Marat Khasanov

Software Engineer at ABBYY
  • Moscow, Russia
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Over nine years of software development experience including client-server applications and frameworks, GUI components and multi-threaded code, SQL queries and stored procedures.

My passion is quality: code quality, design quality, product quality.

My objective is to become a member of high-quality team where I can utilize my experience and grow as professional for myself and for employer.


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Software Engineer | ABBYY

July 2014 – Current

Develop cross-platform social service LingvoLive

Lead Software Developer | Transsystemotehnika

November 2008 – May 2014

Developed an application for transport supervision

  • Designed and implemented core services and shell based on WPF and DWM features.
  • Designed and implemented data access layer using AsyncEnumerator, Reactive Extensions, and RemObjects.
  • Designed and partly implemented plug-in modules that provide end-user functionality and consist of various charts.
  • Unit-tests with MSTest, Moq, and NSubstitute.
  • Optimized application performance, including WPF rendering.
  • Managed a team of two men and making all architectural decisions.

Software Developer | Aplana Software

March 2008 – October 2008

Developed an administration subsystem for the large government project

  • Designed and implemented data services and common GUI using ADO.Net and Windows Forms.
  • Designed and implemented module that allows the user to create and to modify data dictionaries.

Developed a data importing software for financial registrar as a part of SharePoint portal

  • Developed generic metadata specification (XML/XSLT) that allows the administrator to customize import process for various import sources.
  • Designed and implemented import to MS SQL database using Linq-To-Sql.
  • Designed and implemented export to file system.

Developed a CRM for tourist operator

  • Implemented reports based on MS SQL stored-procedures.

Software Developer | EsterDev

September 2005 – February 2008

Developed a loan management application

  • Designed and implemented business logic of loan operations.
  • Designed and implemented calculation of effective rate.
  • Partly implemented reports.
  • Designed and implemented a various parts of GUI.

Developed a framework, used as a basis in most company’s software

  • Designed and implemented common GUI controls based on Windows Forms.
  • Partly designed and implemented GUI that allows the user to filter data queries.
  • Designed and implemented commanding system to customize menus and toolbars.
  • Developed and implemented import/export of security settings.

Developed a software that allows issuing a loans using InfoPath

  • Designed and implemented database using MS SQL.
  • Designed and implemented Web-Service to access database.
  • Designed and implemented InfoPath pages that used Web-Service to communicate with database.

Developed a smart-client reporting application

  • Improved an existing implementation of both server and client sides.


B.S. Information Technology (5 years) | Kazan State Power Engineering University

2000 – 2005

Graduated with honors and awarded "The best graduate work"

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