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I could introduce myself, speak about my learning degree or experience but you can see all that in this page... so lets skip that and get to the point.

What you can't see is that I'm a driven software engineer with a deep interest in Mobile Software Development that really puts a focus on the architecture. I really have pleasure talking to customers and provide them with the best solution for their needs while delivering good code.

I've seen that Software Developing Teams can enjoy the process of developing a solution by using good agile software development methodologies. For this to happen developers, team leader and project manager should work closely together towards better solution. As such, I'm always interested in learning more in team management and agile software development methodologies to improve the process.

Creating EXCELLENT Software isn't just done by getting together a bunch of people and tell them to start hitting the keyboard in a crazy nerd movie style. I value procedures (yes, agile and procedure in the same sentence is possible), when things get tricky they hold the developers' sanity.

I also value a strong company culture. I believe it can either push a company towards innovation and excellence (if it's good).. OR push it off the cliff (if it it's, or simply doesn't exists).

Summing-up to avoid making both of us lose time, I'm currently interested in:

  • Develop Android Projects (either alone, being part of a team and/or leading it)
  • Being a Software Architect (specially on Mobile projects)
  • Talk with clients throughout the process of requirements, development and acceptance (being a business analyst)
  • Being a Developer Evangelist

If your proposal doesn't match those criteria...don't bother.


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Software Craftsman

January 2016 – Current

Android Applications

Senior Software Engineer

February 2015 – January 2016

Android Applications

Software Engineer

July 2010 – February 2015

  • Android Applications (Java) - Banking, Self-care and others
  • BackOffices (Java + Struts)
  • Widgets for Android (Javascript) - Banking, News and others
  • Widgets for the Vodafone 360 LiMo platform (Javascript) - Banking, News and others


September 2009 – July 2010

Media Monitoring Solution: - Server development (Java) - API (Java - REST) - Web Client and BackOffice (Struts + Java) - Mobile Client (Android)

Final grade: 18.

Software Developer

February 2009 – September 2009

  • Hi5 widget (Javascript) - Mobile Messaging
  • BackOffices (Java + Struts)
  • Widgets for Vodafone 360 LiMo platform (Javascript) - Banking, News


September 2008 – January 2009

Analysis of possible Software Oportunities in Portuguese Tourism

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M.Sc in Computer Science
Universidade de Coimbra

2009 – 2010

B.Sc in Computer Science
Universidade de Coimbra

2003 – 2009

Certificate of Proficiency in English [CPE]
University of Cambridge

2004 – 2004

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Google Code

An Android application that gives it's users, random places to lunch, dinner, go out...

Project Owner & major developer

Google Code

MBnet Android Shortcut (Unofficial)

Project owner & developer


Code, Procedure and Rants

My Android related blog.