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I've been a 'software professional' for over 10 years now and have held a variety of positions: UNIX administrator, standalone developer, system and application performance analyst/tuner, large team developer, technical lead, and small team developer. This variety of experience has helped shape the way I view the software I write by giving me insight into how the whole system functions from the hardware through the OS and into the JVM.

I've worked at companies large and small on teams of one to teams of 20+ as both a leader and a follower. I value diversity of experience and am always willing to try something new whether it's a new industry, technology, or methodology.

I have passion for what I do and am constantly working to get better at it by working on side projects, attending user group meetings for languages/technologies outside my professional experience, and reading about the latest and greatest languages, tools, and methodologies.


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Senior Software Engineer
Comcast VIPER

September 2014 – Current

Senior Software Engineer
Comcast Interactive Media (CIM)

December 2012 – September 2014

Senior Software Engineer
MCA Solutions (Acquired by Servigistics in March 2012) (Servigistics acquired by PTC in October 2012)

August 2010 – December 2012

  • Participate in an agile/scrum team environment using two-week development sprints.
  • Work with QA and product management personnel to implement new forecasting and supply planning features using Java and PL/SQL.
  • Using JUnit and utPLSQL, write unit tests for new and existing application and stored-procedure functionality.
  • Refactor functional slices of the user interface to use modern, modular application design techniques to increase application performance and code maintainability.
  • Refactor PL/SQL procedures and functions to increase functionality and improve performance of the batch-oriented forecasting and optimization engines.
  • Rewrite ant-based build scripts to have builds performed in the same manner on the developers desktop and on the build machine.
  • Perform proof-of-concept investigation for replacing a custom-built Excel document with the ScrumDo web-application for scrum backlog and sprint management.
  • Lead effort to develop automated Selenium tests and test infrastructure using Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid to replace existing QTP test infrastructure.
  • Write data-driven, multi-browser Selenium WebDriver tests to test not only the user interface but the data generated by backend batch processing.
  • Use Jenkins to automate the deployment of development builds, construction of test datasets, and execution of Selenium tests.

Senior Software Engineer

August 2009 – August 2010

  • Use Adobe Flex to develop rich user interfaces on top of a Java/Spring/Hibernate server-side application.
  • Use Spring web services and supplied client api's to interact with Google AdWords, Yahoo! ads, and MSN AdCenter to allow the ClickEquations application to control online advertising campaigns.
  • Construct services to show analytic and performance data for ad campaigns to users over customizable timeframes with a sortable and filterable interface to aid users in making ad spend decisions.
  • Work on a small team of developers working in an agile manner using scrum in an open environment.
  • Research and evaluate new tools and technologies that can aid the development of the ClickEquations product such as Flex logging/debugging frameworks, Flex unit testing frameworks, and new major releases of open source libraries.

Senior Software Developer

February 2009 – August 2009

  • Participated on one of 4 Scrum teams developing new Alineo functionality in 3 week iterations where we utilized developer testing and continuous integration to deliver regularly scheduled releases.
  • Developed new features using JSF/IceFaces for the web tier backed with Spring/Hibernate/Oracle.
  • Practiced TDD with JUnit/JMock/Eclemma while developing new business tier functionality.
  • Worked with business analysts to discuss, mock up, and develop all new user interface designs for the Alineo homepage to utilize IceFaces' AJAX capabilities to create a more powerful user experience.

Software Engineer
Siemens Medical Solutions

July 2006 – February 2009

  • Developed clinical software using agile, Scrum, and eXreme Programming techniques in a very large (200+ developers in 4 countries) project.
  • Learned the details of agile, XP, and Scrum from ThoughtWorks personnel and Siemens internal training courses.
  • Used test driven development techniques, including JUnit and FITNesse tests, to develop software.
  • Worked with subject matter experts and clinicians to detail and prioritize development activities.
  • Wrote and maintained suites of integration tests that ensure the application worked as cohesive unit and that it integrates with other Siemens applications properly.
  • As a Technical Lead, decided, designed and drove technologies, tools, and patterns across the project:
    • SQL Server 2005 upgrade.
    • Kodo(JDO) 3.x to 4.0 upgrade
    • J2EE Security take-on
    • JAXB upgrade and validation pattern take-on.
    • Dynamic SQL pattern alignment.
    • Helped drive Subversion changeover across project.
  • Provided guidance and mentoring to junior developers and those new to the project.
  • Mentored a Scrum team from Romania for two months as they began work on the project.
  • Provided third level support for live customer installations.

Technical Architect
Apple Vacations

December 2005 – July 2006

  • Installed and upgraded WebSphere Application Server 5.0.2.x on AIX 5.2 hosts.
  • Analyzed core files from WebSphere crashes to determine root cause and possible fixes.
  • Re-architected application server landscape to maximize hardware investments and minimize licensing costs.
  • Installed, configured, and managed Subversion repositories for application source control.
  • Assisted developers and content producers in solving application related problems.
  • Developed jacl and korn shell scripts to automate WebSphere and AIX administration tasks.
  • Used Tivoli Web Monitoring tools to monitor both WebSphere servers and Apache httpd servers.
  • Analyzed and tuned WebSphere application servers for optimum performance using established best practices.

Technical Architect
Target Corp.

July 2004 – December 2005

  • Used Quest’s PerformaSure and JProbe analysis tools to find performance issues such as slow methods, poorly written SQL, and object over-allocations; making recommendations to the development staff on how to fix them.
  • Developed and maintained a J2EE application to support the selection, submission, processing, and viewing of JasperReports.
  • Evaluated new tools, libraries, and technologies for possible use in the production WebSphere environment.
  • Researched methods and best practices in regards to application and application server performance tuning, applying those methods to test environments to measure change.
  • Developed and maintained a JasperReports data source framework to allow report developers to easily create reports that cull data from disparate sources.
  • Established development best practices and used source code and performance analysis tools to enforce them during the development lifecycle.
  • Developed and maintained a transactional multi-threaded Java client application that processed messages from an MQ Series message queue, accessed multiple data sources for reporting data and stored the resulting JasperReport in a UDB database.
  • Assisted the application development staff by setting up the infrastructure required to support the enterprise applications being developed. This included ant scripts, Maven projects, and automated deployment scripts.
  • Used the Maven build system and in-house build tracking and deployment applications to build, manage, and deploy enterprise applications to our WebSphere Application Server environments.
  • Developed and maintained a number of Java daemons that interact with the WebSphere EJB container to perform scheduled tasks.
  • Administration of Linux servers from the installation of the operating environment to the installation and setup of various commercial and open source software packages.

Computer Scientist

July 2002 – July 2004

  • Built web-based performance appraisal system using J2EE technologies and Open Source software on the BEA WebLogic platform.
  • Led development effort of a robust Java application to logically compare two revisions of a database-stored messaging standard to assist in the analysis of submitted standards change proposals. This application has saved tens of thousands of person hours by providing an automated solution to a formerly manual process.
  • Used Open Source and commercial software packages to analyze, unit test, and automatically build Java applications.
  • Developed an application to generate messages based on a database-stored messaging standard to aid in development of standards testing tools.
  • Assisted Army project managers and military contractors in refining military messaging standards by providing written analysis of standards change proposals.

Solaris Administrator / Software Developer (Co-op into full-time)

May 2000 – July 2002

  • Built web-based applications using Java Servlets, JDBC, Netscape Enterprise Server, and Oracle 8i on the Sun Enterprise platform to provide users and administrators with current system information and trouble ticketing services.
  • Diagnosed and fixed hardware and software problems with Sun System Administrators.
  • Collaborated with end users in designing, building, and refining web-based applications.
  • Constructed web-based applications using ASP, IIS, VBScript, and MS SQL Server 7.0 on the Windows NT platform.
  • Managed staging and production web and application servers running Sun Solaris and Windows NT Server.

Web Developer (Co-op)
Mars, Inc./ISI

May 1998 – May 2000

  • Built database driven applications for the MarsWeb using Microsoft Visual Interdev and SQL Server 7.0.
  • Administered Mars Global Internet web servers running Solaris 2.5.1.
  • Implemented WebTrends to automatically analyze Mars Internet site traffic.
  • Worked with external content providers to get major Mars, Inc. internet properties (M&M's, Skittles, Starburst, etc.) working on co-located hardware.
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Bachelor's of Science, Computer Science
Stevens Institute of Technology

1996 – 2002

Deans List

Senior capstone project team worked with Bell Labs to create a Java UI application for configuring a systems monitoring application.

Cooperative Education Student Council & Greek Council

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GitHub, Dec 2008 - Jan 2015; followed by 110 people; forked 32 times

Library for computing the sunrise/sunset from GPS coordinates and a date, in Java.

I'm the only developer and maintainer of this library.

GitHub, Jan 2009 - Apr 2012

random scripts

GitHub, Mar 2010 - Dec 2014; followed by 46 people; forked 9 times

Ruby gem for calculating the sunrise/set given a date and lat/long coordinates.

I'm the only developer and maintainer of this library.

GitHub, Aug 2010; followed by 2 people

Simple sinatra wrapper around the RubySunrise gem to provide JSON webservices.

I'm the only developer and maintainer of this library.

GitHub, Dec 2010 - Apr 2013

Personal website. Posts are written in Markdown, processed using Jekyll, and published via Rake tasks.


Apps & Software

A mac-only menubar application that lists the users Github gists, showing private gists with a lock icon. The user can specify a default gist to paste to using a keyboard shortcut that will take the currently selected text from any application and paste it to the gist.

Sole developer

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Philly.rb Talk: Selenium2 and Jenkins: Almost pain-free UI Testing

Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents

Slides from the Philly.rb talk given on 11 Oct 2011.

Conditionally Ignoring Test Cases With JUnit Rules

Mike Reedell

How to use JUnit Rules and custom annotations to control the execution of JUnit tests under specific conditions.

Using MyBatis to Insert Collections Into MySQL

Mike Reedell

Article on how to insert collections of objects into MySQL using MyBatis. Wrote article after finding documentation lacking and having to step through the MyBatis code with a debugger to figure it out.

POST'ing Form Data to CSRF-protected Forms With Cocoa

Mike Reedell

Article on the process and code needed to programmatically post data to CSRF protected websites. Wrote article while writing code for MacGist application and encountering CSRF protected forms on Github.

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The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

The Pragmatic Programmer

From Journeyman to Master

Andrew Hunt, David Thomas

Solidified a lot of the ideas I have around software development. A lot of common-sense advice that needs to be re-iterated every so often.

The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development (Pragmatic Life)

The Passionate Programmer

Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development

Chad Fowler

Great update to "The Pragmatic Programmer". Re-read every year or so to keep myself sharp.

Dreaming in Code: Two Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4,732 Bugs, and One Quest for Transcendent Software

Dreaming in Code

Two Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4,732 Bugs, and One Quest for Transcendent Software

Scott Rosenberg

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software


The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

Charles Petzold

Programming Ruby 1.9: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide (Facets of Ruby)

Programming Ruby 1.9

The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide

Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler, Andy Hunt

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (4th Edition)

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X

Aaron Hillegass, Adam Preble

Being Geek: The Software Developer's Career Handbook

Being Geek

The Software Developer's Career Handbook

Michael Lopp

Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming

Coders at Work

Reflections on the Craft of Programming

Peter Seibel

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Projects and links

Open-source projects are at: http://www.github.com/mikereedell

Blog is at: http://www.mikereedell.com


A typical nerdy kid, I loved taking things apart to see how they worked. From the busted VCR as a kid to my friends car in my teen years to the homebuilt-before-it-was-easy PC I cobbled together in college I've always wondered how things functioned under the hood.

That wonderment extended to human physiology as I started to pursue endurance sports like marathon running, cycling centuries (100+ miles), and triathlons. Since then I've used my desire to learn and experiment with training to complete three Ironman triathlons, 12 half-Ironman triathlons, a standalone marathon, and more 100+ mile bike rides than I care to enumerate.