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Малъ Скрылевъ (Malo Skrylevo)

Москва, Россия

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Currently Rails web and scripting developer and project leader at n/a.

I have always been involved with programming various hardware and software systems, including x86, h8s, arm, avr, ppc architectures, for many years.

For a few last years I'm involved in web programming in rails in various kinds of the projects.

My development accounts are:

  • Useful ruby gems listed in here:
  • Various kind of others apps published on github:
  • My LinkedIn profile:
  • My CV:
  • My open freelance profile:
  • Code sample is here:

I have:

  • strong communication skills
  • work experience with large web applications;
  • a quite detail oriented work style.



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Rails web and scripting developer and project leader, n/a

October 2013 - Current

The long time project in which we combine yaml storage and postgre db (with hstore feature) for data. for QA we use cucumber. The main purporse of the project is a time records for the specific persons, groups, and events and support related texts for those records.

Website creator, n/a

January 2015 - January 2015

I've spent my time for the static generated site (deployed on heroku). The project has required to make some changes to the jekyll engine. the site is deployed on the heroku:

Rails web-developer, Verdacom ltd

February 2014 - July 2014

I've spent my time for a company to complete its medical project. The mostly know technologies for the project were: PostgreSQL, Rails ActiveRecord, Rails Relational Algebra Arel, Active Admin request serving, view decorators, and form presenters. For common development process the github was used. Staging evironment was deploed on heroku. Rspec and cucumber were used for QA purposes. Trasvis-CI is used to continuous intergration development. The company used Agile approach.

Social networking web developer, freelance

September 2012 - November 2013

I've spent my time for 2 projects:

  • completed social Facebook and Twitter sharing feature for a startup, used technologies are: rails, koala, twitter for server part, and backbone, coffeescript for client part.

  • finished off the startup's site which allows organizing some meetings, or other events which were post as a post on a popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. also I've wrote the test with Rspec, and optimized the web grabbing code.

Script developer, freelance

February 2013 - April 2013

Here I've spent my time to finish off a web-crawler which allow controlling the execution ensuranse the of specific web-standard for web-companies. It used the following techinologies: watir/selenium webdriver, rdoba logging, sqlite (as for cookies).

Sinatra web-developer, n/a

June 2012 - January 2013

I've worked on

  • the git web file manager, which will allow editing the files using the locally deployed git repository. It has not a database (just in plans). It used sinatra web-framework, and thin/puma web-server. For client part it used Twitter bootstrap. Also some techniques which allow to deploy on heroku were debugged for the similar sinatra project. Also dally as caching server was used.

  • the second project was developed as an advertizement for minor building company (the site is, and used some gems for the mail feedback support.

QA tester, Emcraft Systems Ltd

November 2012 - February 2013

I've spent my time as a QA tester, I've used the following technologies: ruby and gem to write a gem which will allow using networking test a device according the IPMI/TCA standards. linux bash scripting with ipmitool support for the similar purposes. Also I've used ssh, for usual and embedded linux versions.

Rails Web-developer, freelance

June 2012 - September 2012

I've finished off the company site, which used NoSQL driver for Mongo database. and it was based on the technologies: Dalli caching server, Unicorn middle-level server, nginx web-server. The sive was deployed in the VPS (can be controlled via bash).

Rails Web-developer, freelance

September 2010 - February 2011

I've developed (from scratch, based on rails and its modules) the project management webportal utilizing the gantt-chart, and it used MySQL as a database driver, with the following technologies used: jQuery, Ajax, ActiveRecord, git versioning. The sample site it presented on heroku: (to log in ask the login/password)

Senior Programmer, Emcraft Systems

April 2006 - June 2010

  • Programming a new drivers, or fixing the exising one for the Linux versions:
    • 2.4.25
    • 2.6.21

in areas of SPI, I2C, GPIO, and architectures MIPS, PPC.

  • Programming a new drivers, or fixing the exising one for U-boot loader 2.4.1, for loading and I2C subsystems, and architectures MIPS, PPC.

  • Tarball and RPM maintenance for Fedora-like embedded linux repositories.

  • Support for the local firmware product called BMR for architectures H8S, AVR, ARM(AtmelFusion).

  • Test suite development for the BMR product.

  • Development suite in Python, like svn-hooks, etc.

Researcher, Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics

July 2004 - March 2006

Research activity in areas of CMOS APS and CCD imagers used for visual, IR, and X-Ray ranges, and specialized CAD programming

Junior Researcher, Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics

September 2002 - June 2004

Research activity in areas of CMOS APS and CCD imagers used for visual, IR, and X-Ray ranges, and specialized CAD programming

Engineer, Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics

April 2001 - September 2002

Windows 9X, Windows 2000 Server & Professional administration, upgrading, repairing (part-based) of X86-compatible personal computers, research activity in the areas of CMOS APS and CCD imagers used for visual, IR, and X-Ray ranges, and specialized CAD programming

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics

2001 - 2003

Defended Ph.D. thesis in Optoelectronics area on Development and simulation of pixels of the photo- and X-Ray sensitive IC in the Insitute of Design Problems in Microelectronics of RAS. Got the Ph.D. degree. The thesis is resided here in Russian.

master, Moscow State University of Transport (MIIT)

1994 - 1999

Defended master thesis in Computers, Systems, and Networking area on topic of Development of workshop to design and simuation of a pixel of the photo- and X-Ray sensitive IC in the Moscow State University of Railway Transportation (MIIT). The thesis is resided here in Russian.

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GitHub, Mar 2011 - Nov 2014

The ruby additionals, including an advanced ruby logger.


GitHub, Sep 2013 - Oct 2014

The gem to simplify automatical web-surfing using watir-webdriver


GitHub, Sep 2013 - Jun 2015

Knigodej gem is a tool to make a PDF, and DJVU books from the XCF (GIMP image) source.

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Web Project Management System

Web Project Management System allows time and project management usage the Gantt Chart via web.

Remade of the base project management system, added some fields, and logic into base code. Added Gantt Chart logic.


Just simple construction company website, it allows to send request from a customer by a form.

Built from a scratch

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Computational unit for non-contact photonic system - Alexander V. Kochetov, Pavel A. Skrylev


Requirements to the unified computational unit for non-contact photonic system have been formulated. Estimation of central processing unit performance and required memory size are calculated. Specialized microcontroller optimal to use as central processing unit has been selected. Memory chip types are determinated for system. The computational unit consists of central processing unit based on selected microcontroller, NVRAM memory, receiving circuit, SDRAM memory, control and power circuits. It functions, as performing unit that calculates required parameters of rail track.

Архитектура унифицированного вычислительного блока для подсистемы измерения параметров рельсовой колеи - Павел Скрылёв, Ольга Смолева


В настоящее время с увеличением пропускной способности линий железных дорог и метрополитена все большее внимание уделяется обеспечению безопасности движения. На данное время на железнодорожном транспорте используются контактные методы диагностики состояния рельсовой колеи. Эти системы имеют ряд недостатков. Прежде всего низкую скорость измерения, невозможность проводить измерения в реальной сетке движения поездов, длительное время преобразования полученных данных в легкую для чтения форму. Кроме того контактный способ измерения оказывает разрушающий воздействие на рельсовую колею. Поэтому они не полностью удовлетворяют требованиям предъявляемым к безопасности на железнодорожном транспорте. Основным требованием к современным измерительным системам является проведение измерений в реальном времени. Для подобных измерений были разработаны бесконтактные оптоэлектронные подсистемы контроля состояния рельсовой колеи, которые могут заменить существующие системы измерений, построенные на контактных принципах. Бесконтактная фотонная подсистема контроля состояния рельсовой колеи (БФСМ) обеспечивает измерение следующих параметров: высоты и износа ходовых рельсов, ширины колеи, уровня. Фотонная подсистема измерения просадок (ФИП) предназначена для измерения величины просадок рельсовых нитей на заданном расстоянии. Фотонная подсистема контроля отступления контактного рельса (ФКР) измеряет пространственное положение контактного рельса относительно ходового. Испытания отдельных подсистем показали их работоспособность и правильное функционирование. Однако, вследствие того, что обработка видеоинформации от всех подсистем осуществлялась в центральном бортовом компьютере и занимала большой объем памяти, было невозможно реализовать измерения в реальном времени. Система построенная на двух компьютерах также не давала такой возможности.