Are you intrigued by maps, GPS and geo-spatial information?   Have you worked on a mapping system; can you conflate one version of a map to another?  If so we want to hear from you. 

The Maps team is looking for a senior developer who can help accelerate development in several emerging opportunities in the map/GIS area. We are leading the industry in being able to put traffic on different maps in all areas of the world.  We are looking for a leader that can help with the next generation of innovation in this space.

You'll be working with a great team of dev’s producing a world-class map platform.  If you're excited by the prospect of making a real impact on a growing startup, then this is a great opportunity.

On the Maps team at INRIX, we value open discussion, differing opinions and team driven decision making.  You will be working closely with our data scientist and other core platform team to provide a new generation of maps services for our company.

So, what do we build on the Maps team? We build a map representation for every country that we deliver traffic on in the world.   The challenge is to have the most accurate map data, for any country and to be able to update it dynamically

How do we plan and build software on the Fusion team?It’s full scrum and agile.  That means weekly sprint, poker planning, retrospective, backlogs and stories -- the full solution.  We work together as a small team and family, 100% scrum based, with high discipline and low process.  If you love fast paced development or planning, the INRIX maps team is the place to be. 

Must Haves:

  • Innovation focus — our job, at the end of the day, is to deliver new insights that our customer never even thought to ask for.   To take our data, combine it with other geo-spatial data and produce new services and solutions that change markets and simplify or enrich people’s lives
  • Experience —  At least 10 years’ experience as a developer, and 3 years’ experience in map data, architecture and design, passion for shipping services, leadership, planning. Experience in developing on C# environments is also critical, as well as practical experience deploying components based on .NET 4.0 tools and concepts.  Server-side Java experience may be substituted for C# experience.
  • Leadership & maturity - You should feel comfortable helping set the standards and pace of a team of talented engineers and working in ambiguous and ever changing environments.
  • Software Development - Experience in designing, implementing and deploying components which run on large scale distributed applications and web services. This should include web services as both designer and developer. Successfully shipping/deploying and maintaining these services is a key part of this
  • Teamwork and Agility  - Agile, proactive, comfortable working with ambiguous situations and can collaborate to prioritize in the face of competing business demands Algorithms  & Statistics - Solid understand of graph and routing algorithms. Experience with probability and statistics is highly desired.
  • Databases - .Experience working with stored procedures and SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 is necessary.  Experience working with large amounts of data (giga/terabytes) is highly desired.
  • Maps - Experience with map data (e.g. TomTom, OSM and Nokia) is highly desired.

Why you should come to INRIX?The INRIX development team is a great place to grow your career and skillset.  Our roadmap is bursting with opportunity for engineers to bring their best (and then some), solving intriguing challenges, and tangibly impacting the customer experience. 

Our space is all maps and GIS.  You will get to be on the cutting edge of using map data to develop real impactful systems that help people.  Providing the most up to date maps for consumers and users of our traffic data is part of being the best and most accurate traffic system in the world.   Come be a part of the next generation. 

We take career development very seriously on the Analytics team.  Part of our goal is to t invest in you, we will support you and help you get better in your craft. We also expect you to teach us a few things along the way. 


  • Free Parking!  We have free parking in our covered garage and enough of it to go around.
  • The people – A great team with a focus on being the best,  making the world a better place and passionate about technology, customers and geospatial data
  • INRIX motorboat – Get your boat license and we’ll pay for the gas.
  • Benefits - Medical/dental/vision coverage (100%) for employee
  • 401k with matching
  • Free food! - onsite snacks, drinks, and lunches everyday – the food comes to you so that you write lots and lots of good code
  • Bonuses 2x per year and Stock Options – to provide faster feedback on employees impact
  • No Policy Vacation Policy – You’re an adult and can manage your own vacation time.  Work hard; play hard.  Why does your company still have a vacation policy?
  • Free test car – Well…. not really free.  But we have test cars with the latest traffic technology that you can take home.  We pay for the gas

INRIX is making a positive impact in the world. 

INRIX, Inc. is the fastest growing traffic intelligence platform in the world delivering smart data and analytics to solve transportation issues worldwide. INRIX is leading efforts to leverage Big Data to reduce the economic, environmental and individual toll of gridlock. We’re redefining how drivers travel our roads and governments build our future highways.

Exciting things are happening all the time.  Come join us!


Why you should make the move:

• For the opportunity to build new and incredibly useful applications that your friends, family and millions of others will use and love. Even the best team leaders can create only so much new code each year -- make it really count!
• INRIX motorboat -- Get your boat license and we'll pay for the gas. You can walk from your office to the dock in 15 minutes. Take your family and friends skiing or tubing. Yes, it's big and it's fast!
• Free car -- Well not really free... but we have a couple new test cars with the latest traffic technology that you can take home. We pay for the gas.
• Free Parking & Electric Vehicle Charger onsite
• Great Benefits -- We're as good as or better than most companies our size. We even pay 100% of our employees' medical, dental, vision, and disability premiums.
• Lots of free food -- We have free onsite snacks and drinks; Friday family style lunches, and stocked fridges with lunch items for everyday! 
• Bonuses 2x per year and Stock Options -- Because you like to be rewarded and recognized for your hard work.
• Open Ended Vacation Policy -- You're an adult and can manage your own vacation time. Work hard; play hard, and don't bother counting the days.
• Family -- We don't believe that you should miss your child's play because you have to attend a meeting. The CEO even sends a handwritten card and gift to your child on their special day. How many CEO's do that?

INRIX is making a positive impact in the world:

INRIX, Inc. is the fastest growing traffic intelligence platform in the world delivering smart data and analytics to solve transportation issues worldwide. INRIX is leading efforts to leverage Big Data to reduce the economic, environmental and individual toll of gridlock.

Today, commuting by car or public transportation can be slow, aggravating, and well. . . painful. In this position you'll have the power to keep millions up-to-date and in control of their daily schedules and commutes, just for starters. You'll also have the freedom to propose brand new consumer products and user scenarios in which INRIX provides value to millions of consumers multiple times a day. This is bigger than navigation -- there are whole new product categories to invent.

Are you ready to join a different kind of company?

Exciting things are happening all the time. Come join us!


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