Gareth Latty

Intelligence Analysis Developer
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Please note that I do not respond to or work with recruiters - please don't contact me if you are a recruiter.

A software & web developer, focusing on delivering professional, efficient and maintainable solutions.

I have a first-class honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Leicester.

I am currently working at IBM Cambridge (IBM i2) on Intelligence Analysis solutions.

During my degree, I took part in IBM's Extreme Blue summer internship, working on a project with 3 other interns over 12 weeks to produce a full, exciting and forward thinking product.

I have worked on a variety of open source projects - both personally and in teams. I also enjoy gaming and game development, and have participated in the Ludum Dare game development competition, producing games within 48 hours, along with other game jams and game related projects.

My particular passion is the Python programming language - I love the ability to rapidly produce maintainable, readable code, and have a lot of experience developing in the language.


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Intelligence Analysis Developer

September 2013 – Current

Working in IBM Cambridge (IBM i2) on intelligence analysis solutions - specifically i2 Analyze and it's web charting capability, dealing with visual analysis, automated insight and applying these to massive data sets.

Extreme Blue Intern

June 2012 – September 2012

Myself and three other interns were given twelve weeks to develop a product to improve the standard of ICT education in the UK. We created a full SDK and API to teach programming through games and game development.

I developed the API - a set of Cython bindings for a C++ game engine, allowing it's use from Python, in an intuitive manner. The API was specifically designed to be very usable by children, without denying them access to the power of the engine or language.

I also contributed to the development of the SDK, particularly the inspection of user code, finding errors and warning signs as code is written, and alerting the user.


BSc Computer Science (1st Class Honours)
University of Leicester

2010 – 2013

I was president of the university's computing society, and set up academic sessions for the society, where members help each other with coding, expanding knowledge on new languages, working on society projects, and the like.

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GitHub, Jul 2013

A complete parser and interpreter for a subset of the Java language, written in Python.

This was developed entirely by myself as a deliverable for my final year project for my degree in Computer Science from the University of Leicester

GitHub, Apr 2012 - Dec 2014; followed by 3 people

A small library/command line application that generates word-like strings from a given input language using Markov chains.

I developed the project with the aim of providing a simple way for developers taking part in Ludum Dare (a game programming competition) to quickly generate word-like strings as needed.

GitHub, Dec 2011

My Ludum Dare #21 Entry, Unrest - Unrest is a game where you have the goal of escaping hopelessness.

I developed this game in a 48 hour period for Ludum Dare 21, a game programming competition.

GitHub, Dec 2011

A script to automatically log in with Keycom (an ISP that requires browser-based login, common at university halls of residence).

I developed this small script to bypass the need to login continuously in order to access the internet, while my connection was managed with a transparent proxy.

GitHub, Dec 2011 - Jan 2016; followed by 54 people; forked 13 times

A program to extract files from the RPA archive format.

I reverse engineered the RPA format and then created a program to extract the data from the archive.

GitHub, Apr 2012

A small game for LD23.

I developed this game in a 48 hour period for Ludum Dare 23, a game programming competition.

GitHub, Nov 2013 - Apr 2014

A tiny library designed to provide a solid implementation of the mark and recapture pattern.

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Mark and Recapture decorators in Python

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Teaching CompSci - Code Reuse

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Everyone is a gamer.

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Effective Programming

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Something with an AMD Sempron 2500+ in it.