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Juan Picado

Currently Mobile Web Game Developer at Greentube, and Co-Creator, Lead Front End Developer, Product Designer at encuestame.

I am an experienced developer with several years working on web applications, right now my perspective is to work mostly on projects with a large set of Javascript components in the client-side.

As a front-end engineer, I've created multiple web applications using several frameworks, producing modular and reusable architectures, always taking into account performance and optimization. As a product designer, I've tackled with the resolution of scalable problems, code re-factoring and the construction of modern and rich user interfaces. On the other hand, I have strong skills in the back-end side as well and by the way, I'm NOT a web designer.




Mobile Web Game Developer, Greentube


Co-Creator, Lead Front End Developer, Product Designer, encuestame

December 2008 - Current

Encuestame it's a open source proyect created in 2008 to create a online surveys. I'm the Lead Developer, responsible of Architecture, User Interfaces and the Product Design. Spring Framework, Dojo Toolkit, Hibernate, Lucene, Comet, OAuth, Compass/ SASS, Responsive Design, Mobile UI, HTML5, OOCS.

Lead Front End Engineer, Playence GmbH

November 2009 - September 2011

Java / Front-End Senior Level,

August 2009 - March 2011

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GitHub, Apr 2011 - Current; followed by 39 people; forked 41 times

Encuestame is an open source CMS to make several type of surveys, based on massive distribution on social network, email, web and mobile versions, geolocation features, syndication, graphs, beautiful email templates and a modern user interface.

I'm the lead of the project, my main role is as Front End Engineer, Product Designer and sometimes as Java Backend.


GitHub, Jul 2012 - Feb 2013; followed by 2 people



GitHub, Apr 2012 - Sep 2013; followed by 2 people



GitHub, Nov 2011

It's an iPhone/iPad application to read our own rss


GitHub, Nov 2011 - Dec 2011

It's an android application to read our own rss


GitHub, Oct 2012; followed by 2 people; forked 3 times

Charts for Raphaël AMD Dojo Modules (Customized for Encuestame)


GitHub, Oct 2012

JavaScript Vector Library as AMD Modules (Customized for Encuestame)


GitHub, Oct 2012

Custom events. Eve Functions as AMD Module (Customized for Encuestame)


GitHub, Jan 2013

a collection of required resources to compile


GitHub, Aug 2011 - Jan 2012


Encuestame is an open source project based on Java 6 technology. You can use to create different types of surveys. Encuestame provides a full featured Survey Managed System. It's integrated with the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and the capable to distribute your content with diferent ways.


GitHub, May 2014 - Current

encuestame - java open source online survey software social tool


GitHub, Jul 2012 - Feb 2014; followed by 2 people



GitHub, Mar 2013 - Oct 2013

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encuestame open source social survey

encuestame is a open source web appication developed in java an javascript to create online surveys. With an advanced system of administration of projects for businesses or…

I'm the project leader, responsible of architecture and user interfaces.

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