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Job Description

The position

We are seeking a passionate software developer who is simply looking to excel at his or her profession.

You have been working in software development for a year or three, and are ready to move to a new position with real responsibility, tough challenges, and lots of opportunity to grow. (And competitive compensation and benefits)

We use Scala, Java, Javascript, jQuery and SQL. We practice agile programming, TDD, and continuous integration. It’s handy if you know any or all of these but, really, what actually matters is that you are very, very smart and a quick learner.

You like debugging software and solving complex problems that require brain power. You like testing code with code. You never deliver code that is not production ready. You are not afraid of dealing with code that has been in production for years and improving it gives you a deep satisfaction.

You are curious and always striving to get better at your profession. You know that you will work in a totally different way 10 years from now and you are not scared by that. You like to experiment with new languages, tools, libraries and apply the knowledge that you gain in your everyday work.

You know that, in software development, what matters is what works, not who comes up with the idea. If you think of something new, or a better way of doing things, you are not afraid to share it with people who have much more experience than you, because you know that the way a development team succeeds is for everyone to listen to each other and to contribute their own ideas, so that we can try things out and determine the best way forward.

You like working in a team and you have good communication skills, both written and verbal.

Skills & Requirements

Nice to have

We don't think that looking for a list of buzzwords with X number of years of experience is an effective way to hire people. Nevertheless, knowing the following technologies and concepts would definitely be worth mentioning:

  • WebDriver and asynchronous web testing
  • AJAX, CSS, HTML, shell scripting
  • At least one other language among Ruby, Scala, Python and Clojure
  • Apache Tomcat
  • PostgreSQL and HSQLDB
  • Any major ORM framework (Hibernate, iBatis, ActiveRecord, etc.)
  • Hudson/Jenkins
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Static code analysis, software engineering metrics and PMD

Who we are

Garner Distributed Workflow is a small software company with a close but diverse group of seasoned developers. Some of us have been doing software development for more than 20 years. The development team uses a mix of practices from XP, Agile and other methods like Planning Games, Sustainable Pace, Retrospectives, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Static Code Analysis, Code Reviews, Automated Acceptance and System Integration Testing, Contextual Design, Refactoring, Test-Driven Design, and Pair Programming.

What we like

We prefer people who think critically for themselves and show initiative. We like people who can say “I've made a mistake” and actually learn from it. We strive for continuous improvement at any level (technology and practices). We like to experiment with new things, but we don't throw away what's good about what we have already done.

We like people to take responsibility for things, and we are ready to give them as much responsibility as they can handle. We believe in pay based on value delivered, not on years of experience.

We believe in code quality and object oriented design. We think that code is design. We think that ultimately, code quality and software engineering are the primary contributing factors to cost efficiency.

We like to learn new things, and we don't give up when we want to improve something but a solution is not obvious. We like to develop our own frameworks, but we are willing to get rid of them when we find a more viable solution in the FOSS world. From time to time we also like to contribute back FOSS code.

We believe in collaboration and adaptation. We know that things change, and plans age very soon, but continuous planning is the key.

What we don't like

We don't do long meetings. We don't like overhead and inefficiencies. We hate bureaucracies and office politics. We hate to spend time on manual tasks that can be automated. We can't stand consciously reckless or incompetent behaviour. We know that multitasking is detrimental to our productivity and we avoid it as much as possible.

The location

We are located in Downtown Toronto at Queen West & Spadina, in an informal and vibrant neighbourhood at walking distance from the Entertainment District.

To apply

Please send a cover letter telling us why you feel that you qualify for this job along with your resume to

For more information:

About Garner Distributed Workflow Inc.

Garner Distributed Workflow's Exdocs platform reduces construction costs and risks by structuring and sharing logistics data among project owners, engineering companies, freight forwarders, transportation companies and government agencies in large capital projects like mines, pipelines or oil and gas operations. We deliver systems that bring together hundreds of participants from dozens of collaborating companies, allowing them to structure and share data effectively.

Posted: October 3, 2014

Expires: November 10, 2014


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Intermediate Software Developer at Garner Distributed Workflow Inc. - Scala