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Job Description

We are:

Currently migrating our infrastructure to the cloud. Delivering a game changing hybrid solution to a problem that plagues many companies in today’s market.

We seek:

A natural born problem solver who is at home in the Open Source world. Confident working in a logical, structured manner even though the infrastructure around them is changing at a rate comparable to an Olympic sprinter. We need to build an appliance deployment solution using some of the bleeding edge tech such as Packer, Riak and RiakCS. Our development environment is Ruby and Java currently transitioning to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Daily you will be automating Infrastructure deployment using OpsCode Chef and your awesome scripting ability. You will have a natural flair for solving problems and given free rein to experiment with new technologies as you see fit.

Our tech stack:

AWS, Ubuntu, Rails, Solr, Redis, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB and anything else you can prove will do the job that is required.

Skills & Requirements

You Will

  • Deploy infrastructure automatically and repeatably.
  • Naturally adhere to 99.9% uptime.
  • Get excited when given a terminal to solve a system problem.
  • Be deeply rooted in the DevOps culture, you do get "infrastructure as code".
  • Know how to scale a solution based on the workload.
  • Solve problems using a scientific approach based on what you can prove.

You Have

  • Love for scripting in either Ruby, Python or Bash.
  • Managed production web applications on tin or in the cloud like AWS, Rackspace or similar.
  • Passion for automating infrastructure using Chef or Puppet.
  • Monitored every moving part of your web application using tools like Graphite, Nagios, Zabbix and Logstash.
  • Been knee deep in debugging data flow across distributed architectures for hours at a time.
  • Thirst for knowledge and relish the opportunity to solve problems either as a team or independently.
  • Hacked together a solution for a problem using either Ruby, Java, C++ or Python.

About Workshare Limited

We are:

Workshare is a next-generation enterprise collaboration platform that facilitates multi-party collaboration across departments, between offices, clients and among partners. Workshare solutions are used by individuals and organizations of all sizes to increase productivity and protect confidential information. Our mission is to provide a fully integrated, highly secure, enterprise-grade file sharing, collaboration and social platform across mobile, web and desktop.

You Get:

  • 25 Holidays Per Year
  • Company Paid Bank Holidays – 8 statutory days per year
  • Medical and Travel insurance
  • Income protection
  • Group life assurance
  • Wellness program including contribution to Gym membership
  • Vision care
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Free Drinks, Coffee and Fruit
  • Fun environment with great offices and awesome team events

Joel Test score: 10 out of 12

The Joel Test is a twelve-question measure of the quality of a software team.

  • Do you use source control?
  • Can you make a build in one step?
  • Do you make daily builds?
  • Do you have a bug database?
  • Do you fix bugs before writing new code?
  • Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
  • Do you have a spec?
  • Do programmers have quiet working conditions?
  • Do you use the best tools money can buy?
  • Do you have testers?
  • Do new candidates write code during their interview?
  • Do you do hallway usability testing?

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We have great benefits

25 Holidays Per YearMedical and Travel insuranceIncome protectionGroup life assuranceWellness program including contribution to Gym membershipChildcare VouchersFun environment with great offices and awesome team eventsFree Drinks, Coffee and Fruit

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DevOps Architect at Workshare Limited - Chef