Max Vernon

SQL Server Consultant
Manitoba Public Insurance
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I started my life-long passion for computing at the tender age of 10 when I first saw Bill Gates on television.

I learned programming from a friend during lunch in middle-school by writing pseudo-code in BASIC on a blackboard. He "parsed" it and corrected any issues. From then on, I spent tons of time (10,000+ hours) learning everything I could about development.

Upon graduating from college, I've worked in various positions, always in the IT field.


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SQL Server Consultant
Manitoba Public Insurance

April 2014 – Current

Built a system for monitoring 200+ SQL Server instances, including SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012.

Built a system for semi-automated application of developer source code to SQL Servers, including integration with the BMC Remedy IT Management System.

Audited SQL Servers for performance, security, and risk-compliance.

Provided on-call support to various teams including developers, management, and systems integration.

Database Administrator
Magellan Vacations Inc

February 2007 – September 2013

Responsible for building and managing a distributed computing platform that provides GDS connectivity to 50+ travel agents. The system provides real-time access to hotel rates and allows agents to book rooms directly with hotels around the world. Responsible for managing 5 database servers running various versions of Microsoft SQL Server from the free express version up to the Enterprise version.

Built and managed a high-availability database system using SQL Server database mirroring consisting of multiple databases servicing multiple real-time systems. In conjunction with our network administrator, I installed and configured SAN connectivity using 10GB Ethernet iSCSI to a Dell EqualLogic device.

I reported directly to the C.O.O. and was responsible for directing the technical aspects of system design for a team of developers.

Database administration responsibilities:

  • Designed and upgraded SQL Server databases for a reservations, CRM and accounting application, call monitoring/statistic tracking system, Google and MSN analytics.
  • Held responsibility for high availability, disaster recovery, query performance tracking and tuning, maintenance, upgrades, back-ups, and network and end user security.
  • Administered two production SQL Server 2012 database servers as well as four training and development servers.
  • Utilized Data Warehousing strategies to extract data from multiple sources to support reporting and analysis.
  • Prepared detailed diagrams and technical documentation.
  • Performed quality assurance testing following modifications and debugging.
  • Responsible for the 24x7x365 uptime of these systems in support of our internal agents and our self-hosted .Net-based websites. Diagnosed and resolved technical issues on an on-call basis.
  • Supervised and delegated assignments to junior database administrators/developers.
  • Communicated the status of database servers to management.

Developer responsibilities:

  • Designed and continually enhanced Visual Studio .Net based system connected through Web Services to the Sabre Global Distribution System that performs real-time searches via the Internet of hotel accommodation data including rates, availability and reservations. The system records revenue data in a custom-built ledger-based accounting system used for various reporting services and to pay performance-related bonuses to agents.
  • Developed a multitude of supporting systems requiring ongoing communication with end users to meet their continually changing needs.
  • Participated in meetings with end users and stakeholders to gather requirements, and prepared design documents and diagrams for review.
  • Employed version control tools for management of code among multiple developers.
  • Trained instructors on system functions to allow them to train agents.

Director of Development
GlobalStatic Inc

2004 – 2007

As Director of Development at GlobalStatic, I was responsible for all aspects of software design and development for multiple projects including a wide-area distributed database system that allowed consolidation and reporting of data from remote locations affecting approximately 50 locations in Manitoba. The system was built on Microsoft Access with a combination of VB.Net libraries and a centralized SQL Server.

Other projects I was responsible for included a system to capture barcode data using Symbol barcode scanners integrated via wireless networking with a warehouse data inventory control system.


Industrial Control and Automation
South Winnipeg Technical College

1994 – 1994

Completed a one-year full-time post-secondary technical program focusing on computer programming for industrial process controls and achieved a Certificate of Recognition for Program Excellence Scholarship for graduating top of the class.


Certified Netware Administrator


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Open Source

GitHub, Dec 2013

Scripts Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Agent Jobs into a .sql file for later re-use.

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How to audit Database Design Modifications using a DDL Trigger : MVCT

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HowTo: Grow a very large MS-SQL Log File : MVCT

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has a nasty habit of creating thousands or hundreds of thousands of logical log files even though you set Autogrowth to a large size, say 8GB. The following SQL code automates manually growing your log file by 8GB increments. When using the ALTER DATABASE command to modify log file size manually like this, SQL Server seems to properly create logical log files of around 1GB each resulting in far less logical log files overall. This should increase log file performance.

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