Matthew P Jones

Lead Software Developer
U-Haul International
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I can make your development team complete.

If you want a developer who can do everything from database design to business-level coding in C# or Java and maintenance to Javascript and HTML, and who is willing to do and learn about anything else, I'm your guy.

I've been everything from a one-man development shop to leader of a mixed team of developers working on a wide variety of projects, and I have always excelled. I will excel on your team as well.


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Lead Software Developer
U-Haul International

August 2011 – Current

Responsible for assigning work and conducting code reviews for a varied team consisting of interns, junior developers, and senior developers.

Developed a variety of projects for the company intranet, including a search engine with crawler, a media server, a complete rewrite of a .NET 1.1 application to .NET 4.0, and a message board application with Q/A functionality similar to StackExchange.

Took part in interviews for both full-time and intern positions on our team.

Conducted semi-monthly training courses on topics such as MVC, Entity Framework, and WCF.

Software Developer
BTEK Software

February 2011 – July 2011

Assisted in development of a wide variety of solutions using the Microsoft stack, including both Windows Forms and Web Forms.

Software Engineer 1
Honeywell Aerospace

2009 – January 2011

My primary job was to develop, maintain, and deploy two different project-management and quoting web applications used by two different departments with competing methodologies to quote the amount of effort required to complete a project. I effectively was my own project manager for these two tools. Every line of code, as well as all of the extensive documentation, was written by me. I handled all bug reports and change requests. I was essentially a one-man project team. The tools I developed are still in use today.

I also worked in a team environment developing and maintaining aircraft electronic display systems. These systems have to be certified by the FAA to the highest level available, and so the software was stringently controlled.

Some of the challenges I undertook: 1. Developing an application that allows the user to input most of the data to be used (called the "infrastructure" in the tool). 2. Modifying an existing application to allow for multiple, different, and seperate "infrastructures" in the same database without taking the tool down for upgrades. 3. Creating and implementing training, including on-site training and virtual training.

Finally, I undertook some training, including Private Pilot Groundschool and DO-178B training, to become a Designated Engineering Representative, an agent which represents the FAA in decisions relating to aircraft design and certification.

Engineering Intern
Honeywell Aerospace

2006 – 2009

My primary job was to develop a tool called TRAQ, which is a quoting and project management web-based tool that the Certifications Department uses to create and present quotes of work to management. I was the only developer on this project, and every line of code, as well as all of the documentation, was written by me.


B.S.E. Computer Systems Engineering
Arizona State

2004 – 2008

SAT Scores: 1280, 1290 (took the test twice)

College GPA: 3.22

Dean's List: Spring Semester 2008

Built a variety of projects on both hardware (including CAD) and hardware/software interactions (e.g. credit card readers).

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GitHub, May 2015

Contains examples of Code-First Migrations used with a simple schema.

I created and maintain this project for use in my personal blog.

GitHub, May 2015

GitHub, Apr 2015 - Oct 2015; followed by 2 people

GitHub, Apr 2015

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I Don't Care If I Suck, As Long As I'm Learning

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Suck less each day? Nope. You don't need to care whether or not you suck at programming, as long as you are learning.

The Solo Programmer and the Insidious Promise of the Ivory Tower

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Details my experiences at my first programming job, and how I started to love it but ended up needing something more.

KISS, DRY, YAGNI - Good Code Basic Training

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LISTEN UP MEN! DRY, KISS, YAGNI are tools that you'll use each day of your career! Now SHUT UP and let me tell you how to use them to fight the bad guys!


TI-83 Programmable Calculator

Visual Studio, Notepad


I got started in engineering during my sophomore year in high school. My high school participated in FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), and our robotics club was the oldest and most successful in Arizona. I worked in many different areas, including electronics and simple programming.

I have no fear of public speaking, and will gladly present my projects to coworkers and employers alike. I also try to be grateful when proven wrong, as I believe those times are the ones you learn the most from.