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Job Description

Are you a programmer that thrives on solving complex problems, writing elegant, efficient code, and utilizing new techniques and technology? Do you strongly believe that ICT can be used as a tool to help the suffering millions in Africa through the provision of real-time information, be it in the health, labor, etc and is willing to use your abilities to be part of that movement? Are you adventurous enough to jump at the prospect of travelling to Sierra Leone a developing country in Africa frequently or possibly even relocating? If you answer yes to at least two of the above, this is a great opportunity for you as we are looking iDT Labs, the 2013 UNDP innovation award winner is looking to fill the following positions:

  1. Biometric Engineer (1 Position ) (Contract)
    • Provide insight into industry trends and make recommendations on future technology directions. Provide insight into latest threats and countermeasures and develop/recommend solutions and approaches to address.
    • Provide technical/analytical recommendations for improvement to biometrics service offerings.
    • Provide insight on current and emerging biometric standards, policies, regulations, and laws that impact the use and integration of biometric solutions.
    • Demonstrated technical understanding of the deployment and operations of biometric solutions for biometric solutions. Understanding and experience with commercial and tactical biometric solutions.
    • Demonstrated technical understanding of Researching, evaluating, recommending, designing, analyzing, implementing and testing biometric technologies.
    • Maintaining a working knowledge of relevant hardware and software applications, including emerging technologies;
    • Performs special studies to determine and recommend the best options for eliminating, reducing level of risk severity, controlling or acceptance of system risk, which may require the use of nonstandard procedures and complex instrumentation.
    • Performs all other duties as assigned.
  2. Senior OpenERP / Python Developer (3 Positions )  (Permanent & Contract)

    • Working on Openerp/Odoo development and Customization

    • New module development, third party integration and anything related to OpenERP

    • Working with the business and the Product Owner at the early stages of ideas to determine feasibility and possible technical approaches.

    • Working as part of the agile team developing new modules and expanding on existing ones to implement user stories that form part of larger projects defined by the Product Owner.

    • Taking an active role in the Python and OpenERP development communities; identifying where we can solve a generic problem and contribute modules or individual changes back the community.

    • Performs all other duties as assigned
  3. Database Specialist (1 Position) (Contract)
    • Plan and Implement a robust Multi-Site Database Synchronization routine using PostgreSQL and Linux
    • Plan database upgrades by maintaining, evaluating, and improving a transaction processing model
    • Assess database performance by developing a protocol for measurement of results and identification of problem areas.

    • Supports database performance by monitoring database performance;  evaluating and resolving processing and programming problems; designing database management tools; answering user questions.

    • Secure database by preparing access and control policies and procedures; implementing disaster recovery procedures.

    • Supports application design by contributing expertise to applications, operations, and technical support teams.

    • Accomplishes information systems and organization mission by completing related results as needed.

    • Performs all other duties as assigned
  4. Secure ID Card Issuance Specialist (Contract)
    • Lead the team in planning and implementing a sustainable and efficient Secure ID issuance project on a national scale
    • Be familiar with RFID, Magnetic Stripe and Smart Cards and the end-to-end process starting from procuring these cards and required equipments right down to issuing them.
    • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in secure Government ID issuance and relating technologies
    • Performs all other duties as assigned

Salary & Allowance

  • Wage - $5000 per month (depending on experience and job)
  • Company Car
  • Accommodation
  • Two round-trip Flight per year for permanent staff members
  • Medical Insurance

Relocation Requirement

  • For contractual work selected candidate are required to be present in Freetown, Sierra Leone for a period of 3 to 6 months maximum
  • For permanent staff selected individuals are required to relocate to Sierra Leone

Please do not apply if you are unwilling to travel to Sierra Leone at least temporarily 

Application Medium

Please send your applications to making sure to specify which of the following four positions you are applying for.

Please do not apply if you are unwilling to travel to Sierra Leone at least temporarily 

Ebola Concerns

 The risk of a tourist or businessman/woman/expatriates becoming infected with Ebola virus during a visit to the affected areas is extremely low, even if the visit includes travel to the local areas from which primary cases have been reported.

Ebola infected patients are treated in special Ebola treatment centres, and not in general hospitals or health clinics. As of today the risk of Ebola transmission in general hospitals and health clinics is low.

Also note that the rate of new cases being reported daily have steadily declined and are now in single digits with zero figures in near sight.


Please note the time of authoring when researching Ebola risk assessment in Sierra Leone as the epidemiology has changed remarkably in the last two months

Skills & Requirements

General Required & Desired Skills

Required Skills

  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Information Systems or Engineering OR Relevant professional experience with widely deployed consumer facing applications.
  • At least two years of software development experience
  • Experience with working with Git
  • Fluency in English, in speech as well as writing
  • Linux Experience
  • Demonstrated domain knowledge and experience in the job applied for

Desirable Skills

  • Experience in Scrum, TDD, CI, XP practices QA, Test Automation
  • Independently driven, resourceful, and able to deliver results with minimal direction.
  • Passion for writing reliable, efficient, scalable, and maintainable code.
  • Active opensource contribution e.g. Github repo

About iDT Labs

At iDT Labs, It is our belief that ICT can be an enabler for socio-economic development in Africa. To this end, we explore and build solutions aiming to bridge the extreme digital divide, the gap between the technology-haves and the have-nots, be it by providing labor market information, produce market information, mobile health, etc. through easily accessible means like mobile internet, WAP and SMS. These solutions are meant to provide information that wasn’t easily previously accessible to these disadvantaged groups through readily accessible mediums cancelling out the information asymmetry that existed in that marketplace.

To supplement our core concentration we are also a leading software outsourcing company focusing primarily on IT consulting and programming services specializing in the African markets. We employ talented personnels around the world and continually invest our resources in them to ensure their skills and qualifications are always the best. Our top-notch project management and organizational skills, combined with our qualified staff, is what allows us to offer superior service at an optimal price.

iDT Labs is continually recognized for its service and commitment in the Software Development and ICT4D industry. We received numerous awards, nominations and have been featured in numerous magazines, publications, and TV & radio interviews. These are as a result of our contribution to the ICT4D community and implies the highest standards of customer service, qualified staff, effective organizational structure of a company and positive growth on the software market. 2013 UNDP Innovation Award Winners 2013 National Achievement Award Nominees


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