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System Consulting / Principal at Source to Nuts LLC, and Continued - Source to Nuts LLC at
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An industrious engineer with 20 years experience delivering creative first of their kind solutions and leadership. Looking for organizations and partners that value creative approaches, talent and individuals who get projects done quickly and properly. The ideal opportunity is where I can apply all of my skills in software/system/product design as a team leader or key contributor.


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System Consulting / Principal
Source to Nuts LLC


Our consulting group develops products and software that I'm actively involved in all aspects of including:

  • With PCA, I'm developing the architecture and software for their next generation point-of-sale system. A touch screen application with highly stylized XAML giving it a Win8 look on WinXP/7/8 using WPF & ReativeUI MVVM, SQL Server, Service Stack, ORM, and more.
  • Design of concept prototypes of an embedded applications communication to a mobile application for a chemical sensor product line. Development of data collection, analysis and web services to distribute the data. Embedded Arduino to Azure web services and presentation.
  • From concept to delivery. Designing and Developing mobile applications for Android, iOS, WinPhone, Android Gear and Google Glass for both customers and products.

Continued - Source to Nuts LLC

2009 – Current

  • Leading the development of several test, burn-in and calibration system for Onset water measurement products. Winforms C# application with hardware control for modbus, RS485/232, more.
  • Leading the development of Nest4Less web site and services
  • Development of a K-6 teach kids to code application and self-help system.
  • At PTC, we have developed several mobile applications for Android with Xamarin including a warehouse inventory tool and a photographer station and work flow. In addition we've build end-to-end automation of their eCommerce operation with automation utilities and internet applications (C#, web services, FTP, workflow to cloud services including Salesforce, ChannelAdvisor, eBay, ++).
  • A flexible scheduling gateway between time/meeting management systems and a conference room control systems.
  • Development of an embedded system for >2000 remote installations reporting back to a central web server. Control of external 3rd party hardware and equipment. Remote updates, logging and control using .NET, ASP.NET MVC, NancyFX/OWIN, system.reaction, CANBUS, Mono, +.
  • Developing web services and user interfaces for Magplane for automated transportation of materials.
  • Diagnostic and programming application for working with one of Onset's product lines. The software is used throughout engineering, manufacturing and field service.
  • For Fractyl, we developed a UI platform and architecture for their medical instrument. WPF/ReactiveUI touch screen architecture with messaging layer separating the machine operations from UI.
  • For the IHI, developed an enterprise resourcing application of web services and AJAX front-end with using ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, KnockoutJS, Entity Framework. Also developed a WPF bar-code reading application for processing conference sales leads with a WCF backend. Other enterprise web services and pages.
  • FSS, regulated medical devices/equipment software development for their customers. Motion control communication over Serial/Ethernet, machine control and UI in C#/WPF. A browser based ASP.NET MVC application with a WCF backend communicating to shared medical device/sensor. The application allows collaborative 'shared edit/control' from multiple tablet, mobile and other browsers.
  • Kurzweil Technologies, I developed code for the Blio eReader This work included automatic document processing, text flow, image conversions, image processing and data reduction techniques. Programming in .NET for processing files in numerous forms including JPG, PNG, PDF, XPS, PDF, EPUB, ZIP, etc. Development of a WPF GUI XPS document visual editor for eBook editing, text flow and corrections. This application is used internally and by Blio publishing partners.
  • At, I worked on a live chat feature job search web applications and services in Silverlight, WCF and C#.
  • For Opsec Security, I worked on the architecture and software of a brand security product that will allowed Opsec's partners to print security product labels remotely.
  • Working with Philips Color Kinetics on the development of LED lighting systems and communication products. WPF test programs and product development assistance. Development on Microchip PIC (30/32) software applications to add new features and address hardware and software issues.
  • Working with Logic Lab on a Silverlight data-mining application for Advertising clients to design targeted campaigns/media buys. Silverlight and WCF services to our SQL Server and MS CRM databases.
  • Working for MRSI/LogixHealth, developed a next generation software architecture and system for the processing of medical records and billing in .NET 4.0, ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight. An enterprise wide imaging application and documentation management system that processed document and data entry workflows through all of the company's departments. Interviewing users/customer and gathering requirements and developing the system design. Evaluation and prototyping web services with NServiceBus, MongoDB, ORM, MVVM, and other enterprise architectural components.
  • For Future Fridays, I developed web services in Ruby from concept to prototypes interfacing to affiliates and social networking including Amazon and Zappos.
  • UpCell software, developed a VB.NET custom internet browser/screen scraping application interfacing to client and 3rd party web services in a SOA architecture. The application interfaced to the servers while consolidating/hiding numerous login and repetitive data entry to many websites/services.
  •, developed a web service gateway between ASP.NET web services/pages to SonicFoundry's media server to integrate into the company's system. This system runs a University lecture hall to run and record presentations, video, etc. On another PepperDash project, developed a WPF tray application to provide gateway services between the classroom's media manager Crestron and the IT services users/groups/login/etc.. at Wharton School of Business.
  • For, developed a SOA system with .NET 3.5 using WCF, ASP.NET, SQL Server, external web services and a queuing gateway for a financial banking application. Integration of a system of web services for loan rates, address location correction, etc. A set of server-side Windows Services with a plug-in architecture to perform real-time, nightly and other periodic operations. A .NET Plugin Validation Architecture for the Perfect Forms front-end. Server-side WCF web services with secure connections for banking operations. Also developed of a configurable email notification system based including configurable templates.
  • Helping launch pre-VC startup Careful Products, I developed a web service architecture that included an easy-to-use touch screen home computer for seniors that also assists in compliance of taking medication using machine vision and providing communication and health status to family and friends. We developed systems and software including user interfaces in WPF and ASP.NET MVC including WPF custom controls read/write XML and other data sources. Simplified and access libraries for Skype calls via Skype COM API. In addition to messaging Access APIs for Jabber/XMPP and Skype. Machine vision, image processing and video capture with OpenCV in C# for automating the needs for the seniors.

Software/System Consultant (part-time)
David Fischer Consulting

2006 – 2014

In partnership with David Fischer Consulting, we have delivered numerous system and product development services to clients.

  • Systems and software for e-boating applications or as I like to call it a 'Prius' boat. The system using a electronic drive and a hybrid approach with regenerative power back through the prop from current, tides, etc.. Customers including: Hybrid Propulsion Scarano Boat Building
  • For Spire Corporation, we developed and delivered LED lighting technologies for the R&D new product group. This work included distributed multiprocessor communications and PC-based test equipment and the development of custom electronics for future products. PC based test software and embedded PIC firmware solutions.
  • Systems and software for battery testing at Phillips Lifeline, we performed analysis, testing and recommendations for their next generation product.
  • For, we developed a green-energy warehouse HVAC solution. I developed PIC processor software and electronics modules and mechanics to provide large space fan cooling systems. Multiple PIC processors for a multi-fan network and software controls. Motor control, temperature control and more.
  • Brooks Automation - Built and delivered various electronic test equipment and solutions for their high power subsystems. PC based test software as well as embedded PIC firmware to develop custom solutions including automation/test (WPF, XAML, C#, PIC, embedded, test equipment automation, +)
  • EcoLab ( purchased the product we developed for Electrolyzer. I supported EcoLab is making changes to re-release the project by developing updated software for the new system to reintroduce it to market under their brand and with feature changes.
  • For Biowave, we developed the software for a custom medical device component tester.
  • For west coast based Smitten Ice Cream, we developed an embedded PIC-based design for an ice cream making machine. This machine makes and mixes instant ice cream using liquid nitrogen and motor control.
  • For Electrolyzer, we developed a embedded microprocessor system, software, hardware and packaging. The machine utilizes a PIC microprocessor, analog/digital controls, high current electronics and power supply. The system controlled an electrolyzer through which a mixed saline solution and water supply were pumped to control the production of two solutions: a food safe bleach and a anti-bacterial liquid soap. The system had several modes, user interface and tank controls. The market for the machine includes restaurants, hotels, child care centers, food processing and other applications.

Principal Engineer
Instrumentation Laboratory, Lexington, MA (

2006 – 2008

Development of manufacturing programmable and configurable test systems and 'big data' mining systems for medical devices verification and validation for manufacturing operations from customer locations throughout the company's operations.

  • Development of calibration system and software for a line of medical equipment used worldwide.
  • Development of complex data management and report systems for FDA compliance and reliability research using .NET.
  • Conceived of, designed and developed a plug-in system for nightly data and reporting to support in-house statistical analysis using .NET 3.5 and LINQ.
  • Software Integration into data mining, data warehouse and reporting systems using .NET 3.5, SQL and LINQ.
  • Integration of data into MS Office applications and ASP.NET web applications.

System Consulting / Principal
Imachines, Needham, MA (

1994 – 2006

Created and built a software/engineering for hire consulting group. Principal of day to day responsibility of business and technical services. Led up to 10 concurrent employees and contractors.

  • I provided the primary technical interface to closing all business.
  • I presented proposals for custom and OEM systems, software & machines.
  • As part of pre-launch startup, we developed embedded communication mobile networking software between the Linux server and the embedded software built into the cars for access control.
  • For several stints over several years for, I was in CTO and lead engineering roles. I was instrumental in creating the demonstration for the acquisition of $2million startup financing. In later years, I developed new hardware/software to increase the system reliability while lowering the cost by >$2000/unit. Embedded PIC subsystems. LVDS video splitter for driving dual displays from a single video controller. Supported a pilot run of over 200 units running on taxi cabs in New York City running mobile location targeted advertising such as movie trailers and flash on full color hi-bright displays.
  • For Practical Engineering ,I developed C#/C++/COM/ATL/VB software to emulate Teradyne tester services for the Practical Engineering's Proteus Test System. This included low-level drivers for USB based instruments under .NET. Firmware development for USB Cyprus Semiconductor EZ-USB FX2. Built a demonstration .NET compiler using C# & ANLTR to create and execute .NET MSIL from Teradyne Pascal STEPS code, and automatic code generation and component creation.
  • For many years, I consulted for several periods at, I lead the development of system, architecture and software for a semiconductor equipment supplier/OEM for dicing wafers. Machine vision, motion/machine control, drivers to GUIs. Lead a team of engineers from both coasts. Roles included VP of Engineering for various periods of transition.
  • For, I developed a Mono web page scraping application to get business urls for Binja's location based database. The trick here is that the site shuts down on repeated robot polls. I flipped around randomly among servers to avoid detection. The application runs for days and updates their database periodically. For another project, I developed a OSX Bonjour discoverable TCP/IP service to provide a barcode-reader-like point-of-sale application for getting information from Binja's cell phone software.
  • For, I developed a COM and .NET compatible API The API included support for PMD's chip-sets, boards and ION module. Interfacing to lower level APIs and device drivers to provide access to various bus/communication protocols over PCI, ISA/PC104, CAN and RS232 through a common high level interface, and interrupt capture and interfacing through the software event generating components.
  • For Trilogy/Funk Software, I Integrated the open-source UMICH LDAP library into Funk Software’s Radius server product for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Netware servers. Defined and worked on the next generation COM based framework to develop a more flexible version of the Radius product and as a platform for future Funk Software products.
  • For Xinetics, I provide the architecture and algorithm development using C++, VB, COM/ATL, C, and VenturCOM real-time extensions for a closed loop adaptive mirror control system at ~1000 images/sec (1 msec. period) under Windows.
  • Developed in C++ a UV postal barcode reader application to read invisible postal codes.
  • Lead engineer for a machine tool measurement system in VB & C++.
  • Lead engineer for a continuous feed connector/lead-frame system in VB & C++.
  • Developed mechanics, electronics and software for a semiconductor laser inspection machine for the optical semiconductor manufacturing operations.
  • Built demonstration for a mobile Internet advertising startup that facilitated obtaining VC financing of $2,000,000.
  • Built mobile food ordering system and attempted to get VC investment for the concept.
  • Designed and marketed a laser device inspection machine and sold it into manufacturing operations before the dotcom crash.

Software Consultant / Principal
Imaging:Machines, Boston, MA

1993 – 1994

Software and system consulting. Developed a OCR reading product for the Semiconductor Equipment industry. In addition, I developed software for various customers including:

  • Developed Windows API DLL in C++ for Opteon’s image acquisition products interfaced to DDK IOCTLs and to Opteon’s specification. Worked directly with the driver development (remote on West Coast) and the hardware designers getting the boards and software up and running.
  • for Practical Engineering, I was developing systems and software products for the electronic/semiconductor industry. Work included IIS/web application development and developed Windows NDIS and packet drivers to support custom network. C/C++, DDK, IOCTL, and APIs.
  • For System Solutions, I developed a VB-style machine vision toolset and architecture for the TIPS vision product line for the Cognex PC vision system in C. FDA regulated software development for packaging lines.

Senior Applications Engineer
Cognex, Munich, Germany (

1990 – 1993

Worked with customers of Cognex worldwide and mostly in Europe assisting and writing software for OEMs and system integrators in integrating machine vision systems.

Senior Electrical Engineer
Raytheon, Tewksbury, MA

1987 – 1990

Computer/Signal Processing hardware designer leading teams of 8 engineers.

Senior Hardware Engineer
Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

1984 – 1987

Computer and Digital Signal Processing hardware designer.

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B.S. Electrical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts

1981 – 1984

Major project - machine vision processing system Qualifying project - study of high speed trains in France and Britain Starter for soccer team in every season.

Humboldt State University, Arcata, California

1979 – 1981

Early undergraduate education.

Claremont High School, Claremont, CA

1974 – 1978

School newspaper and yearbook. Varsity letters in Soccer and Tennis.

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Apps & Software

A mobile application with >95% common code for iOS/Android/WinPhone written using Xamarin Framework. Uses RESTful services running in Azure and utilizes the Yelp API on the back end.

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