Kevin Stricker

Software Architect
Omnilogic Systems Inc
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The first program I wrote for the Commodore 64 at the age of 3 was quite self absorbed, and contained both an infinite loop, and the dreaded GOTO statement, but it was a precursor to who I would become. Throughout my life, whether I was working a maintenance job at a small hotel, dabbling in stage design or writing music, I would not be able to prevent myself from thinking about how technology might make that task easier or more enjoyable,

I thrive on the opportunity to solve real-world problems in a way which allows technology to stay out of the way and help people achieve goals efficiently.


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Software Architect
Omnilogic Systems Inc

2007 – Current

  1. Provided ongoing maintenance and support of a custom time capture/job costing/billing system integrated with the Sage ACCPAC ERP.
  2. Wrote complex SQL queries and created Crystal Reports to fulfil the day-to-day data wishes of client company managers
  3. Successfully dealt with complex issues around a time-sensitive payroll schedule.
  4. Updated the time capture application to have a powerful but simple web interface usable by field staff and customers using ASP.NET MVC. The success of this project helped make our client a better acquisition target.
  5. Assisted in the design and rewrite of time capture application with integration to JD Edwards using Grails technology.
  6. Completed several smaller web-based projects for other clients using ASP.NET Forms and CakePHP.

Vecima Networks

December 2005 – May 2007

Tackled the challenge of writing embedded configuration software for cable headend hardware. As the capabilities of the hardware and demands of the industry increased, I was required to help manage the complexity of the hardware's administration, while ensuring my code remained compact. In order to facilitate some of my more ambitious UI requirements, I became familiar with low level networking protocols and MPEG transport streams. At this company, I had a reputation for being able to find and eliminate tricky, hard to detect bugs before they were able to affect our customers.

Web Programmer

May 2005 – December 2005

At Airsource, I extended the Comersus shopping cart to facilitate the purchase of cellular phones, plans and accessories online. I integrated the site with an existing inventory management system, in order to allow customers to determine which physical stores would have his or her desired product in stock. I was required to administer the IIS server for the store and comply with PCIDSS.

While working at AirSource, I also shared responsibility for supporting the IT needs of about a dozen retail locations.


B. Sc. Computer Science
University of Saskatchewan

1998 – 2003

Received the University Medal in Science for having the top CPA in a science discipline at the fall 2003 convocation.

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A simple sound player targeted for use in live theatrical productions. The interface is geared toward playing the correct sound(s) on a whim, or on-demand and on cue.

I am the sole developer of this product.

ltwCalendar is an event calendar programmed in PHP/MySQL. With ltwCalendar, you can add single events or recurring events. Everything is in a very customizable layout and should be very easy to integrate with your site. Printable months via PDF.

I added the ability to export monthly calendars to PDF to this project. As a result of the contribution I was approached several times to enhance scheduling software privately.

GitHub, Aug 2011

Helper to easily generate monthly calendars in pdf format.

I removed the PDF writing code I contributed to ltwCalendar here specifically so I could build it into a wordpress plugin.


MVC? Y U NO MVVM?! | Mootinator

In this blog, I ponder why MVC frameworks tend to encourage binding practices which lead to security issues.

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The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything

The SPEED of Trust

The One Thing That Changes Everything

Stephen M.R. Covey

High trust relationships net incredibly high results. Self-fulfilling prophecy is a powerful force, and an underlying current of mistrust can spell disaster for any team.

The Persona Lifecycle: Keeping People in Mind Throughout Product Design (Interactive Technologies)

The Persona Lifecycle

Keeping People in Mind Throughout Product Design

John Pruitt, Tamara Adlin

Keeping the person you intend to write software for is critical during the development process. Developing a good set of personas is a way to ensure a team can agree on what sort of person that is.

Articles & Blogs

Creating Passionate Users: Physics of Passion: The Koolaid Point

Kathy Sierra explains that when you create a product users are truly passionate about, some people are going to passionately hate it.


Commodore 64

Visual Studio (With ReSharper)