We're in search of another expert Drupal backend developer to add to our team. This position is not for a Drupal theme or front end developer. This position is not for someone that is satisfied building cookie cutter solutions.

We're a small team passionate about building world-class solutions that solve problems large and small. We take a lot of pride in our work. We just moved into a new office and have several exciting projects lined up.


  • Fluent in PHP, Javascript (jQuery), MySQL Admin, etc
  • Serious about doing things the Drupal way (using Drupal APIs whenever possible)
  • Comfortable building custom modules that tie into external APIs
  • More than capable of managing a large Drupal multi-site server configuration and motivated to see it operate as fast as possible
  • Wouldn't dream of building anything outside of a git repo and understands the importance of branching often (loving Github is a bonus)
  • Able to take a scope of project requirements and estimate its cost accurately


  • Honest
  • Excellent written/verbal skills
  • Committed to completing what you've started
  • Self motivated and loves working remotely
  • Loves building cool stuff
  • Obsessed with the details but knows how to get stuff done on time
  • Enjoys learning new things


  • Experience with Varnish, Redis / Memcache, Vagrant
  • Live in or near the NE Ohio area
  • Experience managing servers running Ubuntu


SKYCATCHFIRE works with clients all over the world creating beautiful, user-friendly web and mobile applications. Because of the experience and size of our team, we’re able to cover every step of a project’s lifecycle while staying efficient and personable.


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Drupal Developer for a growing team at SKYCATCHFIRE - Drupal