Leniel Macaferi

Software Engineer
Leniel Macaferi Consulting
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Very technical and analytical guy.

I like to get my hands dirty with coding tasks!

My goal is to work as a software engineer.

During the last couple years/jobs I acquired a level of expertise that allows me to build anything regarding software products/systems. To verify that, take a look at my StackOverflow Developer profile:


I can define the architecture of your project and code it from start to end delivering a complete working system. I value software design patterns and always employ state of the art technologies.

Having a decent computer + tools + internet connection + Google search, I assure you that I get the job done.

Some pretty interesting routines I've implemented along the way:

  • Document Upload/Download to/from Database http://www.leniel.net/2010/03/upload-imp-download-export-file-oracle.html

  • Excel report generation using an Excel spreadsheet as template [ NPOI ] http://www.leniel.net/2009/07/creating-excel-spreadsheets-xls-xlsx-c.html

  • PDF report generation using PDF Form as template [ iTextSharp ].

  • SQL Server Job Schedule Implemented a small package that updates a SQL Server Job Schedule according to user specified values entered in a web form.

  • Questionnaire answering using two different display modes: Listing and Wizard (beautiful jQuery/JavaScript code)

  • Real-time pushing/server sent messages Implemented a notification and blocking/unblocking feature using ASP.NET SignalR that notifies and blocks/unblocks concurrent users trying to answer the same questionnaire question.


Web software development Microsoft web stack of love JavaScript jQuery Google Analytics, AdSense, SEO


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Software Engineer (Contractor)
IT Vizion Inc.

May 2013 – April 2015

I worked in a wide range of projects including an R&D project (GIS Maps) to show Real-time wells values on dynamic maps. I also collaborated in the creation of solutions for managing KPIs, providing data in Real Time using publish-subscribe format and managing oil production Logs. I worked remotely with the team in the United States and Romania. We used Skype, Google Hangouts, etc as tools for video conferencing. Position: Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Leniel Macaferi Consulting

July 2010 – Current

Working mainly with Microsoft web-stack of love as an independent contractor/freelancer.

Junior Systems Analyst
Chemtech - A Siemens Company

September 2008 – June 2010

05/24/2010 to 05/27/2010 ONS - SIMONS C#, ASP.NET MVC 1.0, WCF, SSIS, iBATIS, jQuery, JavaScript, IBM Informix, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Management Studio, IBM Data Studio, Visual Studio 2008, IIS

Most interesting things I did: - Created a text file parser and an Excel file parser - Implemented a small package that updates a SQL Server Job Schedule according to user specified values entered in a web form.

05/10/2010 to 05/19/2010 Rede Globo - Control Painel and Credit System C#, ASP.NET 3.5, WCF, ORACLE, Visual Studio 2008

12/09/2009 to 04/09/2010 Coca-Cola - Rebates System 3.0 C#, ASP.NET WebForms, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, SQL, ORACLE, Crystal Reports, Visual Studio 2003, .NET Framework 1.1, IIS 5.1

10/22/2009 to 11/19/2009, 04/14/2010 to 04/21/2010, 05/28/2010 to 06/02/2010 Braskem - Log Book System 1.3 C#, ASP.NET WebForms, AJAX/Anthem.net, JavaScript, CSS, MVP pattern, NHibernate, ActiveWriter, ActiveRecord, SQL, ORACLE, Visual Studio 2005, .NET Framework 2.0, IIS 6.0

09/15/2009 to 10/21/2009 SuperVia - e-Ticketing System C++, C# Console Application, LINQ, NPOI for Excel reports, Visual Studio 2008, .NET Framework 3.5

08/17/2009 to 08/28/2009 CSN - MES maintenance VB 6, SQL, MS SQL Server

07/13/2009 to 08/14/2009, 08/31/2009 to 09/04/2009 Chemtech - Site (nicknamed chemsite) Java, Liferay portal framework, CSS, SQL, MySQL, Tomcat

12/15/2008 to 06/26/2009 Braskem - Billing and Measurement System C#, ASP.NET WebForms, AJAX/Anthem.net, JavaScript, CSS, MVP pattern, NHibernate, Crystal Reports for PDF reports, NPOI for Excel reports, Web service, SQL, ORACLE, Visual Studio 2005, .NET Framework 2.0, IIS 6.0

09/02/2008 to 12/12/2008, 09/08/2009 to 09/11/2009 Braskem - Control Panel C#, ASP.NET WebForms, AJAX/Anthem.net, JavaScript, CSS, MVP pattern, NHibernate, ActiveWriter, ActiveRecord, SQL, ORACLE, Visual Studio 2005, .NET Framework 2.0, IIS 6.0

Systems Administrator

February 2008 – April 2008

High Performance Computing (HPC) Linux cluster Windows cluster Distributed Computing Parallel Programming Message Passing Interface (MPI)

Member of GradeBR - Rede Galileu workgroup. GradeBR - Rede Galileu forum administration http://www.gradebr.nyxknowledge.com.br/

Linux Rocks cluster distribution Installed Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 on the lab.They've been trying to do that for a long time. Active Directory installation and management 64-bit platforms

Software Developer
Triade Soluções Inteligentes

December 2003 – September 2004

Collaborated with the team that built the MultiClubes system for the Águas Quentes Country Club Resort. www.aguasquentes.com.br

Position held while I participated as an intern in a joint venture between the university I attended and the company Tríade Soluções Inteligentes.


I worked inside the university campus.

Software Architect/Developer
Orion Automation & Systems

April 2011 – August 2011

1 project job (worked remotely in a home-office arrangement as a freelancer)

Telemedicine system http://www.reportandtech.com/telemedicina/

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Education show all

B. S. Computer Engineering
Centro Universitário de Barra Mansa

2003 – 2007

GPA related to 70 disciplines (10 terms) = 8.55 up to 10.0 or 3.42 up to 4.0

Activities and Societies: Institutional Program for Research and Scientific Initiation

I took part in the development of a project about Free Software as Embedded System in a PDA like Device (Linux, Java, Pocket PC),

Algorithm Development in C++ and Numerical Simulation of Ordinary Differential Equations - Project developed as an academic article and publicized in the university’s scientific magazine.

Centro de Cultura Anglo Americana (CCAA)

2003 – 2007

Oral and Written English Communication Course

A nine level, 513-hour course leading to native-like fluency in the English language.

GPA (9 terms) = 9.76 up to 10.0 or 3.9 up to 4.0

Computer Network - Cisco CCNA 1
Centro Universitário de Barra Mansa

2006 – 2006

Cisco Certified Network Associate - CCNA 1 (taken in English) with GPA = 8.73 up to 10.0 or 3.49 up to 4.0

UBM - Centro Universitário de Barra Mansa

2003 – 2007

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GitHub, Aug 2011; followed by 2 people; forked 2 times

Set of sample beginner projects regarding the book "A Beginner's Guide to iOS SDK Programming" by James A. Brannan & Black Ward. The book covers iOS 4.2 + Xcode 4. http://www.amazon.com/iOS-SDK-Programming-Beginners-Guide/dp/0071759085

GitHub, Feb 2013

Sample ASP.NET MVC 4 application that shows how to databind view values to an array parameter in the controller action. You can choose one of two ways: full or async postback with AJAX.

GitHub, Apr 2013 - Oct 2013; followed by 27 people; forked 20 times

elFinder.Net sample ASP.NET MVC project

GitHub, May 2013

GitHub, May 2013

Full-sized drag & drop event calendar with Resource views (jQuery plugin)

GitHub, Aug 2013; followed by 4 people; forked 5 times

MVC Foolproof Validation aims to extend the Data Annotation validation provided in ASP.NET MVC.

GitHub, Aug 2013; followed by 4 people

A custom ValidationSummary that keeps jQuery Unobtrusive Validation working with Bootstrap 3 panel styling

2 more

Apps & Software

This is an ASP.NET MVC web application that was born in a partnership between me (the only developer) and the owner of a Fitness Center that I happen to be a frequenter/student. It’s currently being used there and he (the owner/user) is really satisfied with it. It values simplicity and is super easy to use. The app comprises 5 modules: - Students - Anamneses - Measurements - Payments - Reports (chart and grid based reports)

All. I'm the solo developer.


Creating Excel spreadsheets .XLS and .XLSX in C#

Leniel Macaferi's blog

I had to implement some code to create an Excel spreadsheet/report using C#.

The task was: given an Excel spreadsheet template - a .XLS file (with formulas, pivot tables, macros, etc) I had to fill some data in one of the sheets of the spreadsheet and send this modified spreadsheet back to the user requesting such an operation (Excel report).

I had a great time while studying the possible ways of doing what the task asks for.

It appears to be a simple task at first but as the time passes by you get to know that this is not the case, well, till the moment this blog post was written at least, I think. :-)


Intel 486DX2 66 MHz - 8 MB RAM - 280 MB Disk - Windows 3.1 - August, 1997

Visual Studio


Projects and links

Participating in the translation project of Scott Guthrie’s blog - http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu.
Scott Guthrie is the Corporate Vice President in the Microsoft Developer Division. He runs the development teams that build the following products/technologies: CLR and the core .NET Base Class Libraries, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, IIS 7.0, Visual Studio Tools for ASP.NET and WPF. I translate his posts from English to Portuguese.
The translated posts are available at http://weblogs.asp.net/scottguportuguese.

  • Blog: http://www.leniel.net/
  • LinkedIn: http://br.linkedin.com/in/leniel
  • Google Reader: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/leniel
  • Translator: http://www.proz.com/profile/849397
  • Photos: http://www.flickr.com/people/leniel/
  • Music: http://www.last.fm/user/leniel
  • Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/johnleniel


From August, 1997 to the present: immersed in the computer world.

From 2000 to present day: loving software engineering.