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Job Description

Stack Exchange is growing fast, and our infrastructure needs just keep getting bigger.  We’re looking for a senior sysadmin to join our team of outstanding sysadmins and developers working on sites that see 3000-4000 hits per second during peak times.

At Stack Exchange we’re passionate about our technology.  We own and operate our own infrastructure, and take the time to do it right* (even the office wifi).  We like to stay on the cutting edge of technology, so you will always being working with or working towards using the latest and greatest there is.  We get all the hardware we need for redundancy and performance, and we create our own tools when needed (like our open source monitoring system). 

* Doing it right has the added benefit of reducing Sleep Interrupting Events (SIEs) when you are on call. We _love_ our sleep and don’t want it interrupted!

Examples of projects that you’ll work on: 

  • Configure our Cisco LAN ports via Puppet
  • Make our site-to-site VPN more reliable
  • Tune NIC parameters for maximum performance / lowest latency
  • Lead the network design of our global datacenter network deployment strategy
  • Wrangle our BGP configurations for ease of updating and security
  • Establish operational procedures for when ISPs report they can't reach us

If any 3 of these sound like fun projects, we would love to hear from you!

Technologies you’ll work with:

  • Cisco Routers, ASAs and Switches, HSRP / Keepalived / BGP, Multi-site VPN
  • Haproxy, Redis, CentOS, and Puppet
  • Windows 2012 and 2012 R2, IIS, DFS, Multi-site AD, SQL Server 2008 and 2012
  • Go, Bash, Perl, Python, Powershell, Ruby

You’ll be working out of our swanky New York office. It includes its own chefs, showers in case you like to work out in the middle of the day or bike to work, ping pong, and barista-quality espresso prepared by the CEO. And you will get your own office!

What you’ll do:

  • Coordinate daily with a terrific team of sysadmins and developers
  • Rack servers and maintain our finely-crafted cable management
  • Tackle big projects from inception to deployment
  • Help us handle traffic of 3000 hits/sec and plan for growth to 10000
  • Handle alerts on all parts of our infrastructure as part of a 24x7 on-call rotation
  • Document all these fun things by blogging about them

Skills & Requirements

  • Knowledge of networking from the physical layer all the way up through the software
  • Experience with Cisco network equipment such as ASAs, IOS, and NX-OS based devices
  • A record of working on system administration projects that are not purely network based
  • Experience with a configuration management system (Puppet, Chef, etc.)
  • Experience and willingness to work with Linux and Windows systems
  • A record of taking on challenges and delivering thorough, stable, and maintainable systems
  • Above-average scripting skills

Added bonus if you have:

  • Linux and/or Windows experience in a mixed environment
  • Knowledge of programming beyond scripting
  • A public history of accomplishments in the field: public speaking, blogging, awards, or contributions to open source projects

About Stack Exchange

Our goal is to make the Internet a better place to get expert answers to your questions. We’ve done a lot of that with Stack Overflow, but we think there’s still more to do.

We believe in hiring smart people and getting out of their way. We have an office in New York with some of the best amenities of any New York startup, and we have people who work remotely all over the world. We keep meetings and ceremony to an absolute minimum, and will never poke you with a sharp stick.

Diverse teams build better products

Legally, we need you to know this: 

Stack Exchange, Inc. does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class. We support workplace diversity. 

But we want to add this:

We strongly believe that diversity of experience contributes to a broader collective perspective that will consistently lead to a better company and better products. We are working hard to increase the diversity of our team wherever we can and we actively encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of it.

Joel Test score: 10 out of 12

The Joel Test is a twelve-question measure of the quality of a software team.

  • Do you use source control?
  • Can you make a build in one step?
  • Do you make daily builds?
  • Do you have a bug database?
  • Do you fix bugs before writing new code?
  • Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
  • Do you have a spec?
  • Do programmers have quiet working conditions?
  • Do you use the best tools money can buy?
  • Do you have testers?
  • Do new candidates write code during their interview?
  • Do you do hallway usability testing?

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We have great benefits

20+ days vacationFlexible work schedulesRidiculous health insurance (no copay)Insanely great workstations, chairs, and desksYearly stipend for conferencesGym membership reimbursementFree lunch from our in-house chefsTuition reimbursementUnlimited sick days and fully paid parental leaveEmployees will never be poked with a sharp stick

Who you’ll work with

David Fullerton - VP of Engineering

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Marc Gravell - Developer

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Roberta Arcoverde - Developer

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Nicholas Larsen - Software Developer

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Geoff Dalgas - Software Engineer
Will Cole - Director of Product - Stack Overflow Careers

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Matt Sherman - Senior Developer

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Site Reliability Engineer, Networking at Stack Exchange - Cisco