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Senior iOS Developer

June 2014 – Current

Lead iOS developer

October 2011 – June 2014

Responsible for iOS versions of our applications. Involved in all parts of development process, the only developer in some projects. Technical consultant for iOS related problems. Direct communication with international customers in some projects. Junior developers support and supervision.

I choose facilities for the exact situation.

C++ developer & consultant

September 2006 – December 2011

Wrote software for academic purposes (for lazy students with money), a lot of scientific background involved from linear algebra to neural networks, OpenGL, games, tons of weird stuff I can't even remember now, had a reputation of a guy-to-meet-for-your-coding-tasks. That was in my student years, living in a hostel, so I was also responsible for building a client base and a reputation.

Noticeable distinction was that I developed explanatory skills and didn't only wrote stuff but essentially explained it, so my clients got code and explanations (+later support). Paying more attention to client service provided me with great reputation and solid client pool. In 2013 I still received job offers of that kind, not sure how did they find me, told everybody I'm out=)

Got different complexity tasks, for example I wrote a huge software package for some PhD thesis including HDD simulation (MBR) and file systems simulation (FATs and NTFS) which are now (possibly) used in educational process in Tomsk Polytechnic University. For this task I've even read books for file system crime researches as task required low level stuff simulation. And trivial tasks, but hard (I mean, hmmm... well those of minimum knowledge in anything at all) customers, that was like, imagine explaining c++ code to a 12 year old kid.

Sometimes my job was to save one from expulsion, that meant negative time estimates and well commented code.

Web developer
the 10

2009 – 2010

Was a co-founder of a small (2 guys) web studio. We made couple of projects after what I've got that's not for me and continued the search of myself.

We both were all-in-one's (except I wrote in php and my colleague were a ror-guy), so that was a great experience.

P.S. magic for IE6

Game developer & translator & documentation copywrighter
self-employed non-profit

2003 – 2007

My early years, something I started from.

I wrote games using Blitz3D (by Mark Sibly) from 2d arcades to 3d third person action games (sounds cool yeah=) ) but don't have any completely finished projects (I'll learn how to finish what I've started later), created 3D models in 3DS Max trial, draw textures in Photoshop trial.

After I got some experience I started to write libraries for game developers, for example my custom Font library for Blitz3D reached version 3.0 (native font engine was slow, without transparency and other), it was a 2d on 3d engine.

As far as there were not much info on Blitz3D in russian, I contributed english to russian article translations to the russian Blitz3D community, that included even big mans on BlitzMax. I administrated a web site for that, so I learned that to. (weird thing on free hosting, using html and table layout).

Note that I was in primary school at that time.

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M.S. Networking And Telecommunications
Tomsk Polytechnic University

2010 – 2012

In short: cool app for thesis.

My thesis was acknowledged as the best on the course. Funny, but it was about forest fire propagation simulation. I wrote system called "Aio", which simulated fire propagation taking into account lots of environment parameters like elevation, fuel humidity and others. In Aio I used algo based on cellular automata and Rothermel models. In some input data range it showed nice results, compared to FARSITE (the one used in US governmental organizations).

With Aio I've learned a lot about C++ programming (I intentionally tried new things and methods) and finishing what you've started. Aio helped me to get my first full time job. I've even received an offer to make a commercial project out of Aio, but that was not what I would like to do in future. I sold it to a graduate student to be a part of his thesis.

If you're interested in details: Windows, C++, VCL, multi-thread-optimized processing, nice user-friendly settings window with colored schemes for a better user experience.

B.S. computer science
Tomsk Polytechnic University

2006 – 2010

I was more interested in self education on software development and English then on my electronics-oriented specialty, so I took the most I could from my courses and was able to graduate nicely (average score is exactly 4.0 of 5.0).

Thanks to my childhood background when I was interested in electronics and circuit-technology that was easier.

Also I participated in lots of English language competitions, including ones from not related to university company Palex.


TOEFL ESOL B1 first class pass

2006 – 2007

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Прочитайте отзывы, ознакомьтесь с пользовательским рейтингом, просмотрите снимки экрана и узнайте больше о Яндекс.Работа — поиск работы без резюме в App Store. Загрузите…


Прочитайте отзывы, ознакомьтесь с пользовательским рейтингом, просмотрите снимки экрана и узнайте больше о Яндекс.Недвижимость – купить или снять квартиру в Москве, Санкт…


Pedestrian's navigator. Features: o Realtime public transport directions o Vehicle location based on GLONASS/GPS data o Route scheduling o Public transport routes info

Everything except maps-related stuff portion and minor ui.

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Just Sing It! on the App Store. Download Just Sing It! and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Wrote some minor parts including in-app-purchase-related stuff. Consulted and helped developers involved to project.

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about yaM for iPad - easy meeting notes on the App Store. Download yaM for iPad - easy meeting notes and enjoy…

That was my first project (with no experience at all). I was the only developer till some first versions, then I left the project.

Initially got hardly working code from some other developers without solid parts of required features.

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Зеленый марафон on the App Store. Download Зеленый марафон and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod…

This project is abandoned, as far as promotion campaign. I am the lead and, except some small parts, all the project is mine.

I wrote all the async REST web service connections engine, location tracking (no smoothing yet, as nobody cares, sadly) and other parts, made something workable from what it was.

Sadly this is recreation of my company's old project in a brand new look. Sadly because it's based on the old code, which is a total mess and how-to-do-not collection, so, I almost completely rewrite it and I have to use the old terrible code. If that was my app, I'd put it away from the store.

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Understanding iOS internationalization – MANIAK_dobrii

I decided to dig the details of how standard internationalization iOS APIs work above and under the hood, so I used my experience and done some research.


PC with 256mb or RAM

XCode on mac and Notepad++ on win