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Manish Goregaokar

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Currently a student. Currently Manager at Web and Coding Club, IIT Bombay.

I'm a student, not exactly looking for a job(yet), but I thought I'd put myself out here. Maybe if something part-time comes along I may be interested enough to take it.

I'm mainly active on Physics.SE and Meta Stack Overflow, not Stack Overflow itself (I'm also participating in the new Chemistry.SE)). I love physics, and I love interacting with others, especially helping people (thus the activity on MSO). Stack Overflow...well.. I would like to answer stuff there, but it's too active for my liking. I prefer the sleepier Physics community :)

I usually qualify myself as an amateur programmer. I've been programming since a young age, but never really formally learned it. Due to this I have certain holes in my knowledge. For example, this is the way I've learned the following languages:

  • HTML: From a book, and then via view-source
  • Javascript: By messing around and making tiny scripts. Later on, I was writing userscripts for Wikipedia, and building upon someone else's code proved extremely beneficial. More recently I've been writing userscripts for StackExchange. Also this nifty script
  • PHP: Alright, this one is completely unorthodox. I was writing a script for a system that runs on the WIkipedia toolserver. For that, I needed some changes in the PHP/MySql, and, looking at the code, I was able to make it. Since then I've also done quite a bit of PHP--but I've never learned it from a book. If I need something I check the manual.
  • jQuery (not really a language, yes): I learned this after joining StackExchange, while writing userscripts.

As you see, none of these were formally learnt--all of them have been, well, grok'd.

That aside, I enjoy programming, and I (probably mistakenly) feel that it can solve all my problems. I tend to write code for any mildly repetitive task I must do, though sometimes the time taken to write it is longer than the time taken if I just did the job manually ;-)

Physics is one of my more prominent interests, and I love messing around with it, though I may not know much.



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Manager, Web and Coding Club, IIT Bombay

April 2014 - Current

Make all core decisions and handle events for the club. Personal focus on improving FOSS participation in the institute.

Google Summer of Code intern, Mozilla

May 2014 - August 2014

Implementing XMLHttpRequest (and the necessary backend framework) for Servo.


B. Tech Engineering Physics [in progress], Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay


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GitHub, Feb 2012 - Current; followed by 2947 people; forked 504 times

The Servo Browser Engine

Mainly work on DOM (volunteer)

My Codes

GitHub, Apr 2012 - Nov 2014; followed by 10 people; forked 7 times

I use this to host userscripts/etc. Currently, all of them are StackExchange userscripts. You can find more info on them here:

Wrote the whole thing

Wikipedia Account Request System (stable build)

GitHub, Jun 2011 - Dec 2014; followed by 11 people; forked 12 times

English Wikipedia Account Creation Interface

(The project recently switched to GitHub so I don't have many visible commits on it. It used to be on svn, though)

I've mainly been fixing bugs and adding small feature requests, but I wrote a few features like a link-confirmation thingy as well.

Some Wikipedia Scripts

A whole bunch of Wikipedia userscripts


GitHub, Sep 2012

Synchronize your computer with notes on moodle

Help maintain and improve it


GitHub, Feb 2013 - Mar 2014

Electronic noticeboard with a controlling webapp. Meant to run on a Raspberry Pi.

Wrote the code for the Pi, collaborated on the webapp.


GitHub, Jan 2014 - Current; followed by 2 people; forked 5 times


GitHub, Jan 2014 - Aug 2014

Math notebook for Windows 8 Metro


GitHub, Jan 2014 - Dec 2014; followed by 10 people; forked 7 times

A Python API for talking to Stack Exchange chat


GitHub, Mar 2014 - Current; followed by 10 people; forked 5 times

Annotations for tabs in Chrome

5 more

Apps & Software


Converts arbitrary typed math to LaTeX (See

Wrote it.


Notepad! OK, Dreamweaver, for syntax highlighting, but I steer clear of WYSIWYG.


Professional background: None. Completely self-taught.