Michał Fita

Senior Systems Software Engineer
Hitachi Data Systems
  • Bracknell, United Kingdom
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Creative, skilled software engineer working in embedded field. Programming on C and C++ with some help from scripts written in Python. Electronics hobbyist. Friendly team player.

Main domains where I applied my software development skills into are strongly telecommunication related: 3G cellular network infrastructure, APCO 25 infrastructure, TETRA terminals, Point-to-Point wireless links and lot of IP and Ethernet networks and data exchange.

You can read how I begin in the Backround section below.


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March 2016

To be disclosed.

Senior Systems Software Engineer
Hitachi Data Systems

May 2013 – March 2016

Implementing changes in C++ code and testing on real hardware:

  • IP multi-tenancy offering full network & routing separation in single server (allows overlapping addresses)
    • NFSv3 and NFSv4 related code
    • SMB related code
    • DNS, LDAP, NIS
  • Preparing automated tests in Ruby
  • Monitoring rota for automated regression testing of the software
  • Preparing Debian packages

Senior IT Specialist
ABB Corporate Research Center Polska

April 2012 – March 2013

Some embedded development in C. Work dedicated to some proprietary ARM-based ASIC delivered by third-party. Software working under control of some proprietary operating system with some proprietary PROFINET IO Device stack. Both delivered by the same company that provides the chip for ABB. Doing all of this requires to learn and understand PROFINET protocol. So I am now familiar with PROFINET at some level.

Software Engineer
Motorola Solutions Systems Polska

August 2006 – March 2012

Till Feb 2008 I was involved at development support of the APCO 25 capable devices. This included performance and acceptance tools for the Motorola's Astro infrastructure.

From Mar 2008 till Dec 2010 I was involved in project extending features of Point-to-Point non-line-of-sight fast radio links on 2.5, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz. They were in Orthogon/PTP portfolio, which Motorola decided to sell on Aug 2011 to Vector Capital. That was really good and very instructive period in my career.

From Jan 2011 I am working for Tetra Subscribers department being involved for multiple tasks related to development of internal software for Tetra terminals (hand-held & car radios).

Software Developer
Motorola Polska Software Center

July 2004 – September 2006

From August 2004 till May 2006 I was involved in projects releted to 3G/UMTS telecommunication systems development and integration. I was creating firmware in C for vxWorks and in C++ for Texas Instruments DSP processors. Additionally I was creating some tests in TTCN-3 language. The projects we finished are the HSDPA capable BTS device and AXPT device.

My experience from these projects are mainly: UTRAN, UTMS (Layer 2, Layer 3) and HSDPA (mainly MAC-hs layer).

Technical Support
AdRem Software

September 2003 – June 2004

I was providing technical support for company employees and I was responsible for supporting the test lab. I troubleshoot problems with hardware and software on all computers in the office.

The test lab was the place where NetCrunch application was put into tests for checking its ability to talk with different operating systems. I prepared new PCs to be connected to the lab network and be able to boot different operating systems from partition images. I also prepared images for new hardware configurations.

UNIX Administrator
Systemy Lokalizacji Obiektów "Lokalizator"

November 2001 – July 2003

I was responsible for integration and administration of the web-based system providing information gathered from GPS boxes installed at customers cars and lorries. Data from customers' boxes were gathered through SMS request-reply mechanism or GPRS data transfers. There were bunch of GSM modems connected to the server and they process requests from queue and put responses to the queue processed by the application. All localization data were drawn on the map. I was keeping this mechanism working as it requires human intervention if something stuck.

UNIX Administrator
Polska Platforma Internetowa

May 2000 – February 2001

I was administrator of some of web and mail servers of this web&e-mail hosting provider, supporting others working on HA cluster or dial-up modems maintenance.

I developed supporting applications which help maintain users database and give access via RADIUS protocol to dial-up authentication. These included C, SQL, PHP, Bash.

I've installed couple LANs in company's offices. These included cabling, patching, switches, sockets, testing the network.


December 1999 – April 2000

I was responsible for local network support and some WAN configurations and hardware support. I mount new servers together, like updating processors on mother boards, adding memory and disk drives.

I was responsible for internal technical support tasks as well, like updating software on my colleagues computers, changing broken hardware, new network connections. I were sometimes a third hand of people doing something else.

HTS-Comarch S.A.

September 1999 – November 1999

I was generally the salesperson with additional duties:

  • Selling the computer equipment to shop customers,
  • Preparing and delivering bunch of computers for company partners,
  • Preparing offers, quotes, availability checking,
  • Issuing invoices, warranty cards,
  • Solving customer problems, issues with software,
  • Fixing equipment or changing parts in computers if needed (warranty).
  • Visiting customers to check their problems.
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M.Eng. Computer Science
AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków

2006 – 2008

  • Recognized by the scholarship of the Rector
  • Graduated with Master of Engineering in Computer Sciences in October 2011

B.Eng. Computer Science
The School of Banking and Management in Kraków

2003 – 2006

  • Recognized as one of foremost students by the scholarship of Ministry of Education.
  • The One of 5% best graduates at WSZiB in Kraków.
  • Writer at "Multis Multum" school's monthly magazine for over one year.


6.01x: Embedded Systems - Shape the World


Certificate for a Certified PROFINET Engineer

2012 – 2015

Feabhas RTOS-201: Fundamentals of Real-Time Operating Systems

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Open Source

Google Code, ; followed by 3 people

Implementation of "Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II" in Python

I created implementation of the algorithm in object oriented approach.

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Pro Git

Pro Git

Scott Chacon, Ben Straub

Very practical guide to Git as a tool and Git as a code configuration philosophy.

Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs (3rd Edition)

Effective C++

55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs

Scott Meyers

Thinking in C++: Introduction to Standard C++, Volume One (2nd Edition) (Vol 1)

Thinking in C++

Introduction to Standard C++, Volume One

Bruce Eckel

I learnt basics of C++ from this book working on my first real C++ project when I joined Motorola. This was implementation of message handlers inside HSDPA MAChs implementation running on C64x DSP.

C Programming Language (2nd Edition)

C Programming Language

Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie


Epson HX20, Mera 64m, Elwro Junior, ZX Spectrum

Eclipse (but it becomes worse in terms of stability)


I was in fond of computers from my early childhood not having my own until age of 8. But every opportunity I've had to touch Atari, Commodoer or ZX Spectrum I used to program something. I've got a nice book about how the stuff inside processor are working, so I learnt how the transistor works in binary world, before everything else (except reading and writing). As a teenager I start to writing code in Pascal, probably because there were a lot of nice Pascal code in computer magazines I had access to. I even started to write my own bootloader in assembler before I left my primary school. During second year of my secondary school I bumped with the Internet (1996) for the first time and automatically with Unix systems, which reminds me good days of DOS and the command line. I feel in love in Unices (Solaris, Linux; HP/UX was not that pretty). Then I started fixing open source software to make it working on Solaris or Linux as at that time it wasn't working out of the box. That is how I learnt C. Then csh and bash as well.

I had nice adventures with computer graphics, desktop publishing and printing as that was something that I love as well. But then were hard times and it wasn't easy to stay in business. I still try to catch some occasions to do some DTP or small business card design.

When I started being employed my theoretical knowledge from secondary technical school become useful. I started installing and fixing Ethernet networks and setting up WAN connections. Then playing with UNIX administration and web based services.

After my first year of studying computer science I've taken advantage of opportunity to start working at Motorola thanks to specific recruitment process. I was recognized as one of 5 best candidates from the group who took a 2 hours test with different software and firmware related questions. Plus my interest in embedded programming was very high then, I learnt a lot about different aspects of the topic on my own. Later I used that knowledge in my projects for university dissertations.

Rest of my story is in my career experience details.