Iorga Mihai Viorel

PHP Developer
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My ace is that I like to explore and learn everything, and I never give up! I always triple check all I do.

I love to work as a team, and I usually fit in all developer groups. In my spare time I usually stay on StackOverflow and try to solve others issues as I usually learn from those answers. I love to work on new things and develop interesting programs.

I started programming in 1998 with mIRC scripts (PC IRC client), then found HTML.

In 2002 I found PHP and MySQL and started to develop small sites.


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PHP Developer

March 2015 – Current

  • inhouse applications
  • mobile app backend

Web Developer & Inhouse APP Developer

August 2012 – February 2015

Travel reservation engine

  • complete custom CMS
  • complete custom UI
  • multiple airline and hotels services integrations, based on API's (REST, JSON, SOAP, XML)
  • multiple languages on same platform (,
  • custom ticket system
  • custom newsletter link creator for travel packages and custom selections of flights and hotels based on shortner API
  • payment gateways
  • voucher generators

Web Developer & Inhouse APP Developer,
Perfect Tour

June 2008 – August 2012

Project manager and developer. Projects like:

  • barcode Gift Cards
  • Insurance generator based on API threw SOAP servers
  • websites with CMS
  • newsletter application
  • accounting manipulation.

Developed websites like:

  • (Smarty, PHP, MySQL).
  • (Smarty, PHP, MySQL).
  • (Smarty, PHP, MySQL).
  • (Smarty, PHP, MySQL).
  • (Smarty, PHP, MySQL).
  • (Smarty, PHP, MySQL).

The CMS is made from scratch with multiple options and module management.

All website can be manipulated from CMS.

Web Developer
Dexternet S.R.L.

April 2003 – February 2007

Project manager and developer. Multiple gaming sites and back-end programs.

Developed sites for games like: - -

Made back-end programs for Counter Strike contests. Back-end for Digital Antennas installation, financial tracking.

Developed quests for Lineage (Assembler). Payment gateways with PayPal and PayU. Online cash registry for copy shop. Hardware and software assistance.

Web Developer
Six Flags over Georgia

June 2006 – October 2006

Backend employee management tools.

Internal tools for employee management. (Work frame, electronic phone book, dynamic time schedule, custom reports in PDF/Excel, custom CMS).

Servers tracking and checking for errors with dynamically map overlay and positioning of the park. (IP Checker for dynamic locations)

E-Tickets auto generating.

Worked as a free lancer and developed all the back-end programs over remote control as their intranet doesn't have internet access.

MySQL, PHP and Javascript.


Universitatea „Constantin Brâncuși” din Târgu-Jiu

2005 – 2005

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Open Source

GitHub, Oct 2012

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bilete avion, hoteluri, rezervari hoteluri, rezervari bilete avion


Website for Lineage 2 private server. It includes auto services and auto payment. Payment with PayPal and which are autoprocessing and there is no acctually human intervention.


Website for tourism agency. Full CMS from scratch and fully customisable.


GetQR is a free web application that generates QR codes on the fly.



My Personal Blog

Mihai Iorga

Mihai Iorga - Blog Personal ... One kick in the ass means one step forward!


I made my own computer at about 19 years from parts gathered, AMD.

Adobe Dreamwaver


Projects and links

VelTravel Romania

Lineage 2 DEX Romania

Perfect Tour Romania

Childrens Television TVR

I also made some applications as a freelancer for Six Flags over Georgia -US, Dexternet SRL - Romania like: shop application (for product manipulation and sales, employee management, servers checker, tickets with barcodes)


I started coding in 1998 at a computer club. I actually started with mIRC scripts.

Then i found HTML on different free sub-domain servers.

I "fell inlove" with PHP 3 years later when I saw that I can make my HTML pages dynamic, and I didn't need to enter every static page to edit contacts or menus.

I made my scripts in Notepad for about 6 years when Dreamwaver got my attention.