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Robert Nix

Miami, FL, United States

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Currently Chief Architect at Urban4M, and Chief Technology Officer at Nice Robot Corporation.

I'm quite good. I know i'm not the best but i strive to be through self-driven curiosity, always being open and willing to learn from anyone and everyone, with a small touch of friendly competitiveness. I also solidify my knowledge with numerous imaginative, creative personal projects and by helping others who are similarly inquisitive.

I was a self-taught programmer years before starting college. Even before any computer classes were taught in grade-school, I could program BASIC and C. The first language i learned in grade-school was Pascal. I believe learning those three languages really helped propel my love for elegant programming languages (not that BASIC is elegant, but it serves as a reference.)

By the time I started college, all of the programming courses proved to be trivial, contributing to my almost perfect GPA in all the Computer Science related courses, while still teaching me quite a lot about the theory, mathematics/algorithms and data structures required of a good Computer Scientist.

Ironically, my only two Bs were in database-related courses (due to my own disinterest in databases at the time) and i've worked exclusively with databases ever since. I love databases/stores now, second only to my love of languages. In those two database courses, I transformed my disinterest by working on the courses' programming projects in Lisp. As a result of using Lisp, the line count for my programs was ten times less than the rest of the class and worked flawlessly. The instructor was impressed but unamused, wanting but not requiring the class to use C. I should have gotten a letter bump in my grade simply for being clever ;-)



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Chief Architect, Urban4M

September 2012 - Current

Implement lean development organization for startup, from scratch, for GIS web and mobile application design and development implementing and organizing PostGIS and the data-mining utilities to populate it, and MongoDB and Neo4J for augmenting relationship queries.

Design and implement internet-scale GIS computation-engine and secure API to generate overlays from millions of map features for authenticated, registered 3rd parties utilizing knowledge of cryptography, distributed and parallel computing within Scala/Akka, and open-source GIS utilities and applications like GeoTools, GDAL, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, and Grass.

Chief Technology Officer, Nice Robot Corporation

2009 - Current

Nice software for humans. An edge case.

Architect for Nice Robot Corporation.

The imagination behind the motivation. The creativity driving the proclivity.

Devising projects which tend to be edge cases but with the potential to be highly beneficial to a relatively small community of end users. Myself being the smallest set. Working primarily in the areas of strong security and entertainment with a preference on mobility and usability rather than vast amounts of functionality.

Principal Software Engineeer, Oracle Corporation

1995 - 2012

Performance, Scalability, and Reliability engineer for Oracle Business Intelligence.

The enormity of the OBIEE suite of products provides a tremendous array of challenges to performance, scalability and reliability diagnosis, not to mention resolution, employing a vast number of utilities, debugging, profiling and programming techniques to work toward identifying, achieving and documenting optimal performance, scalability and reliability characteristics for a wide range of use-case scenarios, from system-specific default configurations to highly customized customer-specific configurations.

Senior Consultant, Computerpeople

1992 - 1995

Lead consultant designing and implementing modernization techniques for large, legacy applications.

At Rockwell, the team translated REXX to PL/SQL. Prior to my arrival to the team, the translation was ad hoc, inefficient and slow. Within days of my joining the team, I developed a technique to increase efficiency by standardizing the translation technique. After which, i became the development lead and was able to reduce the teams size from 10 developers to 4, then eventually to 1, me. To verify the translation, and prior to the availability of any Oracle provided debugging facilities, I also developed a debugging utility for monitoring the database from database-external processes (extproc).

Also designed and implemented client-server database utilities for Star Mountain Inc using SQLWindows.

Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin

January 1990 - May 1993

Light database administration, SQL*Forms and communications development for DoD applications.

Being in a small team in a large corporation provided me with many requirements to learn and plenty of resources for learning. Beginning with database administration, creating and tuning databases, tablespaces and schemas, programming and scripting utilities to manage and manipulate database objects has proven highly beneficial to my future career, all of which has been related to databases.

Working on communications for the DoD was my introduction with standards and practices which has also proven to be amazingly beneficial in teaching me the importance of standards and how to apply them based on the factors such as scale and complexity.


B.S Computer Science, University of Central Florida

1985 - 1989

I earned a 3.98 GPA in my major courses. This GPA is the result of only two Bs in all Computer Science courses. Those two Bs were both database-related courses for which, at the time, i was entirely disinterested in databases. Interest has played a significant role in my education and life, being thankful and grateful to be able study and work in a field of great interest to me.

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GitHub, Apr 2012 - May 2013; followed by 4 people

Equivalent structure to XML without all the <nonsense>. Whitespace and {}/indents are used, like any reasonably designed language, to make structured documents legible, easy for a human _and_ computer to parse, and while being less verbose than XML.



GitHub, Apr 2011 - Feb 2012

Objective-C Command Line Processing using Objective-C objects as the options specifiers.



GitHub, Dec 2011 - Jan 2012

Fetches API Keys from a keystore



GitHub, Jan 2012 - Jan 2013

Provides secure access to API keys.



GitHub, Mar 2012

Simple DSL using native language constructs



GitHub, Sep 2011 - Feb 2012

Up Language



GitHub, May 2011 - Feb 2012

Smile now. Smile often.



GitHub, Aug 2011 - Aug 2012

Date Repetition Language



GitHub, Dec 2011

A Nice Object-Oriented Wrapper for SQL



GitHub, Jan 2012 - Jul 2012

Build lifecycle and package manager based on struxt syntax. Like npm + mvn + ivy + ant + sbt + scons + cmake + jenkins but simple to configure and use :P



GitHub, Feb 2010 - Aug 2013

The best XML Template Language



GitHub, Feb 2012

Property-style access to dictionary keys, and backed by bsddb.



GitHub, Feb 2012

Secure password generation



GitHub, Feb 2012

Client-side digest authentication entirely in JavaScript


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Do Something!

Simplistic, single-focus to-do list.


List Something!

Simple in-out list.


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