Joseph Ammil Descalzota

Web Developer
Portland Webworks
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I started in 2005 as a web widget developer and forum moderator for what used to be an online community that creates customized layouts for various social networks. We used XSS as leverage to develop APIs for widgets like “Who Viewed Me”, “Chat Boxes” and more.

This time I hang out at several StackExchange sites answering questions from other developers, most especially in StackOverflow and CodeReview.

I have a blog which talks about random stuff, especially in programming. I submit demos and maintain documentation on Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) in my free time. I also have a GitHub repo containing all of my open-source projects and a Speaker Deck page containing my presentations. And oh, I have a Twitter for my rants.


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Web Developer
Portland Webworks

June 2015 – Current

Full-stack developer, jumping across different projects wherever additional firepower is needed. Every moment is a surprise as I may end up working in another project at a moment's notice. I may end up working with a team or solo, with tasks ranging from support all the way up to the front lines.

Day-to-day stuff? Just plowing through assigned tasks, and maybe a meeting or two. I'm not really a fan of meetings though, I prefer solving problems and writing code. And if there's downtime, impediments and that kind of stuff, I'm usually found in StackOverflow or Code Review or trying out some shiny new tech that may improve our development workflow.

Web Developer
engageSPARK PH Inc.

March 2014 – August 2015

engageSPARK will enable anyone, anywhere to build and launch SMS and Voice Call messaging, surveying, reminders and decision tree programs to 200+ countries - within minutes.

Generally tasked with front-end web development, architecture, refactoring, optimization and code reviews. Occasionally doing server-side duties like building APIs and bugfixing.

Web Development Intern

August 2013 – November 2013 is a startup company with developers located across the globe. It's a game-referral system where you get paid for referring or promoting a game.

Our team in Cebu was a 10-man team, mainly composed of my batchmates who recently graduated from college. Since I stopped school and am behind them by 2 years, this makes me the only student among them.

I started out as a widget developer for their sub-website, as well as the systems designer which took care of migration operations from their old PHP system into the WordPress-based system.

Then I was in charge of building a proof-of-concept system based on the existing referral subsystem of the website using Meteor. This effort was made in order to have a system that displayed real-time data.

I left due to the lack of time to contribute to the system I was handling.

Web Development Intern
Remote TS

July 2012 – October 2012

Part of a team assigned to develop, optimize and redesign an internal, web-based RFID inventory management system.

Primarily worked on optimization. Also assigned to reimplement a live, scanning notification module which aims to notify users real-time in response to an RFID tag scanned on a network-attached RFID scanner. Also assigned in implementing a multi-master database replication.

The system was implemented using PrimeFaces framework and developed using the NetBeans IDE. The database used was PostgreSQL due to a planned GIS usage and replicated using Bucardo.

Attempted to credit this internship but wasn't qualified.

Web Development and Systems Maintenance Intern

August 2010 – November 2011

Interactive Map of Cebu

Created an interactive map of the Cebu Province that shows different information like area, population and local government.

This map was implemented in Flash (Flex+AS3). The map was constructed via Adobe Illustrator which was exported to SVG. The map data was provided in XML exported from MS Excel. Both data were converted beforehand or parsed on-the-fly to JSON before transmission for optimization.

One hurdle we had to face is that our workstations were Ubuntu, and had to use either a ported Flash Builder which was very buggy or FlashDevelop, which was a totally different experience form Flash Builder.

Network Administration

Performed network and systems maintenance duties like setting up a small office network, mapping drives to a NAS, internet access administration and workstation maintenance.

The main hurdle for this one was the bandwidth of the network. The network initially used Cat5 cables and 10Mbit switches which became bottlenecks. The team started to transfer gigabytes of files, which was not part of the initial design of the network.

Also, the entire office had to pass through a proxy which serves as our firewall and filter. This made the office look like one computer to the internet, tripping spam and bot filters everywhere.

I left the company and went to the US.


B.S. Computer Engineering, major in Software Engineering
University of San Carlos

2008 – 2015

I'm your average student. Average grades, ~50% attendance rate, sleepy or, worse, sleeping most of the time.


Philippine-Information Technology General Certification Examination (Phil-IT GCE)


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GitHub, May 2013 - Sep 2013

Yet another Event Emitter class for JavaScript that aims to be as compact and streamlined as possible

I am the creator of the project.

GitHub, May 2013; followed by 2 people

A "Dancepad Kinect"-like mashup webcam motion game powered only by JavaScript!

Author of the project

GitHub, May 2013

It's auto-brightness for your website!

Author of the project

GitHub, Oct 2013

Visualize points and vectors in 3D space using WebGL.

A project just to pass Electromagnetics class (which I totally suck). Ended up building this web-based, 3d vector visualization tool (I don't suck at all. I just wrote math using another language :P)

GitHub, Oct 2014; followed by 3 people

Replicating the minority report gloves and interface using a browser and pure JS

Created out of fun using a webcam and JS canvas and media APIs. It was proof of concept that I can build this level of software with just JS and a browser. It was also presented twice in a local meetup.

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Components Reboot - scratchpaper

So here I am again, trying to market the idea of “components”.

Handling a Student Team - scratchpaper

My adventures in managing a wacky group of computer engineering student teams.

The Ractive Flux Experiment - scratchpaper

My little experiment using RactiveJS and the Flux pattern.

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My aunt's PC running Windows98

Sublime Text 3