Job Description

Every day at Rocksauce Studios, we do amazing things. Our team has done work for major brands such as Disney, Polaris, Academy Sports, Alcon and AutoTrader. The Rocksauce Studios UX & UI teams are renowned for our design work and we're looking for ambitious developers who want to make apps as slick as they are beautiful. 

We are hiring Android engineers for our development team who can execute beyond expectations and aren't simply satisfied with the status quo. We are proud of the work we do here, and seek a developer who wants to work on fun projects they can be excited to show off.

If this seems like a great fit for you, include your resume and any reference you might have with your submission and be prepared to show examples of your work and submit code for vetting by our development staff.

We are looking for both local and remote team members.

Skills & Requirements

  • Deadlines don’t scare you, because you know you’ll get the work done on time, on-budget or do what’s necessary to make it happen right.
  • You are motivated by a sense of making something wonderful, not just putting in the time.
  • You have a natural attention to detail & can spot when a circle is stretched or text margins are incorrect.
  • You would be mortified to ever deliver un-commented, messy code.
  • You can add ideas to the mix of solutions, and support the decisions of your collaborators.
  • You have 3 years+ experience (or have made some absolutely amazing stuff) in Android/Java
  • You have a strong understanding of your mobile platform’s SDK.
  • You are excited to learn new technologies and techniques and can’t wait to grow your skills.


  • You have experience with both iOS and Android.
  • You have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, PHP.
  • You know Sass and/or Compass.
  • You have experience using Git or other version control systems.
  • You have experience with Go, Python, Ruby, or Node.js.
  • You have a solid knowledge base of backend server components and APIs.

About Rocksauce Studios LLC

Rocksauce Studios focuses on hand-crafted, custom made apps for all mobile & static platforms - iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS and others. Our goal is to create an amazing user experience with a solid app brand & personality which can succeed on the marketplace.

We are a close-knit group of creatives and engineers who show off our work every other week during company lunches. We have flexible work hours and offer each employee the ability to work from home a few days per week. 

Our customers are always giving us new challenges, so you'll have the opportunity to learn a breadth of new technologies.  Some of the most interesting technical challenges that we have tackled to date include video streaming, games, scalable web APIs, and location-based scheduling. And there will be many more to come.


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