Job Description

Want to work in a software development environment where the focus is on creating, developing and delivering high quality software solutions?  Are you interested in working in a fast paced environment with highly skilled peers?  Read on…

Current Project Portfolio

Challenging positions in new technologies, working with clients to design, build, implement and deliver custom software solutions in a range of business domains:

  • Create Enterprise business applications in C#, .NET from Winforms to WPF and Silverlight
  • Web Development projects in ASP.NET, MVC
  • Specialized projects in mobile including IOS and Android development
  • Utilize your knowledge of Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL to help clients design and deliver data driven, technical solutions
  • Utilize your experience in C/C++/COM to work on a classic, word-leading suite of software products and provide input on the next generation of products
  • An opportunity to work with our multidiscipline team on VB and .NET applications
  • We have development opportunities in Calgary, AB Canada and Houston, TX USA

Does one, or all the above appeal to you?

Skills & Requirements

How We Work

  • Full time or contract opportunities available
  • Fast moving environment.  We have a variety of projects to work on, technologies to work with, in an iterative, team based culture.
  • Contribute your domain expertise or learn the business processes in a new field of interest
  • High Standards – our clients demand them, we out-deliver both in the quality of software we produce.
  • Flexible Hours with a focus on delivering objectives, not determining “office hours”.
  • Involvement in all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle, potentially taking on different roles for different projects at different times.
  • Focus on client interactions which provide feedback on what you have designed, built and delivered.
  • Mentoring; give and receive – learn from other smart individuals with professional software experience, while contributing your skills and expertise to the mix.
  • Hands on; come in, get up to speed, produce, deliver and see the results of your work.

Key Qualities We Value

  • Genuine interest and curiosity in all things technical
  • Aptitude and desire to learn a wide variety of domains
  • Creativity in most anything you do (technical or non-technical)
  • Honesty in your work and interactions with others
  • Ability  to solve challenging problems
  • Desire to work in a team environment and bring something to the workplace culture.

If You Value the Same

Send your resume to Preference will be given to those candidates who are able to demonstrate how they have directly implemented and worked with technologies/projects listed in their application.

To stand out from the crowd, send us an example of something technology related you have built or developed outside of work.  There is no criteria here, so be creative!

Must be legally eligible to work in Canada.  We do not offer remote work opportunities or relocation/sponsorship assistance at this time.

Impress us! Tell us what language this is written in and what it does:

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About Arcurve Inc.

At Arcurve, we admire people for their honesty, passion for technology, desire to learn new things, ability to be pragmatic, and for bringing creativity and energy to everything they do.

In return, our employees enjoy the flexibility needed to balance work and life, and the freedom to exercise their expertise in an environment that encourages mentoring and fosters professional growth.

Together, we all thrive in a productive, outstanding workplace everyone wants to return to each day.

Yes we’re a software company with all the things you would expect; a fully stocked snack bar, games tables, social Fridays (well not just Fridays…) – but that’s not why you want to work here. You would like to work with other smart people in a dynamic environment where things get done.


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We have great benefits

Flexible Work Hours to Balance Work and LifeAmazing Team and Client Events with upscale food & organic fruit in officeCompetitive Benefits for EmployeesCommunity InvolvementGreat Team Members

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