Joe Zoller

Software QA Engineer at NEON, Inc, and Consultant - Principal at Underflow Software
  • Colorado, United States
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I'm a software and test engineer, expert in building and operating R&D, test, manufacturing and data systems.


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Software QA Engineer | NEON, Inc

February 2014 – Current

NEON is the National Ecological Observatory Network, a non-profit corporation solely funded by the US National Science Foundation for the long term study of the environment.

Environmental monitoring generates data, that needs to be pulled in, shaped, and sent back out.

  • Built test automation systems for front end, abstraction layer, and database systems.
  • Programmed in Java, with Selenium, Maven, testng, SQL and Jenkins for build and test automation.
  • Built a small operations monitoring stack with Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python, CherryPy, and D3.js.
  • Produced test plans and reports, manually tested as necessary, and participated in Agile planning and organization.

Consultant - Principal | Underflow Software

2011 – Current

Consulting on integration and automation of hardware and software test systems.

Projects have included:

  • Refactoring pathological LabVIEW code
  • Writing a Python back-end, using Django, for a RESTful interface
  • Integrating new manufacturing systems. The latest one uses 3 axis motion stages, photodetectors, SMU's, PXI's, DAQ's, all operated using LabVIEW.

Test Engineer | Symmetricom/Microsemi

October 2012 – February 2014

High precision timing has come a long way since WWVB started broadcasting 50 years ago. Current systems keep time down to the nanosecond using chip scale atomic clocks, and require complex, stable control interfaces. I tested those interfaces.

I worked on a small team in R&D, and:

  • Developed automation tools for software test using Python and LabVIEW. Packages used include selenium, unittest, paramiko, Wireshark, tcpdump, and common Linux tools.
  • Performed functional, integration and verification testing of embedded software
  • Developed test plans, processes, wiki articles, documentation archives, and other testing artifacts
  • Understood standards, specifications, and other technical documents

Principal QA Engineer | Covidien

2008 – October 2012

I was involved in making sure that sophisticated medical instruments never break in the hands of a doctor, or inside a patient.

At Covidien, I was promoted from senior to principal engineer, and:

  • Automated software verification tools and testing for embedded product software
  • Built reliability test systems for product design feedback and product reliability
  • Built and validated tests systems for medical manufacturing, including the Sonicision and ForceTriad platforms.
  • Created software and hardware validation documentation
  • Handled source code control, configuration and standardization within test automation
  • Mentored coders, and taught programmers of all skill levels about LabVIEW and hardware testing.

Test Engineer | Picolight/JDSU

2001 – 2008

Starting as an intern and moving to a full time position, I built software that helped lead a startup to be acquired.

Tools that I built and maintained include:

  • Manufacturing systems for assembling and testing next generation laser products, using 100nm resolution motion stages, LabVIEW, and integrated vision system.
  • Systems that tracked testing status for products and test stations, used in shipping and data product analysis.
  • Software tools that allowed analysis and web viewing of test data, including early versions of ASP.NET and C# (2.0), LabVIEW, MySQL, and PHP.

Research Technician | Eltron Research

1998 – 1999

My work here was primarily as a technician:

  • fabricating test systems
  • setting up and running experiments

Due to a requirement of a government contract, I ended up with a lot of free time to watch my experiments run. During this time, I taught myself to program in LabVIEW and C++, and found a real enthusiasm for making things with code. This led to going back and getting my BS in computer science.

Instructor | Mesa State College

1996 – 1997

In this contract teaching position, I:

  • taught several sections of general chemistry labs
  • performed lab setup and teardown, student contact, and grading.
  • identified and analyzed multiple systems (and recommended one) designed to integrate computers into lab work.
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B. S. Computer Science | University of Colorado

1999 – 2002

Senior project: an Oracle-backed web site to display genomic information for the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. My part was both in experimenting with the early Javascript for page animation (Navigator hated nested tables), and testing the resulting system.

M.S. Physical/Inorganic Chemistry | University of Oregon

1992 – 1994

My research focused on solid state kinetics and thermodynamics of ultra-thin layer zinc selenide and tin selenide binary alloys. Typically, this involved vacuum chambers, e-beam guns and effusion cells, power supplies, and other common lab tools and chemicals.

I also taught undergraduate physical chemistry lab sections and amassed an enviable collection of white papers on thin film formation and material science.

B.S. Chemistry | Fort Lewis College

1988 – 1992

My first stint in undergraduate research was in intrazeolite sythensis of polymeric molecular wire, at the University of New Mexico.

My second (and favorite) stint was helping to build a resonance ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer at Fort Lewis College. The system was built with a small guide wire, copper tubing from a hardware store, and left-overs from various labs. A decade later, the system was still in use for undergraduate research (with significant enhancements!).


Certified LabVIEW Architect

2010 – 2012

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GitHub, Mar 2015 - May 2015

GenINI is a LabVIEW code generator. It takes a standard format ini file as input, and outputs reader, writer, and typedef code.

Sole author.

GitHub, Mar 2015

jsonlv is a LabVIEW-native JSON reader. It takes a JSON string, and converts it to a set of dictionary objects, based on Douglas Crockford's JSON-js implementation.

I wrote this before the native LV JSON VI's were available. It's primary advantage is storing data in a typeless dictionary container of variant attributes.

GitHub, Mar 2015 - May 2015

A single day project, investigating the possibilities of Markdown in LabVIEW. In short: it works, with limitations.

Sole author.


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