Are you:

Earnest, hardworking and thorough - very efficient in completing the work at hand.

Would you describe yourself as:

  • Steely dedication to the building of well crafted solutions
  • Curious; enjoy learning the nuts & bolts of systems, then applying them to a methodology
  • Deliberate and matter of fact with your communication
  • Easy going, respectful, and shows independent initiative
  • Respected for your knowledge and single task focus
  • Highly accountable and dependable taking a task from start to finish

Have you:

Configured and deployed cloud/platform based systems on the AngularJS and Python

  • Undestanding of mulitple API’s (REST, SOAP)
  • Postgres, Jinja, RabbitMQ
  • HTML, jQuery, Grunt, SCSS
  • Bootstrap css and components
  • Successfully worked to enable and support developers
  • Communicated with stakeholders to resolve issues, provided strategic product suggestions
  • Familiar with or interested in DevOps


  • You don't want to spend 40+ hours in a cube
  • Productivity is how much time you save others when they use solutions you have built
  • You want to work in small teams with big ideas

We are: is comprised of some of the most talented thinkers, designers, and developers from across the country. We are a collective without walls and without limits. We are not confined by the walls of a studio space. We are passionate about your success and your journey there.
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Project Lead-Frontend Dev (Angular/Grunt/Python) [Remote-US/Canada Residents] at Modifly - Angularjs