Larry O'Brien

Developer Evangelist at Xamarin, and Columnist at SD Times
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Talk the talk: 500+ articles, Editor-in-Chief of Software Development, Computer Language, Game Developer magazines.

Walk the walk: >$600M annual transactions in last 3 systems I architected.

I love programming, I'm pretty good at it, and I communicate fairly well, too.


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Developer Evangelist

2012 – Current

My job is to educate developers to help them succeed building cross-platform systems using Xamarin's iOS and Android tools. On a day-to-day basis, my main job is documentation, particularly API documentation. In a more general sense I try to communicate architectural, design, and implementation patterns to aide in the development of clean, evolvable, cross-platform applications.

Sr. Software Engineer
Gemini Observatories

2011 – 2012

Core team-member responsible for design and implementation of scheduling software for international astronomical observatory. Had to interact with legacy systems while creating new Web-based application to produce higher-quality results with less effort.

One of two Senior Developers working on year-long user-experience project, identified as one of the top four deliverables of the Observatory (the other three being hardware-based instrument upgrades). Completed on-time, on-budget, with high user satisfaction.

Faster Programmers


I specialize in working with small teams that are facing some kind of performance issue: whether that means scalability, response time, or overall productivity.

My last client was a Website doubling in size every 6-10 months and whose eCommerce solution was incapable of scaling. We improved Website performance by 87% and reduced downtime by 96%. We developed the algorithms for and implemented a proprietary RIA whose technologies the client is seeking a patent on.

My previous client was in the travel industry. I architected and implemented a component that optimized allocation of hotel rooms for airline crews. The system is now in global use by major airlines.

Prior to that I worked developing demos and training material for two Fortune 50 technology companies.

My two previous clients prior to that were in the travel industry. The systems I architected for them are, at last check, doing in excess of $600M in transactions per year.

Typically, I am involved with jump-starting some technological aspect: architecting, designing, and implementing a solution to a particular pain point. I am quite happy "just" being a very good developer and providing value as rapidly as possible, but with every client I've had for the past decade, I have ended up playing a significant project management role.

I have a small group of trusted developers that I can bring on to projects on an as-needed basis. All have proven their talent, commitment, and communication skills. Although these colleagues generally live in developing economies and are less-expensive than their North American or Europe counterparts, we are not a "body shop" and do not seek to be the lowest-cost provider.

We help software team rapidly increase their capacity and quality in providing business value.

SD Times

2001 – Current

I write the "Microsoft & .NET Watch" column for SD Times ( and have done so for most of the decade. My latest column is always available at

Vice President, Research & Development
10th Dimension

2000 – 2001

While at 10th Dimension, I architected and implemented improvements to the Web application architecture of two Fortune 500 companies. In both cases, we achieved performance increases in excess of an order of magnitude.

Vice President, Technology
imind Education

1999 – 2000

I architected, designed, and implemented core components of various technologies for delivering educational material over the Web. I led and then oversaw several programming teams.

I developed a semantic search algorithm that correlated educational material to state and local standards. The company applied for a patent on this and that process appeared to be going well until the "dot-com bust" forced the company out of business.

1711 Software

1995 – 1999

I was the guy who started an Internet company in San Francisco in 1996 and didn't get rich. Even worse, I was the guy who started an Internet gaming company and didn't get rich.

We created a middleware solution for Massive Multiuser Role-Playing Games that included complete resource management, network balancing, and supported in-game and out-of-game commerce transactions. Unfortunately, we ran out of funding before the business model of MMRPGs was appreciated and shut down the month that Everquest launched.


1995 – 2002

During the late 90s and early 2000s, I taught Java and C# at a number of places, including Berkeley University Extension, the Game Developer's Conference, and for corporate clients such as Cap Gemini.

During that period, I wrote a book on the C# programming language ("Thinking in C#"), was a columnist for JavaPro magazine, and contributed to a large number of development magazines and Websites.

Editorial Director
Miller Freeman / CMP

1989 – 1995

I was hired as the Product Review Editor of the magazines AI Expert and Computer Language. In 1990, I became the Editor of Computer Language and took over AI Expert a year later.

Later, I was promoted to Editorial Director of the "Software Development" publishing division of Miller Freeman. I was the founding Editor of Software Development and Game Developer magazines.

I was involved with the "Software Development" conference including being a speaker and track chair.

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BS Biology with a concentration in Marine Science
Long Island University

1982 – 1985

I was a dual-major in Biology and English in college, although I dropped out prior to earning my degree.

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