Job Description

  • Think about programming language principles in general and about concepts solving special domain specific problems in particular
  • Design efficient algorithms, e.g., for computing the least common super type, for creating source maps, or for alias analysis --- even if you have to do a research what these things actually are?
  • Examine in depth EMF, Xtext and other frameworks, for not only making the impossible possible, but making it fast     
  • Think about how to improve content assist, refactorings or quick fixes
  • Research or invent new usability concepts in order to simplify daily programming
  • Implement these concepts and design using test driven development, mostly in Java (or Xtend) based on the Eclipse platform
  • Discuss problems with colleagues by means of UML diagrams drawn on the whiteboard, and eventually document the results

Skills & Requirements

  • Knowledge and experience in at least two of the following areas:
    • development of products or plugins based on theEclipse platform
    • modeling and programming language tools, such as EMF, Xtext, Xtend, JDT (internal knowledge, e.g., about the AST), or antlr
    • theory of programming languages, compiler construction or program analysis
  • Experience with JavaScript and web application development would be a plus
  • Excellent English communication skills, German language skills would be a plus

What we offer

  • The opportunity to design and develop our JavaScript IDE, as seen at EclipseCon
  • An exciting and dynamic working environment
  • Work within an international team of software engineers
  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • An interesting, diversified, and challenging job
  • A trendy office space in the center of Berlin

Interested in this position? Send us your details (Cover Letter, C.V., certificates) so that we can see what you can do!

About NumberFour AG

We’re looking for software engineers with a passion to work on our revolutionary new platform. You will be working with a team of experienced engineers in creating our developer tools, including the IDE and compiler. Your main task  will be to design and develop key components and features of these tools. You will assist in defining and implementing the developer experience.  

Founded in 2009 by Marco Boerries to re-imagine how small businesses are run, NumberFour is building a business platform paired with a great collection of versatile, easy to use apps that run on smartphones, tablets and personal computers. This solution creates a level playing field by giving small businesses instant access to the tools, capabilities and insights normally only available to larger companies.


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