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I'm a passionate programmer, equally comfortable working close to the metal or at high levels of abstraction. I have a good grasp of business principles allowing me to engage more effectively with stakeholders.

Like a lot of passionate programmers, I started early. My first programming experience was BASIC on the BBC Micro. By the age of 15 I'd written a number of graphics "demos" in C, Pascal and x86 Assembly.

Before going to university I felt it was important to get some industry experience, and arranged to work in IT Support for part of ICI. My development skills earned me an invitation to return as a Lotus Notes developer the following summer, and I was able to complete my first commercial project for an internal client. I believe this is still in use today.

My Computer Science degree introduced me to the theory of algorithms, new paradigms and mathematical subjects such as DSP. I excelled in areas where other students struggled (such as functional programming). While at university, I worked for a local IT support company writing software.

In my final year at university I also began a commercial project for an online retail company and at the end of my degree they offered me a full-time job. I have been there since, and feel that having watched the company progress over the past five years it's now time to move on to a more software-centric company.

I am passionate about programming and have a particular interest in low-level programming and "hard core" C programming. That said, it is probably my business knowledge and ability to communicate that is more unusual. I am willing to consider any interesting role, but ideally it should involve either some level of business interaction or some very difficult programming.


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Software Tools Developer

2010 – Current

Working to develop tools to support our development team.

Analyst Programmer, IT Manager

2005 – 2010

  • Implemented a multi-site website system in PHP (LAMP).
  • Launched and maintained 3 sites.
  • Managed dedicated server hosting, including a three-site migration with zero downtime.
  • Ensured PCI compliance in my areas of responsibility.
  • Replaced part of a legacy (MS Access) sales processing system with a J2EE front end.
  • Created a number of small scripts and applications in Python and Java for integration and productivity gains.
  • Recruited two developers and participated in the recruitment of a designer/content manager.

Maple Systems


  • Implemented a C++ COM component for SSL communication using Visual Studio 6 for use in VB6.
  • Created a screen-scraping program in VB7 to download product information from the supplier's website.

IT Support / Lotus Notes Developer
ICI Chance & Hunt

1998 – 2001

  • Extended Lotus Notes to support graphs by using Lotus Script, OLE and Excel.
  • Helped diagnose networking issues on a token-ring network.
  • Gathered requirements for internal applications and implemented them.
  • Migrated legacy Lotus Approach databases to Lotus Notes.


MEng Computer Science
Warwick University

2001 – 2005

  • A heavily maths-based course.
  • Included modules on accounting, technical writing and the legal aspects of computing including data protection.
  • Successfully completed two group projects (leading one).
  • Successfully completed an audio analysis tool which performed frequency analysis and presented this uniquely in a GTK interface (C/Pulse Audio/GTK/FFTW).

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