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Mark Biek

Louisville, KY, United States

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Currently Senior Programmer Analyst at Kindred Healthcare, and Independent Contractor at Me!.

I've been working full time as a software developer since 1998 and I love the intellectual thrill of writing code and solving problems. I love to work with awesome, smart people making beautiful and exciting things. I love making things that people will use and enjoy.

I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, at the age of 6 and started banging out simple BASIC programs shortly after. I did some Macintosh programming in high school and lots of C programming in college.

My first online experience was in about 7th grade (1988?). My mom owned a medical transcription business and she had recently switched from electric typewriters to dual-floppy drive Sony computers. I was at the office one day after school and my mom randomly showed me how to dial into a BBS somewhere in the bay area. I remember being instantly enthralled by the idea that we were connected to another computer hundreds of miles away, even if there wasn’t anything particularly interesting happening on the other end.

This simple show-and-tell changed something in me and I never looked at computers the same way again.

A computer wasn’t just something you sat alone in front of, but a doorway to a different place.



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Senior Programmer Analyst, Kindred Healthcare

September 2013 - Current

Senior Interactive Developer, Power Creative

August 2008 - September 2013

– Lead developer responsible for managing other developers and running projects.

– Develop websites based on designs and direction from the Digital Creative department. Designs are provided as Photoshop files. Website platforms are selected based on client needs including PHP/MySQL, Classic ASP, C#/.NET, WordPress, static HTML/Javascript.

– Work with Account Service department to determine client requirements, write RFPs and project specifications, and provide project estimates.

– Took over the development of a large C#/.NET project. Project was originally written by third-party contractors. Made back-end updates to improve speed, stability, and ease future development. Made front-end updates to improve user experience, including a mobile version.

– Developed custom sales portal website to allow a large client to manage its sales team, corporate documentation, and other photo and video assets. Site was written using object-oriented PHP and MySQL. Heavy emphasis was placed on the admin/content-management portion of the site for ease of client use.

– Notable project: Developed PHP-based REST API for the Power Creative Intranet.

– Notable project: Developed the Power Creative digital showcase using PHP/Javascript/PostgreSQL (

– Notable project: Developed Power Creative’s first iPad app for Lennox Residential using Appcelerator Titanium (

– Notable project: Developed the “Design-a-Fireplace” custom fireplace builder for Lennox Hearth Products using VBScript/Classic ASP (

– Notable project: Developed process for automatically syncing Classic ASP/SQL Server website data between the development, staging, and production servers. This process drastically reduced errors caused by manual copying as well as the amount of time spent manually copying changes between servers.

– Notable project: Developed the Kentucky Shakespeare website using WordPress/PHP (

– Received Titanium App Developer certification from Appcelerator ( Titanium is a product for cross-platform mobile development using Javascript.

– Initiated team-wide use of Subversion for version control.

Independent Contractor, Me!

2002 - Current

– Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University. Wrote a mobile-friendly website for collecting patient medical information. Used by BIDMC doctors at the 2012 Democratic Convention at their mobile treatment stations.

– Studymaker, LLC. Wrote a Visual Basic .NET application to capture video from MicroVision Medical devices and upload videos to a central server.

– Movi, LLC. Wrote a MySQL replication daemon in Python. Database servers were linked together in a chain. Daemon monitored servers and routed connections in the chain around failed servers. Entire set-up ran on Amazon EC2 instances and provided a redundant database set-up for the Movi image collection website.

– Movi, LLC. Wrote a set of PHP library functions using the eBay API to allow easy scraping of images from eBay and eBay Motors auctions. Library was used primarily by overseas contract programmers to build up the Movi image library.

– Movi, LLC. Wrote a Python webcrawler that parsed Wikipedia pages and stored links and link relationships in a MySQL database.

– Studymaker, LLC. Wrote a variety of PHP/MySQL websites for data collection. Data collected was used for studies to improve patient care through more efficient and accurate record keeping and to measure the effectiveness of new drugs.

– Text Reviews, LLC. Wrote a set of Perl scripts to scrape publisher websites for textbook information. Resulting database was the primary source of sales revenue for the company.

– Zframe Corporation. Wrote VB .NET application that allowed a VBscript ASP page to more easily execute different types of system calls. Enabled ASP applications to run on cheaper and more restricted webhosts without a loss of functionality.

– BreathQuant Corporation. Wrote VBscript ASP pages and MSAccess forms for patient data collection. Data was used in several studies that developed algorithms for predicting pulmonary embolism and other common ER maladies.

Senior Programmer Analyst, The Stevenson Company

2002 - 2008

– Designed and wrote statistical analysis, data mining and text processing programs in Python, PHP, and SAS. Provided the basis for reports on which many major companies based critical marketing campaigns.

– Documented and extended Java & Python programs written by outside contractors. Helped keep costs and risks down by reducing their dependence on outside contractors.

– Lead training classes for research analysts on various programs used for field research. Helped field studies run more efficiently and with fewer errors, especially when working in facilities without a dedicated support staff.

– Wrote Bash scripts for automating system administration tasks. Decreased the amount of time IT spent on server administration tasks by 50%.

– Wrote installation programs using Wise Installation Systems.

– Used ESRI’s ArcMap & Business Analyst for mapping survey results and for customer prospecting. This provided important materials for a number of high-profile projects including a mapping of areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

– Started internal wiki which is now used for all internal documentation. Has been instrumental in making documentation easy to locate and continually updated.

– Started company-wide use of version control using Subversion.

– Started company-wide bug-tracking with FogBugz. Added to existing web application, automatic bug submission from the field.

– Wrote interactive graphing add-on to main company website using PHP and Corda’s PopChart. Took the initiative to meet high customer demand for a graphing package and wrote this as an independent project which was later merged into the main website. The project was designed to require minimal help from the contractors maintaining the website at the time.

– Wrote PHP->MySQL data processing program to replace SAS->Text File->Python->MySQL process. Brought data import times down from 50+ hours to <12 hours.

Software Developer, ZFrame Corporation

2000 - 2003

– Wrote web browser for PalmOS using Embedded C. Implemented key features for the browser including SSL support, bookmarks, location bar with URL history, scrollable text with hyperlinks and HTML formatting, ability to save values entered in html forms, send/receive POP3 emails including a server-side ASP portion, and functionality to beam web pages via the IR port.

– Wrote the user management tool for the Zframe server suite using ASP with an MSAccess back end as well as a load-balancing system to allow large numbers of user accounts to run on a single server or across multiple servers.

– Wrote healthcare-related data collection applications for PalmOS and PocketPC.

– Wrote HotSync Conduits and Microsoft ActiveSync modules to allow secure upload of healthcare data to a central server.

– In charge of version control and bug-tracking using Visual SourceSafe and SourceOffsite, installation programs for PalmOS, PocketPC, and Windows using Wise Installation Systems and InstallShield.

Software Developer, PinPoint Corporation

1998 - 2000

– Designed and wrote suite of Visual Basic and Visual C++ applications for PinPoint's RFID asset-tracking system. Applications were used by customers for asset-tracking and by PinPoint field engineers for set-up and maintenance at customer sites.

– Wrote custom applications that allowed integration of third-party asset-tracking devices with the PinPoint system as well as integration with security products such as web-enabled security cameras and alert notification via phone or pager.

– In charge of version control using Visual SourceSafe, installation programs using Wise Installation Systems, and worked with PinPoint's QA department on all software release mastering.

– Provided training classes on all software for field engineers including on-site training at client sites.

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B.A. Computer Science/Mathematics, Lewis & Clark College

1994 - 1998

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GitHub, Apr 2012; followed by 3 people



GitHub, May 2012

A simple, incomplete, Android widget which displays a user's Stackoverflow flair.


GitHub, Jul 2013 - Current


GitHub, Sep 2013

A simple Brainf-ck interpreter


GitHub, Mar 2014

Scripts to make Jira (bug database) and git (source control) work together


GitHub, Nov 2013 - Apr 2014

Checks the website for the current urine tank levels of the ISS


GitHub, Jan 2014 - Nov 2014

My simple website for contract work tasks & invoices


GitHub, Mar 2014

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Commodore 64