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Michael McGranahan

New York, NY, United States

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Currently Founder & Builder at Blocvox, and Linux Admin at [Self].

I'm a strategic thinker, empathetic communicator, and challenge-seeker, experienced in a variety of markets and teams. I value sustainable practices, clear expectations, curiosity, and courage.



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Founder & Builder, Blocvox

April 2012 - Current

Design and implement core product, support infrastructure, and tooling. Manage releases, operations, and feedback. Develop and evolve business model and strategy. Develop, execute, and measure marketing strategy. Engage potential team members and partners. This project is now in maintenance mode.

Technical highlights:

  • UX design: Layout engine based on the strip treemap algorithm. Dynamic text sizing using binary search. Custom OpenGraph-compatible web page analyzer and summarizer.
  • Performance: CQRS server architecture, built on ASP.NET MVC, Castle Windsor, and MongoDB, supports domain-driven design, eager read derivation, and flexible scaling options. HTTP caching variance on SSL. Hypermedia-ish API supports both search-engine indexing and a client single-page application built on RequireJS, Backbone.js, Stylus, and Mustache. Minified Mustache templates are re-used on ASP.NET server and client, and are pre-compiled for the client.
  • Security: “Conventional” CSRF protection. BCrypt password hashing.
  • Automation: Automated testing (unit testing on server with Moq+XUnit and client with PhantomJS+QUnit, full-stack integration testing with CasperJS). Continuous integration with TeamCity, with scripted Windows Azure deployment.
  • Storage: Distributed MongoDB replication over OpenVPN, MongoDB backups with XFS snapshots, periodic rsync backup of logs and filesystem content.

Technology Consultant, LAB49

June 2010 - April 2012

Focused on meeting and exceeding demanding financial client expectations within challenging constraints. Examples include:

  • Leading the delivery of a stylized, Sencha single-page frontend for an internal social networking website despite obstruction and conflicting communication from client lead.
  • Identifying and resolving critical gaps in complex business requirements for a billion dollar investment fund management tool, saving the project from failure.

Projects employed diverse techniques such as Java/Spring MVC; WPF; SSAS cube data mining; realtime web charting using Web Sockets and long-polling; and and testing with jasmine, Selenium, Cucumber, Ruby/Capybara, and Node.js express server mocking. Practiced Scrum and other agile methodologies.

Also contributed to various project planning tools, and conducted and assessed phone, in-person, and coding interviews for skill and fit.

Software Engineer, GameFly

October 2008 - June 2010

  • Lead the port of a gaming-specifc Q&A site from Ruby on Rails to C#/ASP.NET MVC, while also decomposing the system into a generic Q&A framework, in a very aggressive 21 man-week tmeline. Separated concerns by applying domain-driven design patterns to mitgate risk, as no formal requirements documents were provided. This facilitated the late additon of homegrown distributed caching in just two man-days. Leveraged for search and exceeded responsibilites by testng for load with WCAT, for performance with Ecatec Profler, and for leaks with CLR Profler.
  • Expanded capabilites of promoton system, built services to support business-to-business relatonships, and maintained various site functons using C#, TypeMock, moq, MS Build, Castle Windsor, NHibernate, ASP.NET, and XSLT.
  • Implemented concurrent data cache and browser-agnostc CSS and JavaScript for highly-stylized C# ASP.NET site, and assumed duty of informing business owner of outstanding issues throughout the project term.
  • Various GF Media sites Implemented signifcant SEO enhancements, provided on-call support, contributed and enhanced product ideas, and integrated and implemented various company SOA initatves.

Lead Developer, Reborn Studio (now Famous Interactive)

February 2007 - September 2008

  • Collaborated with customer and UI designer to develop core product concepts into a complete, intuitve geographic product search site, and lead implementaton applying the Model-View-Presenter pattern in WebForms and C#, and using SQL Server full-text search.
  • Designed SQL Server database schema and object-oriented domain model in C# for ASP.NET video publishing platorm, including XSS-fltering for HTML input per customer's risk tolerance.
  • Lead codebase refactor and optmizaton of C#/ASP.NET site to scale server load to 40+ million pageviews per month, designed overall informaton architecture including navigaton and object representaton, and developed line-of-business multthreaded report auditng tool to validate customer promotonal claims.
  • Development lifecycle As Lead Developer, introduced subversion, structured use-case gathering, activeCollab (then-open-source Basecamp clone) and object-oriented separaton of concerns to transform the company into an attractive merger target.

Programmer/Analyst II, University of California, Los Angeles - College of Letters and Science

August 2004 - January 2007

  • Grade Publishing Web Service Designed and built C#/ASMX SOAP gateway to receive and store critcal student grade informaton. Implemented custom WS-Security authorizaton headers to integrate university authentcaton web service, leveraged Enterprise Library Data Access AB to support persistence ignorance, atended to service defniton and message XML Schema versioning, and complied with WS-I Basic Profle for interoperability.
  • Remote Calendar Web Service Built SOAP-based gateway in Visual Basic .NET to manipulate Microsoft Exchange calendar data with the COM-based Collaboraton Data Objects API, and Actve Directory listings with ADSI.
  • Orientaton Program Tools Maintained legacy ASP web applicatons supportng Orientaton Program operatons.

Linux Admin, [Self]

2003 - Current

Experienced with fault tolerance, automated distributed backups, XFS snapshotting, virtualization, OpenVPN deployment, Apache (reverse-)proxying, Upstart/init scripting, service hosting (git, postfix, Samba, dnsmasq, etc).

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B.A. Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles

1998 - 2006

Completed significant portion of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Sciences while earning Political Science degree.

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