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Muhammed Demirbaş

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Currently a student. Currently Software Engineer at MilSOFT.

I love regex, sql and lambdas.



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Software Engineer, MilSOFT

July 2013 - Current

Software Engineer, Anel ARGE

January 2012 - July 2013

  • Took part in network simulation projects based-on EclipseRCP and using distributed event simulation method.
  • Developed Apache module.
  • Took a role in a security-related project which built on WSO2 ESB.

Software Engineer, Ekstrem Bir

June 2011 - December 2011

  • Developed PACS & RIS systems (for hospitals, especially radiology departments) using .NET technologies as Desktop and Web applications.
  • Took part in requirement analysis, design, coding, test and deploy steps of the system.
  • Developed internal tools to use inside the company to help to get things done quickly (Db versioning, deploy package creating...).
  • Used Telerik WinForms, Telerik Silverlight, Telerik ORM, log4net, ICSharpZipLib, .Net Reactor, LogMeIn, RDP, TeamViewer, TortoiseSvn.

Internship, Cybersoft

June 2010 - June 2010

Java & Castor XML Binding Framework

Internship, Ekstrem Bir

July 2010 - July 2010

C# & Silverlight


M.S. Computer Science, TOBB University of Economics and Technology

2012 - Current

B.S. Computer Science, Hacettepe University

2005 - 2011

High School, Ankara Science High School

2002 - 2005

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Bitbucket, Mar 2012 - Nov 2012

My humble library. Lots of stuff which I wrote for several purposes in several languages including au3, batch, c, c#, java, php, reg, ruby, sql.

Single developer


GitHub, Jul 2012

An AutoIt3 script to fix shortcuts which became invalid after targets moved.

Single developer


GitHub, Jul 2012

An AutoIt3 script to generate list of files under your Dropbox folder.

Single developer


Bitbucket, Apr 2012 - Oct 2012

Some of BIL342 Lab. and other lab. projects


Bitbucket, Oct 2012

Coding algorithms in C while studying "Introduction to Algorithms", MIT, T.Cormen.


Bitbucket, Oct 2012 - Nov 2012

Implementing algorithms in various languages while studying "Introduction to Algorithms", MIT, T.Cormen.

Single developer


GitHub, Mar 2013

Automata implementations


GitHub, Mar 2013

A redmine plugin to keep track of your prayer history.

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Fundamentals of Data Structures in C

Fundamentals of Data Structures in C

Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, Susan Anderson-Freed

Database Management Systems

Database Management Systems

Raghu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke

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"This is Learn You a Haskell, the funkiest way to learn Haskell, which is the best functional programming language around. You may have heard of it. This guide is meant for people who have programmed already, but have yet to try functional programming."


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