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Matthew Corich

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Most recently Software Developer at Datacom.

I am hard working and I enjoy challenging tasks. I have proven that I am quick to learn new technologies and I enjoy the opportunities that working in the Information Technology area brings. I enjoy working with people, I am a team player, who can adapt to a variety of situations. I have been with my current employer coming on three years and have gained valuable experience in that time.


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Software Developer, Datacom

August 2010 - January 2013

At datacom I have worked on project work for several clients including BNZ and Government Superannuation Fund Authority.

  • Lead the development on a project bespoke project to upgrade a spreadsheet based system to an MVC, K2 and Sharepoint app, and
  • Mentored junior developers, and
  • Took over running developer meetings, and
  • I have created a letter framework, and
  • Built a C# class library to convert HTML to PDsF, and
  • I have ran several developer session Introducing new technologies, and
  • Managed the deployment of the application to Test and UAT, and
  • Created Unit test and method mocks, and
  • Led a team of 4 developers on the on a project to add new functionality to a current production system, working closely with the BA and client.

Senior Consultant Developer, DataTorque

March 2009 - August 2010

At DataTorque I have worked on in the Revenue Management Team(RMS) upgrading there old Vanuatu and Cook Islands tax systems from Visual Basic to C#

While at DataTorque I have:

  • created t-sql scripts to convert the old system data to the new data format, and
  • buit a console application to convert convert then import images from the old Vanuatu drivers licence system into the new system, and
  • rewrote several modules from Visual Basic to C#, and
  • created unit tests to give both the Vanuatu and Cook Island tax systems full test coverage for all modules I created, and
  • created an case management module for to catch people with overdue tax, and
  • updated the core registration system to support a file data type to keep images and pdf documents.

Senior .Net Developer, Unified Software

January 2007 - March 2009

At Unified Software I am employed as a Senior .Net Developer working on software to support the Laptops in Schools scheme, after our database administrator left I took over the role as DBA.

While at Unified Software I have:

  • created a system to manage the end of lease and sale for laptop
  • created a system that tracks parts laptop parts
  • rebuilt the production database server
  • set up a development and UAT environment for our databases
  • created a promotion and bug tracking process to stop bugs getting into production
  • administrated and backed the production development and UAT SQL servers, and
  • lead a project in creating a iPhone/web application for a client I sought.

Web Solutions Developer, Eyede Ltd

February 2005 - January 2006

At Eyede I have been Employed as a Web Technologies Developer on the New Zealand Fish & Game Project and various other smaller projects, using PHP and mySQL.

As part of my work on the Fish & Game project I have:

  • Had meetings with the clients to gather specifications for development.
  • Fixed/optimised broken code from the previous developers.
  • Built a integrated paper licence management solution.
  • Developed a retailer invoicing module.
  • Re-created the licence and sales reports.
  • Developed a new user friendly GUI based off customer requirements.

Other Projects I have worked on at Eyede Include:

  • Spec’d and developed a tablet based survey for recording attendance information to art events in Wellington.
  • Led a junior developer in implementing an open source e-survey to complete a client project.
  • Writing best practice coding and documentation standards and training the other developers.

Web Developer, BrowserCRM

June 2004 - February 2005

While at BrowserCRM I was tasked to build and update WebMAT™ (Web Modular Application Toolkit) which is the Object Orientated framework that is used as the backbone of the BrowserCRM web application.

The major tasks that I completed while working at BrowserCRM are as listed below:

  • Designing and Developing the WebMAT™.
  • Upgrading BrowserCRM modules to the new WebMAT™ format.
  • Optimising the database structure.
  • Optimising the existing PHP pages and converting them from procedural to Object Orientated code.
  • Design and building modules from client specifications.
  • Selecting and implementing the PHP Documentation used to document the BrowserCRM web application.
  • Training the other Developers in the new framework and the documentation standard.

For more information about BrowserCRM or WebMAT you can look at the BrowserCRM website

Developer, Sysdoc

June 2001 - June 2004

The projects that I have been involved with include:

  • Department of Labour as a lead developer for their financial polices knowledge base which was developed using ASP and SQL Server.
  • The State Services Commission working with the Phase 1 of the e-Government project as a PHP developer with one other developer.
  • Accident Compensation Commission developing a staff injury tracking database in Access. And designing the Sybase back end of a web based application
  • Telecom with the mobile knowledge base in ASP with an Oracle back end.
  • The New Zealand Dairy Board, Westpac Trust and Telecom working in a support role using Lotus Notes and Visio.

The SYSDOC Group

  • Developing a company wide knowledge base using ASP.
  • Maintaining and updating an invoicing database.
  • Writing the SYSDOC web guidelines for accessibility and web standards.
  • Developing interactive presentations for IBM using Macromedia Director and CBT software.
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Bachelor of Computing Systems, Eastern Institute of Technology

1999 - 2002

2002 Graduated with Bachelor of Computing Systems (BCS)

2001 BCS Year three

  • Information Technology Management
  • Advanced Multimedia
  • Web Application Development
  • Industry based level 7 Project

2000 BCS Year Two

  • Data Communications and Networking 2
  • Hardware Technology
  • Help Desk
  • Network Administration and Support
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Master
  • Multimedia

1999 BCS Year One

  • Hardware Basics
  • Packages
  • Data Communications and Networking
  • Data
  • Organizational Communications
  • Internet & Web Design
  • Programming
  • Business Systems
  • Business Context
  • Operating Systems

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GitHub, May 2011 - Jul 2011

All my iOS development work

All the code in here is mine


GitHub, Jun 2011

Demo for Lunchtime dev session This is example code I have created for a lunch time dev session I did for work. The slides are available from Slide Rocket( If you are going to do anything with this it would be nice if you liked to my blog (

I created this

Apps & Software

iPad Survey App Software

isurvey is the market survey software that market research professionals use when they are tired of using old fashioned paper forms for face to face interviews. isurvey uses.

  • Created the idea and proof of concept
  • Worked on the developement team for the first release.
  • Created an Adobe Flex iPhone survey simulator

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• jQuery a Quick Start

Steamed Design

jQuery a Quick Start I “volunteered” to do a developer session/presentation on jQuery for work I made the slides on Slide Rocket and showed the examples the javascript...

• Free Flex IDE

Steamed Design

Free Flex IDE Ok so flex is great but there is one small problem and thats the US$ 299 for the IDE from adobe. Yes there is a free trial available so you can at least...

• Using a custom database for ASP.NET Membership

Steamed Design

Using a custom database for ASP.NET Membership I needed to use a custom database for my membership and roles in an ASP.NET service it took me a little while to sort out…


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Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

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IBM 386

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