and IT for work done on the project.

I took the lead on making sure the system was secure by implementing role-based authentication, which led to a shorter development cycle.

Solely responsible for the user interface of the web application, using CSS and XHTML. I had to make sure that it fitted the business needs, and as a direct result fitted the average users’ needs.

Project came in under budget and ahead of schedule, because of the diligent work from the team effort.

Tasked to develop a printing system for a smart client application using C#, which was a critical part of the user’s process when using the application. The printing component was designed for printing raw data from proprietary sources into a common format.

As a result I was able to drastically reduce the old printing system that included 30+ files of code down to two files that were more manageable and streamlined to the processes of the smart client application. The new code provided the same functionality, look, and feel, as the old code; however it was more maintainable with my design.

Acted in a supporting role at the Pennsylvania State Police Call Center in Harrisburg.

Documented any problems that may arise in a concise manor to allow evaluation by the Software Vendor.

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B.S. Information Sciences and Technolgoy
The Pennslyvania State University

1999 – 2003

I was in the first graduating class of the IST program and because of this my name is on the IST building at Penn State - University Park.

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Google Code, ; followed by 980 people; forked 50 times

Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET

GitHub, Dec 2009 - Oct 2013; followed by 22 people; forked 7 times

I am the project creator and maintainer.

GitHub, Jan 2009 - Nov 2011; followed by 5 people

I am the project creator and maintainer.

GitHub, Dec 2009 - Feb 2012; followed by 7 people

I am the project creator and maintainer.

GitHub, Dec 2011 - Jan 2012; followed by 12 people; forked 2 times

This is a mirror of the hMailServer SVN svn://

GitHub, Mar 2010 - Jun 2013; followed by 4 people

I am the project creator and maintainer.

GitHub, Dec 2011 - Jul 2013; followed by 3 people

A linq enabled document database for .NET

GitHub, Jun 2013 - Jan 2016; followed by 49 people; forked 32 times

A poker planning game for gaining a consensus on a task.

GitHub, May 2014 - Oct 2015

HttpClient implementations that use platform-native HTTP clients for :rocket:

4 more

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Local Gas Prices provides the latest information for helping you save money at gas stations across the United States. You will find the cheapest prices in your local area for…

I wrote this application.

Caddio™ is the first solution of its kind to take advantage of crowdsourcing to lower your scores by enabling you and other like-minded golfers to collect, share and utilize local knowledge from golf courses all around the world.

Founder, CIO, designer, and developer.

Accessing the OPIS Spot Ticker is easier and more convenient than ever before! Download this companion app and enjoy the freedom of monitoring the U.S. spot markets from any location at any time.


Accessing the OPIS Spot Ticker is easier and more convenient than ever before! Download this companion app and enjoy the freedom of monitoring the U.S. spot markets from any location at any time.


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ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Website Programming

Problem - Design - Solution

Nick Berardi, Al Katawazi, Marco Bellinaso

ASP.NET MVC integrates powerful new functionality that enables you to create ASP.NET sites based on the important Model-View-Controller pattern. Beyond just understanding the key MVC benefits and coding techniques, you'll see how to implement the ASP.NET MVC pattern to build a complete real-world site.

Based on Marco Bellinaso's classic TheBeerHouse ASP.NET 2.0 site example, each chapter presents a business requirement for the site, a roadmap for designing a solution, and the code for implementing the features. By the end of the book, you'll have a complete functional site and the skills to build your own ASP.NET MVC content and e-commerce site.

What you will learn from this book

  • Techniques for building a flexible, easily configurable, and instrumented site How to use jQuery to enhance and extend the capabilities of your ASP.NET MVC site
  • How to design a module to manage articles, news, and blog posts
  • Tips for creating and managing multiple polls on your site
  • Ways to build a robust newsletter system for e-mail newsletters on a background thread
  • How to develop a Web 2.0 community-centric forum from scratch
  • Steps for adding a working e-commerce store based on PayPal
  • All the different ways to deploy an ASP.NET MVC site

Who this book is for

This book is for web developers who are familiar with the basic concepts of web development and ASP.NET. Code examples are shown using C#.

Wrox Problem – Design – Solution references give you solid, workable solutions to real-world development problems. Each is devoted to a single application, analyzing every problem, examining relevant design issues, and implementing the ideal solution.

Articles & Blogs

Nick Berardi

My personal blog.


Macintosh Classic

Visual Studio


Projects and links

I am the sole developer of the Managed Fusion URL Rewriter and Reverse Proxy featured at PDC 2008 and can be found at


Nicholas Berardi has a BS in Information Science and Technology from The Pennsylvania State University. He runs his own consulting company, Managed Fusion out of Phoenixville, PA. Nick has been using C# and the .NET framework since its beta and has over 10 years of experience in web development. He is one of the co-authors of ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution published by Wrox and released in June 2009.