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Do you Love your iPhone or Android phone?? Are you an ardent video watcher? Want to help advance the technology that helps make your mobile video experience the best it can be?! Then we have a great opportunity for you! 

Brightcove is the pioneer in providing a premier video platform service - VideoCloud. We are the industry leader shapi ng the look and feel of online video. We need a Principal or Senior Software Engineer in Test who will know what to do to ensure the best online video experience on Mobile devices. 

We are looking for a great Engineer, who has deep experience with testing and automation, that is looking for the challenges of conquering mobile devices. If you already have experience with Apple and Android devices that's even better!!


The team you'll be joining has two sub-teams focusing on iOS and Android respectively. Their goals are the same however - to enable our customers to build great mobile applications around our video player. The group is focused on implementing the APIs for the creation, customization and control of our video player on the native platforms. They also implement plugins that provide additional support for player features such as digital security and ads. 

They are all members of the larger Brightcove Engineering team which is full of smart and nice people that participate in cool events like Hack Weeks and Friday afternoon show and tells with beer and wine!

Skills & Requirements


You know how to build quality into a product, not just test it. This includes working with the developers and designers to: build quality into the code and user experience - in this case the SDKs; create automation frameworks suitable to the code and platform under test; and automating the tests. 

Since the SDKs are a development platform, you should know how to create and adapt testing strategies to ensure that both the users of the SDKs and the consumers of their output have the best experience possible. You will work alongside the developers, product managers and product owners to ensure that the team's APIs are well planned, usable and functional. You will have a say in what and how stuff gets built, tested and deployed, and you will  be an active participant in all those activities.

As a Software Engineer in Test you have experience writing code and feel confident you can pick up on new languages and platforms quickly. As a master of Test Automation you are great at writing both integration and unit tests and can help developers to do this with you; and you can build out test frameworks when needed. As an expert Tester you don’t like having manual tests, but you’re good at doing them when it’s the best way to poke at something to find the bugs!

You like working in an Agile organization and having a voice in how and what gets built!


You will be the quality and testing lead for the SDK team. You'll learn about the mobile platforms and the challenges of testing videos and video integrations on smartphones and tablets.

You will work with the team to set the bar for SDK usability, completeness and robustness.

You will research and decide upon the best automation tool(s) for testing, lead the implementation of the framework(s), and work with the team to build the right set of tests for the SDKs and plugins. An overriding objective is to identify and implement ways to minimize the need to manually execute regression tests across operating systems and device types.

You will work with the developers to identify root causes of issues and prevent recurrences of bugs by identifying and recommending code and  process improvements.

You will become an iOS and Android video expert.

About Brightcove


Our engineering group is full of smart people working on many different projects, from running datacenters and cloud deployment, to intelligent CDN-seeding, to rich front-end applications and media player SDKs. We try to foster an atmosphere of learning and knowledge sharing, with regular lunch tech talks and Boston-area developer meetups hosted in our offices. We also have Hack Weeks, a flexible vacation and work-from-home policy, and a great location only a block away from Boston's South Station.

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Fully stocked kitchens. Catered lunches. You'll never go hungry.Poker games, beer tasting, foosball, book clubs, karaoke, and ping pong.Mix it up at company events and parties.Add new skills to your resume.Use the latest and greatest software and hardware for your daily work.Generous time off helps you keep work and life in balance.Outstanding health and welfare benefits.We use words like Innovative, Energetic, Open, and Fun.

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Principal or Senior Software Engineer in Test for Mobile Video SDKs at Brightcove - Ios