Job Description

We are looking for a iOS developer. Your main responsibility will be front-end development and maintenance of iOS mobile/tablet applications.

Skills & Requirements

Ideal Profile

When you were younger, did you love playing with Lego, where you would build something amazing only to then knock it over to then build something even greater?

 We’re looking for someone who loves to build amazing apps. Someone with tremendous passion for technologies, so much so that you’re the first in line to get the newest mobile technologies. You’re obsessed with attention to detail, where you not only want your apps to work flawlessly but you also make sure that your code is neat, well documented and efficient.

 You want to create great things and yearn to be part of something amazing!

What We Offer

  • Relaxed working environment
  • Very good pay 
  • Chance to grow with the company
  • Heavy involvement in the creative process 
  • Flexible in office work hours 
  • Possible equity


  • 3 years experience developing native iOS apps with Objective-c
  • Comp sci degree or professional experience equivalent
  • Be able to write elegant, readable and well documented code
  • Knowledge with W3C standard & browser compatibility best practices
  • Solid understanding of additional front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery
  • Presentable portfolio of development work, preferably online
  • Android development experience is a plus
  • PHP, MySQL and Laravel framework experience is a plus
  • Experience with Amazon AWS is a plus
  • Be ready to learn Swift if you haven’t already

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work closely with stakeholders to plan, prototype, and develop apps
  • Research, recommend and provide innovative and compelling technical solutions for projects
  • Conduct unit testing and fix bugs when they arise
  • Create functional specifications and technical documentation
  • As required, participate in concept and design discussions
  • Be able to learn new technologies as needs arise

About MARS Applications Inc.

MARS Applications Inc. is a full service App Development company, specializing in the creation of new and exciting apps for both iOS and Android. MARS is dedicated to creating the most addictive social and gaming apps, providing an enhanced user experience rivaling other top agencies. MARS handles all aspects of the development process from conceptualization to the development and testing of the app.

Joel Matlin brings his impressive business acumen to MARS Applications/Matlin Creative. As Founder/President/CEO of AlarmForce, Joel Matlin, grew the company into the most recognizable home security company in Canada, worth over $130 million and with over $50 million in annual sales. Joel is regarded as one of the most trusted and respected entrepreneurs in Canada, and is a leading figure in the world of sales and marketing.


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iOS front end developer at MARS Applications Inc. - Objective C