Sergio Moura

Técnico de Informática
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Intructed programmer with knowledge in a number of languages, interested on working with computer programming on a long-distance contract basis (without having to leave the current job), and open to job offers, specially on Canada (where I'd love to live) as programmer or related positions.

Graduated on Computer Engineering, currently residing on Brazil and fluent in English, has some knowledge in Japanese but not affraid of learning a new language if need be.



Técnico de Informática

2006 – Current

Provides special support for windows users and manages a team of technicians on user support.

Used to work on problem-solving directly, by use of a workflow system; now promoted to a managing position and solving such problems only indirectly by a team of specialist technicians and also as a role of "reference point" when some seemingly unsolved problems arise.

Besides that, participates and follows a number of projects inside the company, being a leader of one of them.


Computer Engineering
Universidade Potiguar

2002 – 2007

Development of new technologies, chip construction, automation.

Engineered an "people counter", a hardware/software project to count how many people passed trough a given entrance/exit and stored the number of people currently inside a room.

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Open-Ragnarok is mainly a free open-source implementation for reading and writing ragnarok online file types.It’s aimed to be multi-platform, developed in C++ with a Python-ready…

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code for website.

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Objective-C implementation of uOAuth. Altough it isn’t as small as one-file-only, it is certainly small, useful, fast and easy to incorporate in any project. more…



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Reddit over javascript

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A fun game where you drive a car and tries to avoid incoming traffic.

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