Job Description

Mashfeed, an innovative and fresh social media startup based in the heart of NYC, is seeking a creative and driven developer to help take our brand new social media mashup app for iOS to the next level and grow with the team.  If you have a passion for delivering responsive and polished mobile products with great UI and intuitive UX, we need to talk.

Innovate & Deliver. Working alongside the founder – a seasoned, creative and passionate product leader – we are in a position to develop some really amazing products that are in the hands of our users in days – not months.  As a key member of the development team, you will have a great amount of influence on product strategy, with the ability to own your code and have it released and incorporated on a regular basis.

Grow with the team. We are in this for the long haul, and want you to be as well.  The right candidate will most certainly have the opportunity to become an equity partner given the right fit.  Given the early stage in our lifecycle, Mashfeed is planning to expand in the next few months, providing you with a unique opportunity to help shape the team as we grow.

Let’s do this! Mashfeed is a newly-launched and high-functioning app for iPhone – and it is just the beginning of the journey. Regular brainstorming sessions, rapid development cycles and metrics are what we are all about.

Skills & Requirements


  • Programming Fundamentals - The candidate must be grounded in object-oriented programming fundamentals in order to succeed with the iOS SDK. That is, you need to think in terms of objects.  
  • Familiarity with the iOS SDK -  Candidates should be familiar with objective-c, table views, delegation, MVC, and other iOS design patterns.  It is ok if you are not an expert, but you will need to be able to code and debug with these principles in mind.
  • Asynchronous Programming - Our app relies heavily on the consumption of web-based APIs. Therefore, you will need to understand objective-c blocks and asynchronous programming in order to successfully own this project. It's not rocket science, but there is a slightly steep learning curve.  
  • Open to Tackling New Problems - We are open to candidates with varying levels of iOS development experience. So long as you are open to tackling unfamiliar problems and learning rapidly, we will consider your application.
  • Previous Work - At least one app on the app store (preferred) - OR - code for us to review.
  • NOT Required - Experience with backend servers. The app uses for its backend.

Job Description & Preferred Skills

  • Build custom, reusable view controllers, especially UITableViewController subclasses that interact seamlessly with other view controllers.
  • Build custom, reusable view controllers with and without UIStoryboard and XIB files.
  • Implement custom user interactions that require experience with lower-level frameworks like CoreGraphics (CGRect is part of Core Graphics).
  • Build user experiences that adhere to, and build upon the Apple Human Interface Guidelines for iOS 7.
  • Create and edit custom, encapsulated model code that will be used in conjunction with view controllers.  
  • Consume and process data from and post data to social media APIs, like Instagram (REST), Facebook, and YouTube, using asynchronous, block-based programming.
  • Determine both appropriate architecture and suitable APIs for integrating with additional third-party social services (eg. Twitter).
  • Interact with the Parse SDK (, which manages our backend needs.
  • Create and use singletons to manage cross-view controller data.
  • Track down memory leaks, and ensure app runs efficiently (efficiency is important even with ARC).
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies and frameworks in Xcode 5 and iOS 7.
  • Handle the efficient loading and display of photos and videos retrieved from the web.
  • Refactor and rearchitect existing code.

About Mashfeed

Launched in February of 2014, Mashfeed is a simple and beautiful way to discover & curate quality social media content from your favorite networks like never before. Connect your social media accounts (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), and create custom channels, or "mashfeeds," by combining relevant users, hashtags, pages and more based on any topic you're interested in. The combinations are simply amazing. Your mashfeeds will always include the latest posts based on the sources you've selected.

Visit for more details & screenshots, and to download the free app.

To apply, please send the following to, or hit the "Apply Now" button below.

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  • List of any existing apps currently on the App Store, or sample code for us to review
  • Availability Date

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