Mike Lorbetske

Senior Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft, and Software Engineer at Independent Consultant
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I always knew I wanted to do something related to computers; when I was 5 or 6 I tried to negotiate with my parents to let me save my milk teeth to give to the tooth fairy all at once in the hopes that he/she would bring me a computer and some floppy disks. Negotiating skills being less than perfect at age 5 or 6, I didn't get my first computer until I was 8. I started programming on my 9th birthday writing QBasic on DOS 6.22 on my 286 and haven't gone a day since without writing code for one thing or another.

I got in to the programming courses at my high school a full two years early and attempted to compete in the American Computer Science League (even though the funding for it was cut every year). I participated in the programming competition of the Skills Olympics each year as well, writing my entries in Borland C++ Builder (version 5 if I recall correctly). During high school I also started my first business, writing simple video games for class mates for a few dollars here and there, eventually turning it into a small, on again, off again consulting business I worked on through college and still occasionally do to this day. I'm always looking for a challenge, typically spending my nights after work actively seeking one or working on the hardest problems I can find.

I also enjoy working with teams, collecting different perspectives on problems and seeing how different people approach the same thing. I like having my ideas challenged to either make sure they're thoroughly vetted and right for the situation, or to discover that there is a better approach and may learn to use it in the future.


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Senior Software Engineering Manager

July 2013 – Current

Senior Software Engineer

September 2011 – July 2013

Designed and helped build large-scale family of applications and services for data collection, aggregation, and distribution. Worked to improve tooling and practices to produce cleaner, more maintainable code. Performed quite a bit of work to improve the performance of several quite large applications (creating and caching execution plans, simplification of predicate collections via loop unrolling combined with smart condition ordering, etc.). Helped to design and create specialized, high-performance filtering and sorting algorithms.

Senior Software Engineer
DCI Marketing

April 2010 – September 2011

Worked on many different projects, interfacing with teams of individuals from designers to electrical engineers. Designed and implemented a custom cross-application communication protocol, the server application and cross-platform clients for it. Helped to design and implement custom lock-down software. Integrated (as a demonstration) computer vision into one of the consumer facing products to suggestively sell products based on characteristics of the consumer. Implemented several RS-232/485 device control programs.

Software Engineer
Herzing University

February 2008 – March 2010

Worked as both a systems administrator and software developer. Designed and implemented several integration pieces for a third party learning management system and managed the system as well. Worked at length with third party vendors to enhance their products to better serve their customers. Designed and implemented several internal applications to increase the productivity of other departments within the organization. Regularly met with department heads to ensure their concerns were addressed.

Software Engineer
Independent Consultant

August 2000 – Current


Created a large collection of internal use, cross-platform libraries covering a wide range of concerns (MVVM, dependency injection, spell checkers, data serialization formats, custom compilers, etc.). Nearly all the work is now portable across the following targets: Windows Phone 7+, Silverlight 4+, Windows Store Applications, .NET 4.0+. Some of the work is portable to the Xbox 360 as well.

Other works in progress include:

  • IL rewriters (both for AOP support and direct IL embedding in C#/VB via a fluent interface)
  • A symbolic calculus engine
  • An inline assembler support library for .NET


Worked directly with clients (typically small businesses or individuals) to create or enhance solutions for their needs. Created several websites and self-service administration portals to the customers' specifications. Designed (with input from the customer) and created simple video games and a variety of other stand alone applications.


Computer Science/Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
Michigan Technological University

2002 – 2004

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

2004 – 2005

Nicolet Area Technical College

2001 – 2002

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CodePlex, Jul 2012; followed by 672 people; forked 8 times

Coding4Fun provides toolkits and samples that aim at helping developer's lives easier. Coding4Fun Toolkit has Windows Store and Window Phone Controls

Worked on the image tile

CodePlex, Sep 2011; followed by 2 people

Linquid JS aims to be as full a port as makes sense of the System.Linq.Enumerable class to JavaScript.

Designed and implemented the library. Work based on the System.Linq.Enumerable documentation from MSDN.

CodePlex, Jan 2012 - Oct 2012; followed by 8 people

This library is intended to help developers leverage WCF without needing to add a service reference to services they control; it has been developed in C# and examples are packaged with the solution. This library is intended to work with Silverlight 4/5 and Full Framework (.NET 4.0 and up) projects.

Designed and implemented the libraries.


N3P Technologies | Portable Class Libraries and You

An explanation of and trickery with portable class libraries


The Little Book of SEMAPHORES (2nd Edition): The Ins and Outs of Concurrency Control and Common Mistakes

The Little Book of SEMAPHORES

The Ins and Outs of Concurrency Control and Common Mistakes

Allen B. Downey


VTI 286

Visual Studio, Notepad++