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on Jan 24, 2013

Jon Erickson

Kent, WA, United States

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Currently Sr. Software Engineer at Benchmark Plus, LLC.

I am a motivated individual who is constantly challenging myself in order to provide the highest value to my employer/clients. I place high priority in personal growth and development with the goal of being able to continuously deliver high-quality software.

Some areas of software development that I value include:

  • Continuous Development, Integration, Deployment & Release (short feedback loops)
  • Agile/Scrum (increased communication & accountability)
  • Test Driven Design
  • Sound Object-Oriented Practices and SOLID Principles
  • Pair-Programming (working & learning collaboratively)
  • Being a generalist, able to contribute to all areas of a project

I honestly enjoy what I do and love working with others in an environment where everyone shares a similar growth mindset.


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Sr. Software Engineer, Benchmark Plus, LLC

January 2010 - Current

  • Delivered suite of tools used for quantitative research and automation of benchmarking for funds/managers.

  • Delivered tool that recommends hedges based upon analysis of funds.

  • Delivered tool that automated the filing of scanned documents, significantly reducing the amount of time required to catalog paperwork.

  • Implemented enhancements to internal case management system that financial analyst and IT personnel use on a daily basis to keep track of their work.

  • Maintain full automated test suites for all custom applications.

  • Maintain continuous integration and one-click deployments for all custom applications, including suite of internal NuGet packages used across all projects.

  • Lead initiative for adoption of Agile/Scrum.

Systems Analyst, PACCAR Parts

June 2007 - December 2009

  • Developed a medium scale web application with an ROI of just under $1 million using Agile/Scrum practices.

  • Developed web application for suppliers to view invoice data live from the business mainframe, reducing phone calls coming to customer service agents.

  • Developed time tracking web application allowing IT management to monitor project schedules and resources for over 20 employees.

  • Developed reports for the business RMA process, eliminating the manual labor previously required and saving the business $25k per year.

  • Developed process to automatically send compliance notifications to vendors, eliminating 23 hours per week of manual labor previously required.

  • Developed reporting infrastructure for the Call Center’s CRM system.

  • Prepared and conducted various data migrations between SQL Server, IBM iSeries and Oracle.

  • Maintained and enhanced various legacy applications written in ASP.NET and Classic ASP.

Web Developer, Erickson & Associates

January 2007 - September 2008

  • Developed web application for Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) employees and state legislators to manage bridge maintenance reports, images, and other assets.

  • Configured and assembled computer workstations for employees.

  • Made improvements to various internal tools used to speed up development time.


B.S. Informatics, University of Washington

2003 - 2007

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