Job Description

CrunchBase is used by millions of entrepeneurs, analysts, and investors every month to track what’s happening in the fast-paced world of startups.  Right now, we're rebuilding the platform from the ground up to capture connections between companies, products, investors and the people who make it all happen.  With our rapidly growing dataset, we believe CrunchBase can become the definitive discovery and analytics platform for the world's rapidly expanding startup community.

What we’re looking for

Yeah, we know you know all about how to put together use cases; you've built an automated test suite for system X using framework Y, and we don’t deny that’s really important. Thing is, the technologies and processes with which we all work emerge, evolve, and expire pretty quickly. Beyond your experience, we ask ourselves two questions:

1/ Are you bright, not just smart?

We’re looking for generalists. That doesn’t mean that you already know everything; it means that you’re both willing and able to learn new things quickly. Whereas many of the technologies that enable software quality assurance are tried and true, new processes and technologies appear almost daily. Some of these present new opportunities to improve and advance the practice of quality assurance. We're looking for someone how can incorporate constant exploration and learning while building and managing a structured process that makes everything about the product better.

2/ Do you fit?

Culture is critically important here. Not only do we need people who can work well in small teams and make that team successful, we also want to make sure that our values mesh. We believe that everyone on the team is working together towards shared goals. We believe in hard work to support each other. We believe in communication and collaboration across the organization (good ideas and critical feedback don’t know hierarchy). We don’t believe in blame – we believe in making things work when they break. Finally, we believe in delivering a no-compromises product.

Skills & Requirements

Experience we’d like to see

Whereas the following experience isn’t absolutely required (equivalent experience is OK), you’d have a significant head-start coming in with the following:

  • Background in QA automation around large scale Ruby/Rails applications
  • Knowledge of front-end QA of JavaScript-heavy (Angular, jQuery) web applications
  • 3+ years of experience in Test development Test execution and Test Automation.
  • History of successful coordination with product and engineering teams to translate a user experience vision and engineering design into test cases and test scripts

About CrunchBase

Why work at CrunchBase?

By joining the team as a developer, you’ll be an intricate part of working on projects that will have massive impact on millions of our readers and users. Your voice will be heard and you’ll have a lot of autonomy over mission-critical decisions. Our office culture is relaxed yet dynamic, located in the SOMA district of San Francisco within walking distance of CalTrain (perfect for commuting from the south bay). Everyday, amazingly interesting people walk in and out of our doors making for a really exciting working environment.

Benefits and Perks

  • Great benefits
  • Free Lunch on M/W/F
  • Free access to all TechCrunch conferences/events
  • A great working environment with a bunch of great people

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QA Engineer at CrunchBase - Selenium