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I co-founded a Y Combinator-funded startup, speak at tech conferences around the world, co-authored an ebook, helped organize the Twin Cities BarCamp and DemoCamp events, and helped start the Ruby Users of Minnesota.

I'm interested in joining a company where I can help grow a product into something truly great.


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Software engineer

August 2012 – Current

As the first non-founder engineer in a small startup, I am responsible for a lot of tasks in and out of engineering. I work on the core application, our web crawler, write client libraries for our API in numerous languages, add features to our WordPress plugin, help with customer support, and write end-user documentation, blog posts, and landing pages.

Fundamental Constant

2009 – 2012

Fundamental Constant is my consulting company. I mostly develop web applications using Ruby on Rails and Google App Engine.

Through Fundamental Constant, I've worked on projects ranging from enterprise cost management to peer-to-peer lending. I've built apps for tiny startups and Fortune 500 companies.

When not working on customer applications, I like developing applications to learn new technologies. Lately, I have been working with non-relational datastores like Redis, MongoDB, and Neo4J and exploring new web technologies like Node.js.


2008 – 2010

I initially joined FanChatter to build its Scoreboard Photo Sharing application, which allows fans to see themselves on the jumbotron. It's used by teams like the Minnesota Twins, Chicago Fire, and the University of Minnesota.

Later, I drove our successful application to Y Combinator. FanChatter was funded by Y Combinator in Summer 2009.

During the YC program, I built ChatterBox, a Twitter and Facebook-based chat widget. It is used by sites like and

Lead Developer

2008 – 2009

With a talented team of contractors, I built, a web app for parents with young children. Features include a development tracker, blog, photo and video uploads, and a database of developmentally appropriate toys and books.

I became a big proponent of usability testing in the Steve Krug mode while working on Tumblon. Simply bringing in outsiders helped us clarify what we were doing wrong.

Slantwise Design

2006 – 2008

I worked as senior Rails developer on a many of Slantwise Design's projects.

Projects included:

  • An e-learning game
  • Mobile photo and video uploads with MMS and email
  • e-commerce integration

And lots of other things.

In this time I also started speaking about Ruby on Rails at conferences, including acts_as_conference and Ostrava on Rails.

Senior Software Engineer

2005 – 2006

In late 2005, the Ancept Media Server group at Stellent was spun out as a separate company.

I led the development of the AMS 3.8 release.

  • Implemented support for Content Manager 8.3's advanced workflow features.
  • Moved AMS configuration from Java properties file to the database, greatly simplifying installation and upgrades.
  • Initiated effort to stamp out Cross-Site Scripting attacks and improve AMS security.

I also pushed hard for a web services API based on the then-emerging REST paradigm. I specified and managed the development of the AMS REST web services API, then wrote extensive developer documentation for integrators.

Software Engineer

2003 – 2005

In 2003, Stellent acquired Ancept. Development on Ancept Media Server (AMS) continued.

  • Took on more responsibility, including maintenance of the build system.
  • Streamlined build process using a Python script to generate patch files for the installer.
  • Installed CruiseControl continuous integration system for daily builds.
  • Implemented Lucene full-text search integration and synchronization with the AMS data store.

Note: Though I worked at Stellent I never worked on the Universal Content Management (UCM) product. I get recruiting inquires about it all the time, but I know nothing about it.

Software Engineer

2001 – 2003

As part of a small team of developers, I wrote several important components for Ancept Media Server, a web-based digital asset management system using Java, DB2, and IBM Content Manager.

I was responsible for major portions of our rewrite to support Content Manager 8.

I also implemented content ingest folders, a reporting system, added screens for the Java Swing-based admin application, and experimented with integrating Lucene to provide full-text search.

Web Programmer
University of Minnesota Libraries

1997 – 2001

I started at the U of M Libraries as a student web monkey, doing sites for projects and maintaining the existing site, which was entirely coded in flat HTML.

The pain of updating the HTML of the site set me off on my career as a programmer. I figured out how to use Apache Server Side Includes to save us a ton of work.

Later, when we redesigned the site, I built a simple CMS using PHP and MySQL to manage the pages. Apparently, they still use some of my code to this day. Yikes!

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B.S. Computer Science
University of Minnesota

1997 – 2001

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GitHub, Feb 2009 - Jun 2013; followed by 213 people; forked 40 times

download email from POP3 or IMAP and do stuff with it.

GitHub, Jul 2011

Example app that shows how to use Rack::SSL and Rack::Auth::Basic to forward all requests to SSL, then password protect them.

GitHub, Jul 2008 - May 2010; followed by 113 people; forked 33 times

xss_terminate is a plugin in that makes stripping and sanitizing HTML stupid-simple. Install and forget. And forget about forgetting to h() your output, because you won‘t need to anymore.

GitHub, Aug 2009 - Jan 2011; followed by 5 people

Simplifies the population of test databases with validated records, and lets you refer to the records in tests like fixtures.

Bitbucket, May 2011 - Oct 2011

A small Ruby program that counts mail in an mbox file by quarter. Requires the ruby-mbox gem and Ruby 1.9.

Bitbucket, Feb 2010 - Oct 2011

A single serving site to calculate birthdays on Friday or Saturday, using date.js.

I wrote the code and designed the site.

Bitbucket, Aug 2011 - Nov 2011

I contributed a number of features to substrate, and wrote the script to make it an installable Python package.

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Advanced Rails Recipes

I wrote the "Receiving E-mail Reliably via POP or IMAP" chapter for Advanced Rails Recipes.

Articles & Blogs

Practicing Ruby: Implementing a minimal HTTP server in Ruby

Implementing a simpler version of a technology that you use every day can help you understand it better. In this article, we will apply this technique by building a simple HTTP server in Ruby.

Receiving Email with Ruby


PeepCode ebook about processing email with Ruby, featuring the MMS2R gem and fetcher plugin.

Pushing Updates with the Channel API

Google App Engine Blog

Guest Post for the Google App Engine Blog about using the Channel API.

D3 for Mere Mortals

A from-the-ground-up tutorial to the D3.js visualization library.

Running Individual Test Cases from Ant

Back in the ancient days, I wrote this article for about running individual JUnit test cases with Ant.


Projects and links

You can check out my GitHub and BitBucket profiles.


Rail Spikes is a Ruby on Rails programming blog I used to co-author. Now my all my writing ends up on my personal blog.

I'm @lof on Twitter and am on LinkedIn and pinboard.