Job Description

The Role:
In this moment, mobile platforms are taking hold -- truly personal devices with the possibility of truly personal software. But all the usual things still stand in the tinkerer's way: cost, inaccessible technology & expertise, and fear.

We want to change this. We are for the tinkerer. Our mission is to arm those with the drive to make beautiful software on current and future platforms with the tools to make their ideas come to life. Join us!

For this job you must:
* Love working with other very smart people that have personalities. This is not a "code in a dark corner alone" job. We enjoy working with each other and we collaborate to come up with the best solutions.
* Understand/learn the nuances and UX norms of the mobile and desktop platforms we target.

Skills & Requirements

Our Ideal Candidate:
* Is someone with real-world Android experience. You've built apps on the Android platform. We can find your work in the Play Store.
* Has done Android development of platforms or frameworks in addition to building apps.
* Has expertise with some combination of the Android technologies -- Java, Android SDK, etc -- anything needed to build out Android applications. 
* Has a CS degree or software engineering background.

Bonus Points for:
* Startup experience.

About Tinker

TINKER is building the world's most advanced mobile enterprise application platform. We are truly delivering on the promise of "consumerizing" the enterprise through highly tuned beautiful apps with unparalleled user experience. We are creative but focused technologists that believe the transformative power of great user experience combined with sophisticated technology will define the future of enterprise software. If this giant and audacious goal excites you and you are a game changer in your field we'd absolutely love to talk to you. ( We are hiring across the company but are particularly interested in people with a passion for mobile technologies, cloud connectors and integration, statistics and machine learning, and general computer science.


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Sr. Android Engineer at Tinker - Android